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Season 9

Episode 18

(Mr president get so well with Madam president)

From Fang Zhongmou’s house, Gu Jingming took Yu Minmin to a botany center where all kinds of flora grew. He wanted to let Yu Minmin pick some and have them delivered straight to Glazed Tile Palace.

This place suddenly became busy because of the presidential couple’s sudden visit.

Gu Jingming said to the people, “Please be at ease. We are only here to see if there are nice plants that we can grow in Glazed Tile Palace.”

Upon hearing that, they quickly took out the newest and best plants. They let Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin slowly take their pick in the large greenhouse behind.

Yu Minmin asked, “Are we really going to plant them? It was merely a passing remark. You don’t have to listen to me, really.”

Gu Jingming replied, “You said that you wanted to do it, so we’ll do it.”

Yu Minmin smiled again and looked at him. “Everything I say goes?”

“Naturally,” he said. “The wife has the final say for all matters of the home.”

“Oh, matters of the home? But there are a few matters at home. If you want, even going to the toilet can become a national affair,” Yu Minmin pouted.

Gu Jingming said, “Ha, you’re right. But at the same time, any national affair can also become a home affair if I wanted.”

Yu Minmin’s eyes grew wide.

The faint wrinkles at the corners of Gu Jingming’s eyes made him look smarter and wiser.

Yu Minmin replied, “You’d have to want it, though.”

Gu Jingming said, “But there’s one thing that is definitely my most important.”


“The Madam’s affairs.”

Yu Minmin felt as if her heart was melting.

She realized one thing: Were all the men in the Gu family the same? When they didn’t want to be sweet, they were cold to the bone. When they wanted to be sweet, they’d practically throw people into honey.

She never thought that after they were honest about their feelings with each other, he would be this sweet to her.

It was as if a huge stone was lifted off his heart and he was able to become more open. His sweet-talking was also smoother.

Yu Minmin picked a few and looked at the whole place. She had never seen these plants before. She said, “I must be a frog in a well. I can’t recognize a single plant from here.”

Gu Jingming said, “I don’t know them either because these were all newly cultivated.”

“Ah, really?”

“Of course. This is the national botany center. All plants for national events come from here.”

“Wow! Then am I abusing authority by taking plants from here?” Yu Minmin never expected to take plants from such an important place.

Gu Jingming said, “You said it yourself. If I wanted, even going to the toilet could be a national affair. Thus, buying flowers for my wife is also a national affair. Since it’s a national affair, why can’t I come here?”

Yu Minmin looked at Gu Jingming. “Hmph, so bossy.”

Gu Jingming asked, “Doesn’t Madam like this part about me?”

Yu Minmin scoffed, “Who said that I like it?!”

Gu Jingming took her back home, saying that they would take the plants to Glazed Tile Palace later.

By evening, professionals had already redecorated the garden in Glazed Tile Palace with new plants.

When Yu Minmin went out to take a look, the plants were already in place. She looked at them and thought that they looked more beautiful than when she saw them at the botany center. With the experts’ planning, the landscape was flawless and looked gorgeous.

Yu Minmin looked at the flowers and immediately felt her mood lifted.

She seemed to feel the joy of those women who received flowers because flowers could really make a person happy.

Just then, Gu Jingming hugged Yu Minmin from behind. “Does it look nice?”

Yu Minmin nodded vigorously. “Yes, it does.”

Gu Jingming said, “It’s said that women like flowers. Sure enough, it’s true.”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s said that women like receiving a bouquet from men. I don’t remember receiving one from you despite our years of marriage.”

Gu Jingming replied, “A bouquet has only dead flowers. There’s no meaning in that. Today, I’m giving you a garden. Isn’t it much more meaningful than those bouquets?”

Giving her a garden…

It sounded really… tyrannical.

She said, “If I were to take a picture now, post it online and say that I also receive flowers but mine are special. Won’t other people be crazy jealous?”

“That is a given,” Gu Jingming licked her ear and said. “First of all, taking a picture of the Glazed Tile Palace’s garden will let everyone know that the sender was me. No matter what kind of flowers you receive, they would all be crazy jealous.”

“Please, narcissist.” She looked up at his confident face.

However, she actually thought the same thing too.

He was the most popular Mr. President. So many girls adored him and his legion of fans was even bigger than those of movie stars. If those fans knew how well Gu Jingming treated a lady in private, they would definitely be jealous.

At the thought of this, Yu Minmin’s heart felt even sweeter.

She turned around to hug him and she asked, “Why do I feel as if I found a gem?”

“You only know it now… But it’s not too late.” He tapped her nose lightly and said leisurely, “Since you know that I’m a gem, you’d better treat me well tonight. Don’t avoid me with such an unwilling expression anymore.”

“I have never…” Yu Minmin protested.

“Never? You always looked at me with fear and would try to avoid me.” Thinking about it, Gu Jingming really did not feel great.

Which part of him was that scary? She was scared every time she saw him?

Yu Minmin’s face was filled with embarrassment. It was so obvious…

However, she was indeed afraid of him, especially when he was bossy. He was so careless and he had a bad temper. He would flare up at the slightest thing.

She said, “Don’t flare up at me and I won’t be afraid of you.”

Gu Jingming asked, “I flared up at you?”

“Yes yes. You always have such a strict face. It’s frightening,” Yu Minmin said.

Gu Jingming touched his own cheeks as he reflected on himself deeply.

He looked at Yu Minmin. “Okay. I promise you that I won’t flare up at you.”

Yu Minmin really thought that he was much softer and nicer to her now. He was so nice to her that it made her feel giddy. It was as if she could get lost in his gentleness.

Just then, a cabinet member arrived to discuss state affairs with Gu Jingming. He let Yu Minmin look around the garden while he went off to work.

A maid came to bring water for Yu Minmin. She placed the tray down and said, “Madam, Mr. President is really so good to you. We are dying of envy. Mr. President never smiled like that to anyone.”

Yu Minmin beamed. “Really?”

“Of course. We are truly shocked to see this side of Mr. President. However, we are also very happy for you that he treats you so well. Please bear a child for Mr. President soon. Glazed Tile Palace would become livelier.”

Yu Minmin held the cup and stared ahead. She wanted very much to, but she still could not figure out the problem with her body.



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