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 Season 9

Episode 23 

(Right Now They Were Behaving As If They Were Serving Their Ancestors)

Gu Jingze pressed his body against her back. Then, what am I supposed to do?

She could feel him rubbing his cheek against her back. It made her itch. Youll stay at home with Niannian.

Gu Jingze looked at her. You heartless person are you going to abandon me just like that?

Lin Che turned around, held his face, and said, Be obedient. This older sister will come back soon. Ill bring back good food for you.

Gu Jingzes face immediately darkened. He seriously felt that Lin Che had a death wish; she dared to call herself his older sister and even dared to pat his face!

His eyes turned cloudy and they seemed as if they were already burning with accumulated blood. He looked down at her skirt, hugged her, and said, In that case, older sister, I want to eat something good right now. What do I do?

He seized her skirt with his hand and lifted it. Im going to have my fill of the delicious food here

Get lost! Lin Che quickly tried to escape, but of course he would not let her off easily.

Since she was heading off to S City soon, he definitely had to properly eat whatever he was entitled to.

The next day, Yu Minmin settled the terms of the collaboration with the other side.

After signing the contract, they agreed on when Lin Che should go to S City.

Thereafter, the news was quickly released. The production team immediately began publicizing the news, announcing that there would be a mystery guest making a surprise appearance. This episode of the National Acting Festival would be even more exciting. The challenges would be more difficult, the guests would be of a higher level, and the venue would be even more brilliant.

Aside from this, a few popular bloggers on Weibo also revealed that there were rumors that the mystery guest in this episode was Lin Che who was preparing to make a comeback.

Following this, there was a bustle of activity on Weibo. Everyone was really looking forward to Lin Ches appearance in National Acting Festival. Many people also started speculating about Lin Ches reason for choosing to make her comeback through National Acting Festival. Everyone knew when they had been promoting this episode that there were already many highlights: Peng Yu, Xue Yang and a few new actors and actresses. All of them would attract quite an audience but now, the production team had actually added Lin Che to the episode.

Some people wondered if the production team intentionally wanted to pit the two of them against each other since Peng Yu was always being compared to Lin Che.

As expected, Peng Yu exploded with anger upon seeing the news. She immediately called the production team to ask what exactly was going on.

The production team explained to her that it was for the purpose of making this episode of the program even more exciting.

Peng Yu said furiously, But you still should have informed us in advance. Hmph. I cant believe you actually invited Lin Che. If youre going to do this, I dont really want to work with a production team that makes last-minute changes.

What she meant was, if Lin Che was present, she would not be present. If she was present, Lin Che would not be present.

The production team could only say, We couldnt help this either. If you really dont want to participate, we can just make an announcement too. But we cant actively breach our contract with Lin Che. If you want to terminate the contract, we will just compensate you accordingly.

You Peng Yu was so angry that she could not speak. She felt like her entire body was shuddering from the chills. She felt uncomfortable all over because of his words.

Were they saying that they would rather her pull out of the show than make Lin Che pull out?

In actual fact, that was a matter of course. But Peng Yu had not analyzed the numbers first.

Initially, the National Acting Festival had been improving bit by bit. However, it had always been unable to oust the more popular variety programs from their top spots. Those programs occupied the top ranks all year round and did not give other programs any chance at all.

However, the National Acting Festival was now becoming more and more of a hot topic after the news about Lin Che had been released. It became the most popular topic of discussion immediately. People were constantly talking about it, making them gasp in amazement.

The production team was looking forward to the episode on that day. They thought that the ratings for the episode would definitely be quite good. They were amazed and could not believe that Lin Che who had left the industry for so long still had so much public appeal.

Of course, they would rather have Lin Che with them now. They would not consider how Peng Yu felt.

Furthermore, they were also sure that Peng Yu was all talk and no action. She definitely would not refuse to participate.

In fact, they thought that she definitely would not.

Peng Yu was so angry that she felt unwell. She sat there and kept shivering. Her staff frantically walked towards her in fright and asked, Why dont we pull out of the show?

Peng Yu slapped him without hesitation, venting all her anger on her own staff member. Pull out of the show? Why should we? If you find excuses not to go now, everyone will say that Im afraid. Of course, Im not. Why should I be afraid of her? Hmph!

The staffs face was stinging from pain at being slapped. However, it was the anger that he felt even more strongly. He looked at Peng Yu and no longer wanted to bother with her as well. He thought of just letting her do whatever she wanted to do and letting her seek death if she wanted to. It was not as if they wanted to bother about her. There were so many celebrities anyway. If Peng Yu really took the road to ruin, he could just resign and go somewhere else.

When he thought about it, Lin Ches team was more stable. After so many years, few people had resigned and walked away and continued working steadily and surely. Since the team was so stable, news about Lin Che would obviously be around for a longer time than other people.

In no time, Lin Che flew to S City from B City.

After getting off the plane, Gu Jingze called her to ask where she was.

Lin Che said, Okay. I just got off the plane. Im fine. Im using the safety passage. There arent many people around either.

Hn. Let me know when you reach the hotel.

Alright. Go ahead.

Lin Che came to S City with Yu Minmin. Xue Yang and Abby would head on over after a schedule.

The hotel they had booked for Lin Che was extremely luxurious. Lin Che had not asked them for it, but the production team was so happy now. Forget a luxurious hotel. If Lin Che wanted to stay in a villa, they would book one for her too.

The production team waited for Lin Che at the entrance. When they saw Lin Che, they hastily went to welcome her as if they were waiting upon a Buddha.

Lin Che still found it strange. She said softly to Yu Minmin beside her, Their program is on the top of the charts because of you right now. I heard that the television station and the production team are all so happy now that they look at you as if theyre looking at their family.

Lin Che smiled at the production team. Nice to meet you.

Wow. Sister Che, youre really just as elegant as you were back then. Youve become more and more beautiful. Your appearance hasnt changed at all and you have even become much more elegant, the other party complimented her.

Lin Che listened skeptically. She knew that they were the best at flattering people with pretty words. Otherwise, how could they have gotten so many celebrities on the show?

Lin Che smiled and said, Thank you for the hard work this time.

No problem, no problem. Its only right that we do all this. Sister Che, its our honor that you chose to make your comeback through our program. The director told us that we must make special arrangements for you this time so that your appearance will be spectacular.

Beside her, Yu Minmin said, In that case, thank you so much. But to be honest, Lin Che doesnt need any special arrangements either. We will definitely cooperate with the production team anyway as long as its within our acceptable limits. By the way, lets discuss this in private. We want to compete with Peng Yu.

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