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 Season 9

Episode 22

(Why Dont You Managers From The Same Company Compete Against Each Other?)

Yu Minmin asked, Do you think Peng Yu did this?

Lin Che said, The person who is always trying to push me out of the industry doesnt want me to make a comeback and wants to bring up my lack of acting skills in the past to ruin my reputation and at the same time, elevate herself. This person is none other than Peng Yu. Otherwise, these haters wouldnt mention that Hollywood movie and keep harping on it for no reason. They wouldnt mention my lack of acting skills and that incident about me being criticized for being incapable of taking up the Hollywood role.

Hearing this, Yu Minmin found it logical and nodded her head. She muttered, People are merely scolding you on the Internet right now. You can ignore them. The media will not really dare to write about you. Theyre still thinking up ways to contact me to arrange an interview.

Lin Che said, Its fine. Ive just been criticized a bit.

Just then, Abby and Xue Yang walked out from behind. Lin Che, what happened? Have you been criticized again?

Lin Che sighed and looked at her. Yes.

Abby shook her head and said, Thats why I prefer managing male celebrities. Male celebrities are never this troublesome.

Lin Che said, There is no helping it. There will be a competition where there are women. Three women make a market, four a fair. Whats more, there are so many women in the entertainment industry.

Yes. I find that women are more competitive in this aspect too. Perhaps its because theyre not as magnanimous as men. Look at Xue Yang. He hasnt really been criticized ever since he got famous. There have been a few unpleasant incidents but these were among the fans.

Lin Che said, Precisely. Male celebrities have it good. Their fans settle everything for them since most diehard fans are female. Male celebrities have many female fans as well. They protect their idols very well. As for us, were far behind.

Abby smiled and said, That can only mean that youre famous. If you werent, no one would bother with you. These days, the hunter will always shoot the bird that sticks out. You became a threat to so many people after just returning. It means that youre influential.

Lin Che said, I dont know if Im influential. I just want her to stop all this.

Abby said, By the way, Peng Yu and Xue Yang have both been participating in a program recently. Its called the National Acting Awards Ceremony. Coincidentally, you havent officially made your comeback too. You should take this chance to make your comeback and crush Peng Yu completely. What do you think?

The National Acting Awards Ceremony?

Yes. Its a program that tests everyones acting skills. Many reputable directors and producers act as judges off stage. There will also be some people in the audience from various professions voting. There will be a live competition for acting skills. Its a very fair competition. They have only just started filming the third episode. The previous two episodes were quite well-received. You should give it a try.

Yu Minmin said, You can give it a try. However, this is a program in S City. You may have to fly over there to participate in it. Gu Jingze will he agree?

What did this have to do with Gu Jingze?

Lin Che said, Of course, he will agree. If you think I should participate, just help me contact the production team. But will they agree to it?

Let me give them a call and ask.

In no time, Abby found the directors contact number. She told him over the phone that their company had an actress who also wanted to participate in the competition for the National Acting Awards Ceremony. Initially, the director had even said something along the lines of refusing her request. Abby immediately told him not to regret this later if he was now giving excuses to reject her request. Hearing this, he immediately guessed what this was about and hastily asked if Lin Che was the actress. Abby said that he was smart. The actress was precisely Lin Che.

He immediately agreed but said to Abby in a slight surprise, Your company is really strange. Even two managers in the same company compete against each other but you and Yu Minmin dont even compete at all. Xue Yang just joined the program and now, Lin Che is going to join too. Arent you afraid that Xue Yangs acting skills will pale in comparison to Lin Ches? Then, everyone will say that Xue Yangs acting skills are not as good as Lin Ches.

Abby smiled and asked, What is there to compete over? Were different from those companies out there. We never compete and theres nothing to compete over either. Think about it. Why should I compete with the first lady over this? Xue Yang is a man. Why should he compete with a woman over their acting skills?

The director laughed out loud. Youre absolutely right.

Abby hung up the phone and said to them, Look. The moment they heard it was Lin Che, they were ridiculously happy and immediately wanted to make arrangements.

Yu Minmin said in disbelief, We heard all of it. But why did you talk about me being the first lady? It might make them think that Im using my status to oppress you.

Whats wrong? I just wanted to air my grievances to them. If Xue Yang rejects any project in the future, Ill just cry and say that the head of our company, the Presidents wife, didnt allow me to take up the job. Im subject to her and shes the Presidents wife, so I dont have a choice either

Yu Minmins face was completely dark. So youre using me as your shield, right?

Abby chuckled. Yes, yes. Why? Cant I?

Yu Minmin sighed in disbelief. No way. Im going to expose you. Im going to say that Abby is from the Wesley family. She has always been the one threatening me. I have never threatened her. Ill see if they still believe that Im suppressing you.

Abby deliberately changed her expression and glared at Yu Minmin. Hey. Are we really going to start fighting now?

Its more healthy for us to fight. Anyway, there is competition where there are women, Yu Minmin said nonchalantly.

They started laughing while Xue Yang watched on from the side. I think I should be the one exposing all of you. You women are too terrifying when youre together. Each of you is clearly of high social status and considerable wealth, yet you like to complain about being poor.

Lin Che looked at Xue Yang. But Abby simply said that you wont mind competing against me in terms of acting skills. She just spoke on your behalf but youre not criticizing her either. Shes just your manager. Now that youre a huge star, you must remember that your manager cant casually speak on your behalf!

Seeing this, Abby hastily asked, Why? Youre trying to drive us apart, right?

Xue Yang looked at Abby, smiled, and said, I wish. Im so famous, so I shouldnt have to listen to my manager. But look at how fierce she is. Im afraid that shell come and beat me up if I dont obey her. Furthermore, even though shes a girl, I may not be able to win against her. Even if I can I cant compete against the Young Miss of the Wesley family either

At this, Abby stood up with her hands on her waist and said, Fine, fine. All of you are ganging up against me, right? Youre all bullying me alone, hmph.

However, Abby looked at Lin Che and said, But I wonder if Peng Yu will back out of the show out of anger when she finds out that youre participating.

Yu Minmin smiled and reacted, Will she dare to? If she dares to, well just ask her bluntly what she means by pulling out of the show. Is she afraid?

Abby said, Peng Yu has always been an arrogant person. She definitely wouldnt pull out of the show since shes so concerned about her reputation.

After discussing, Lin Che headed home first to prepare.

When she arrived home, she told Gu Jingze about it. Gu Jingze asked, Are you going to S City?

Yes. Filming for the program is located there. One episode will probably take two days to film.

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