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Season 8

Episode 89

(Are You Sending Niannian To Kindergarten?)  

Did Suya come by? Fang Zhongmou could not be bothered to listen to him and immediately interrupted him by asking.

Oh, Suya. Shes already inside.

Fang Zhongmou pushed Xu Yi aside and headed straight in.

With a cup in hand, Gu Jingming was sobering up inside.

Behind him, Yin Suya suddenly stood up and walked in. As she looked at this narrow space, she gazed at Gu Jingming inside. Her face was deathly pale as she said, Jingming.

Gu Jingming froze for some time. Then, he looked up and turned around and saw Yin Suya. Where is Zhongmou?

Yin Suya suddenly threw herself on Gu Jingming and immediately hugged his waist from behind. Jingze, to be honest, I dont love Fang Zhongmou at all. I agreed to marry him but I regret it so much now. Jingming, I love you. I never wanted to lose you. I just want to quietly stay by your side.

Her eyes were shut and her tears flowed freely from the corners of her eyes. Her arms could not stop trembling as she hugged him. Even her heart was quivering at being able to be so close to Gu Jingming again.

She missed him so much. Even when the two of them were facing each other, she still missed him because she no longer knew how long it had been since she got this close to him and touched him.

Gu Jingmings eyes flashed slightly like stars on a cold night. His brows were severely knit. He grabbed her hand swiftly and pushed her away forcefully. He turned around, looked at Yin Suya, and said bluntly, Suya, thats enough. Since youre with Zhongmou now, you should get along well with him. Stop entertaining foolish ideas. Ive already told you that unless we are just friends. You will have to leave the club and get out of my sight.

No Jingming. Yin Suya shook her head vigorously. She did not believe that Gu Jingming would really treat her so harshly. Jingming. Have you forgotten how well we got along in the past? We separated only because of the problematic circumstances. I let you slip away. I know that I was wrong. I shouldnt have rejected you. Right now, I really regret it so much. Dont keep hurting me like this, okay?

Yes. When I left you back then, I was very upset too. But all this has already become a thing of the past.

But we can still be together. Jingming, Im willing to give up everything as long as I have you. Even if youre no longer the president, I will still love you. When the time comes, we can live very blissful lives too and be together openly

Are you insane? Gu Jingming took two steps back in disgust. Frowning, he looked at her. Even if we were together once, that is merely a thing of the past. If you want to throw a crazy fit, dont pull me along with you. It would be best not to let Zhongmou hear these words too. He scoffed loudly and glanced at Yin Suya with distaste before walking past her.

You Jingming, you dont love Yu Minmin at all. Why do you have to remain with her?! Yin Suya shouted, her entire body trembling.

Gu Jingming stopped in his tracks. Its true that I had no thoughts of being together with her at the beginning but Im very happy to be with her now.

Yin Suyas body turned completely cold. She felt as if she had been completely soaked in cold water from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. The cold seemed to penetrate into her heart.

She stood there dumbly for a long time without reacting.

Until Fang Zhongmou came to look for her.

He looked at Yin Suya worriedly, walked towards her and enveloped her into his arms immediately.

Back then, Fang Zhongmou had suddenly confessed to her in public in an extremely romantic manner and she had agreed to date him. Everyone felt that they were a match made in heaven. However, in private, some people said that Yin Suya had given up the position of the Presidents wife and unexpectedly ended up together with Fang Zhongmou. Although he was the son of a general as well, it was an entirely different matter when one compared him to Gu Jingming.

It was not as if Yin Suya had never heard these words. Even if she had not, it was not as if she could not sense it herself either.

Whenever Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin went outside, they were surrounded by tens of thousands of people. They had halos over their heads wherever they went. Just looking at them, the first lady and the generals wife elicited completely different feelings.

It went without saying that Gu Jingming was backed by the Gu Industries whose wealth rivaled that of the nation. A wealthy family with so much power immediately reduced all the other wealthy families to nothing.

No matter how great Fang Zhongmou was, in front of Gu Jingming was he still worth anything?

Yin Suya had been feeling unhappy the entire time, especially when she saw Gu Jingming treat Yu Minmin better and better. The two of them were virtually inseparable and Gu Jingming had even given in and yielded to Yu Minmin a few times.

All of this had started after Yu Minmins miscarriage back then.

It was definitely the case that Gu Jingming was treating her better and better only because he felt guilty towards her. Otherwise, Yin Suya could not think of any other reason!

Fang Zhongmou caressed the back of her hands, which were cold as ice. His face was filled with worry. Suya. What exactly happened to you?

Yin Suya cried as she leaned into Fang Zhongmous embrace. How am I worse than Yu Minmin in any way? Why does he treat Yu Minmin so well

Fang Zhongmou froze. He hugged her and looked at her. His heart was aching terribly for her. Suya, Yu Minmin is worse than you in every way. But theyre in a political marriage. Its impossible to break them up.

Yin Suya looked up with her face full of tears and looked at Fang Zhongmou. I know. But I dont like Yu Minmin. Even if I cant have Gu Jingming for myself, I definitely dont want Yu Minmin to attain everything he has, Zhongmou. Otherwise, I wont be able to take it lying down

Fang Zhongmou clenched his teeth and looked at Yin Suya. He said resolutely, I dont want you to be unhappy, Suya!

Then, help me. Help me get rid of this woman Yu Minmin. I dont want her to appear in the club or in any other place that I can see I dont want her to continue standing by Gu Jingmings side either.

All else aside, Fang Zhongmou was indeed enchanted by Yin Suya. He had always obeyed her every instruction. As long as it was something she wanted, he would give it to her.

He looked at Yin Suya. Only after a long time did he say, Okay. Ill help you.

Of course, Yin Suya was touched at his words. She stood on her tiptoes and hugged his neck immediately. Zhongmou, youre too good to me.

He sighed while patting her back.

As Yin Suya leaned against his shoulder, the only thought in her mind was Why? Why was it not Gu Jingming? If Gu Jingming treated her this way, she would die without regrets

The next day, Gu Jingze brought Lin Che to select a kindergarten for Niannian first.

In the car, Gu Jingming showed Lin Che several kindergartens to choose from.

Qin Hao prepared these. You can take a look.

In actual fact, Lin Che found all of them the same. Actually, it still depends on which one Niannian likes. If a child likes the kindergarten and finds it agreeable, only then will he have a good time there.

Gu Jingze said, Dont worry. Niannian will find all of them agreeable.

No kindergarten dared to make Niannian feel out of place.

Lin Che randomly chose one that she felt was situated closer to her house.

It was an international kindergarten with fees that seemed quite high and had many foreign teachers. Lin Che thought that having a few foreign teachers would probably make him feel slightly more comfortable since he had been in contact with only foreigners since he was born.

As for learning English many people chose international schools for the sole reason of letting their children learn English from a young age. But there was no need to consider this at all in Niannians case as he was completely fluent in English now.


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