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Season 9

Episode 21

(A wealthy business man are so far that oil leak from them)

The staff hastily said, “Today, people on the Internet have been spreading rumors that this is Lin Che’s boyfriend.”

Hearing this, Peng Yu suddenly beamed.

“Lin Che has a boyfriend? Didn’t they all say that she had married a wealthy businessman?”

The staff replied, “This is a rumor. No one said that this is her boyfriend. It’s a photograph taken by netizens who saw the three of them playing at an amusement park. The main thing is that one of the three people was a child. The netizens are all speculating whether this is Lin Che’s child…”

After hearing this, Peng Yu looked at the photograph more carefully. Sure enough, the man was pulling a child behind him. The child’s face could not be seen clearly either but it was clear that the child was quite young.

Peng Yu immediately asked, “Do you mean to say that Lin Che even has a child?”

This was really a big piece of news. Female celebrities who had children out of nowhere were definitely not very popular.

But was this the child she had with this man?

Was this man the wealthy businessman whom she was rumored to have married?

She saw that the man was dressed in a snug white V-necked tee with some black lining along the collar. He looked very casual. Below, he wore a loose pair of slacks and looked very leisurely.

He seemed very tall. However, only his side profile was visible and even then, it was slightly blurred. The quality of the photograph was not good.

Still, she could tell that he was probably a very handsome man.

His face looked very handsome even like this. The contours of his face were completely perfect. It looked like an extremely pleasant face. If he had looked into the camera squarely, his front profile would definitely be very good-looking.

It was just a pity that the photograph was not clear enough.

Peng Yu laughed. “It’s impossible for this man to be some wealthy businessman. All businessmen have beer bellies and are greasy. How could such a handsome wealthy businessman exist?”

The staff said, “Precisely, precisely. You’re right.”

Peng Yu said in a sinister tone, “If this child really is Lin Che’s child, then this man isn’t necessarily the child’s father. Maybe he’s the bodyguard or driver of some wealthy businessman. Look at how intimate she’s being with this man, hmph. Perhaps they’re having an affair.” Peng Yu became even more excited as she spoke. “It would definitely be good if it was an affair. When it is eventually exposed, she will get criticized severely.”

Naturally, everyone immediately understood what Peng Yu meant. However, they did not know how to break the news to Peng Yu.

Seeing that Peng Yu had been thinking about it for such a long time, the staff hastily said, “But I only saved a few of these photographs. The rest have been deleted.”

“What?” Peng Yu asked in surprise, “How did that happen?”

“It must be because Lin Che got someone to delete everything. I don’t know how Lin Che has such power. The moment the photos were uploaded, they were deleted. Right now, all keywords including Lin Che, her child, or her boyfriend, have been completely blocked from websites. As long as the keyword has something to do with Lin Che and her boyfriend or her child, no results will appear at all. Without a certain level of power, this would definitely be impossible.”

Peng Yu was so angry that she stood there for some time with her teeth clenched before saying, “Hmph. Seriously. In that case, I want to know what else you’re hiding. Are you going to block other news too?” After saying this, she immediately threw a tantrum at her own staff opposite her and said, “Look at how efficient they are. Now, look at yourselves. The news I had talked about before this still hasn’t spread. Go and spread it right now!”

Her staff were shocked and hastily went off to do their work.

Lin Che was still looking at the news in the company. She had just found out that news about her had finally been deleted and it seemed that the news had been completely blocked and no one would know. Only then did she let out a breath of relief.

But Yu Minmin herself had privately saved some of the photos. She looked at them and smiled. She said, “You’re really amazing. You made Gu Jingze bring your child to the amusement park. Didn’t he get surrounded by people there? The moment people see such a handsome and loving father and son pair, they would not be able to help themselves from looking at them.”

Lin Che glared at her in disbelief.

However, they had indeed been looked at a lot.

Yu Minmin said, “But your child is really very photogenic. Handing him over to our company to nurture is an option too. If your husband agrees…”

“Of course not. He has even met the company’s shareholders. Even if Gu Jingze agrees, the rest of the Gu family won’t agree either.”

Yu Minmin squeezed her cheeks together slightly. “What a pity. I see a person who is worth nurturing but I can’t reach him. Otherwise, trained celebrities are all the rage now. If you leave him with us, he won’t grow up to be ugly either. He will definitely be one of the most handsome men. He’s so suited to be trained… eh. Forget it. The more I talk about it, the more I want to do it. I won’t say anymore.”

Just then, she was scrolling through her Weibo and suddenly saw a post.

It was a Weibo post uploaded by an individual, claiming to expose Lin Che.

“Lin Che just announced that she was going to make a comeback and immediately stole a role from a newbie. I heard that when she met the director, she was late and was even particularly arrogant. She said bluntly that she was definitely better than the newbie, had more influence, and even had many fans. Initially, the newbie was already about to sign the contract but she was still pushed aside. I really don’t know how a celebrity with such bad character can even return and make a comeback. Her reputation was so bad, to begin with. She stopped acting to marry a wealthy businessman and is still so arrogant now that she’s back. Does she think we lack celebrities? She comes back when she wants to and leaves when she wants to. She’s such a low-class and untrustworthy person. Why doesn’t she just get out of the entertainment industry?”

Lin Che said, “Ha. I snatched a newbie’s role? It even says that I was late? What the hell.”

In no time, the news became a hot topic.

Yu Minmin quickly looked over as well. When she saw the post, she frowned and asked, “Who is deliberately giving you a bad name?”

Lin Che said, “I don’t know how many people feel disgruntled at the fact that I’m back. There must be numerous people wanting to ruin my reputation.”

Just as expected, the news immediately triggered a series of chain reactions. Someone dug out old news that Lin Che had stolen Mu Feiran’s role in a movie back then when she went to act in Hollywood. Everyone had already said back then that Lin Che’s acting skills were not the best but she still insisted on taking up the role.

It had not been long since then but she had stolen a newbie’s role again.

Several of Lin Che’s fans were unwilling to admit defeat and rebutted the allegations. They argued that Lin Che had not stolen any role. The newbie had said that she was about to sign a contract, which meant that she had not signed it yet. Since she had not signed it, the director had the right to choose. Our Lin Che is beautiful and is even good at acting. There’s no reason not to choose her. When it comes to influencing, our Lin Che is indeed better. Even with his eyes closed, the director would probably choose Lin Che.

However, this was immediately rebutted. Someone commented that Lin Che had left the entertainment industry for such a long time. Who knew if her acting skills had already gotten so rusty to the point that she had forgotten how to act?

Everyone was arguing on the Internet about whether Lin Che was qualified for the role and whether the newbie or Lin Che was the better choice.

Lin Che looked at the comments and said in a confused tone, “Who has nothing better to do than spread negative news about my bad character and poor acting skills?”

Yu Minmin replied, “Who knows? Seriously, why would anyone spread such news now? Did she come up with this idea after seeing that your previous photos were deleted?”

Lin Che looked at Yu Minmin. “When you put it like this, someone comes to my mind.”


“Peng Yu.”

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