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Season 9

Episode 20

(Linche, someone take a photo of you)

As she looked at Gu Jingze walking with Gu Shinian in his arms, she truly felt more satisfied than she ever had.

One was her husband and the other was her son. Both of them were hers. Hmph, it was pointless no matter how much anyone envied her.

Furthermore, they truly looked like they were in a painting. They made her feel as if she was looking at characters on the television.

She herself was stunned, much less the passers-by around her. Their eyes were all drawn to the extremely good-looking father-and-son pair.

However… never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you…

Someone suddenly noticed Lin Che.

A voice suddenly said, “Lin Che.”

Thereafter, people started looking at her in surprise as well.

Lin Che seemed to hear someone shouting her name and immediately looked in front of her.

Gu Jingze also stopped in his tracks and looked around at the person who had shouted. That person pointed at them and immediately ran towards them after shouting. Sensing the situation, the people around them also looked at them curiously. Lin Che was wearing a mask and a cap. It would be fine if no one recognized her. But if someone did, she would appear to be deliberately hiding something.

Therefore, some people believed firmly without a doubt that this was definitely a celebrity who was deliberately covering her face.

As a result, many more people suddenly crowded around her. All of them were shouting, “Are you Lin Che? Are you Lin Che?”

Lin Che wanted to shout and say that she was not Lin Che. However, it would be of no use. The people who were shouting would still shout and the people who were crowding around her would still do the same.

Some people even started to take photographs with their handphones.

Lin Che rushed to stop them. “Don’t take photos. Don’t take photos.”

However, everyone became even more interested when they saw that there was unexpectedly a very tall and well-built man beside Lin Che who even had a child with him.

Why was there a man beside Lin Che?

Was this not an explosive piece of gossip news?

More and more people started to take photographs.

Seeing the situation, Gu Jingze immediately went in front of Lin Che to block her.

He looked coldly at the people surrounding them. “All of you, move aside.”

His voice was not loud. However, because his tone was too cutting, the noisy crowd around them immediately heard his words clearly.

Several people were instinctively shaken by his powerful voice. They looked up at this man in surprise.

Some of them could not help but move aside to give the family of three some space.

Gu Jingze protected Lin Che with one arm and his child with the other and slowly walked out.

Everyone watched in slight surprise. They were slightly regretful that they had not managed to get a good picture of Lin Che. It was also a pity that they had not gotten to shake her hand and ask for her signature or something.

However, people already started to discuss among themselves as well. “Who was that earlier?”

“Is he Lin Che’s boyfriend?”

“Wow. He’s so handsome. They’re a good-looking pair. It’s just good to be a celebrity. You get to court such a handsome man.”

“That’s enough. You yourself have to look good first in order to be a celebrity and to court a handsome man. They are a good-looking pair. It has nothing to do with being a celebrity. This is a world that judges by appearances, understand?”

“But I even saw a little boy with that man…”

“Wow. It’s not Lin Che’s child, right…”

Now, they were in trouble.

Lin Che took only a few steps before she saw Gu Jingze’s bodyguards rushing towards them on his instructions.

She sat in the car with a troubled expression.

Gu Jingze hastily pulled Lin Che and examined her. “They didn’t touch you, right?”

Lin Che quickly shook her head. How could she be thinking about that now? However, she did not feel pain anywhere on her body, so they probably had not touched her.

Lin Che said, “I’m in so much trouble now…”

Gu Shinian leisurely fiddled with his own fingers. His small and plump hands looked extremely nimble. “This is what they call the evil we bring on ourselves…”

“Get lost!”

Gu Jingze said, “Nothing will happen. Don’t worry.”

However, shortly after he finished speaking, Yu Minmin’s call came.

Lin Che subconsciously had a sense of foreboding. She picked up her handphone and thought to herself that it was no coincidence that Yu Minmin was calling her now.

As expected, once she picked up the call, Yu Minmin immediately started reprimanding her. “Lin Che, what are you doing? Why are there photos of you going to the amusement park? And… even Gu Jingze is in the photos! Are you trying to expose yourself?"

Lin Che wanted to cry but no tears came out, “I was wrong! Big Sister, save me, quick!”

Yu Minmin was truly about to die from anger. “Rubbish. People already released the photos. What can I do?”

Lin Che quickly told Gu Jingze to send her to the company.

Yu Minmin swiftly pulled out some pictures uploaded by the netizens. “They didn’t take full-frontal pictures, but they managed to take some blurry photos. As for you, they didn’t take full-frontal pictures of you as well because you disguised yourself quite well. However, the netizens are saying that it was you!”

Lin Che even saw the uploader caption the photo with, “I bumped into Lin Che and a handsome man having fun at the amusement park. They even had a child with them. What is happening?”

Someone even said, “Did Lin Che get a boyfriend during the few years she disappeared? He’s so handsome. Extraordinarily handsome. I wonder if he’s a celebrity or a wealthy businessman. He’s so handsome. He’s going to kill people with his charm.”

Yu Minmin said, “Fortunately, none of them are cursing you out. All of them have probably been shocked by your husband’s good looks. They haven’t had the time to think of how to criticize you.”

Lin Che covered her face and sat there with a completely crestfallen expression. “I didn’t expect people to start paying attention to me when I haven’t even formally made my comeback yet.”

Yu Minmin said, “Who told you to go to a place as crowded as an amusement park? You don’t know if you might bump into someone who regularly reads the online news. Nearly a hundred thousand people have reposted and left comments on your Weibo post. How could you be certain that none of the people who left those comments would happen to see you at the amusement park? The world is very small, alright?”

Lin Che asked, “Then what should I do now?”

“I hope the media didn’t notice… our company’s Internet Department discovered this when they looked up your name."

However, just then.

Someone from the Internet Department came again. “Sister Yu, we just looked it up. Lin Che’s photos have all been deleted.”

“Deleted?” Yu Minmin asked in surprise, “What happened?”

“They’ve just been deleted. We can no longer find those people who uploaded the photos earlier. It seems like someone did it. All the photos online relating to this incident were deleted. Some people and topics have also been censored!”

Yu Minmin merely pondered for a bit before making sense of it. “Gu Jingze!”

It was probably Gu Jingze’s doing. Otherwise, how could the photos be taken off so quickly?

Lin Che heaved a sigh of relief. “Dear me. Thankfully, thankfully…”

Yu Minmin said, “Yes. Luckily, you have a capable husband. Eh. You will save so much trouble by looking for such a husband.”

Lin Che said, “It doesn’t matter for me. But I’m afraid that Niannian and Gu Jingze’s photos will be revealed. Gu Jingze has not shown himself for so many years. All the photos of him online are always deleted immediately. This time will be no exception either.”

Yu Minmin heaved a sigh of relief as well.


Several people had already saved a few photos.

Peng Yu looked at the slightly blurry photos and wondered, “Who is that?”



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