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Season 8

Episode 88

(A Public Display Of Affection By The President)

Youre a celebrity, but youre definitely not a simple character. Mu Feiran looked in the direction that Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin had left. Ordinary people cant meet these people even if they want to, but all of them are so deeply involved in your life. Alright, Lin Che. Your life is destined to be this complicated so you cant escape it. I want to return to America on my own because I know that you will definitely stay here. Your family, friends, and your lover are here, right?

Lin Che herself knew that she could not leave.

Putting all else aside, Niannians identity was something that she had to face squarely as well.

Furthermore, Gu Jingze

She sighed. Gu Jingze always said that he was weak to her. But in reality, she was the one who could not help but give in to him.

Yu Minmin left with Gu Jingming.

She looked at Gu Jingming and kept gazing at his eyes.

She did not know why she suddenly felt that Gu Jingming had literally been stunningly handsome when he said those words to Lin Che earlier.

Gu Jingming looked at Yu Minmin. Why do you keep staring at me?

Yu Minmin hastily turned her head away and said with her head lowered, Its nothing, nothing. I just think that you look very good today after your new haircut.

Gu Jingming looked at her. Oh no wonder you looked at me as if you were going to swallow me whole just now. I really thought you were about to lose control when you saw me earlier.

His teasing words made Yu Minmins blush involuntarily. She glared at him and said, I definitely didnt!

Gu Jingming smiled. While holding the steering wheel, he said to her, Dont be anxious. Well take our time once we get back.

Yu Minmin scoffed and said, Arent we supposed to attend Xu Yis birthday party today?

Oh so you cant help yourself now? Do you want to do it once here first?

How could Gu Jingming twist her words?

Thats not what I meant! Yu Minmin was about to go mad.

Gu Jingming stopped the car. He saw that they had already arrived at the restaurant. It was a private party and Xu Yi had not invited many people. It was just a friendly dinner gathering involving a few people.

Seeing that the car had stopped, Yu Minmin extended her hand and was about to open the door.

However, Gu Jingming immediately grabbed her hand.

She turned around suspiciously only to see Gu Jingmings lips moving straight towards her.

He pressed her against the car door so effortlessly.

He looked appreciatively at the way Yu Minmin had been stunned by him. As if in slow motion, he slowly captured her lips in a kiss.

He really could not bear to part with her breasts. Even though he knew that this was not the right place, he still kneaded her breasts hard.

When he ended the intensely deep kiss, Yu Minmin seemed to be confused. Her eyes were half-lidded and she felt dizzy.

He tidied up her clothes and said slowly and leisurely, Bear with it for a while. Well leave a little earlier later. Once it ends, well go home. Ill satisfy you properly then.

Yu Minmin sensed that someone was staring at her from outside.

The gaze was strong like a light manufactured by Sogo. There was no way she could pretend not to see it.

It was Yin Suya.

She watched Yu Minmin and Gu Jingming from outside. She was squarely facing the glass window of the car and watching everything opposite her in such vivid detail.

There was a frosty expression on her face as she stood there in a daze. Her gaze was so penetrating as if she was about to tear Yu Minmins flesh apart. Yu Minmin could not help but want to engage in a silent war.

What was she trying to do?

Gu Jingming seemed to have realized it too. He tidied Yu Minmins clothes and glanced up before getting out of the car.

Yu Minmin followed suit as well. Gu Jingming held the small of Yu Minmins back and looked at Yin Suya. Youre here. What about Zhongmou? Did he not come with you?

Yin Suya wanted to smile but could not bring herself to do it. She looked at Gu Jingming. We didnt come together. He will probably be here soon.

Once she was done speaking, she turned and left.

Yu Minmin raised her eyebrows and looked up to ask, Is she really going to get engaged to Fang Zhongmou?

Ever since two years ago, Yin Suya had gotten together with Fang Zhongmou after his public confession to her.

Everyone thought nothing of it since they had known each other for so many years. However, the fact that Yin Suya had previously dated Gu Jingming made it somewhat of a topic for discussion. Everyone talked about it for a long time.

Fang Zhongmou had always liked Yin Suya. However, Fang Zhongmou had straightforwardly confessed to Yin Suya back then only because Gu Jingming had cut off all relations with Yin Suya and had said many harsh things to her. Fang Zhongmou nearly even broke off his relationship with Gu Jingming because of Yin Suya.

Fortunately, under the urging of Xu Yi, they ultimately mended relations. Although there were some traces of what had happened, they were ultimately good friends of many years.

Everything that Yu Minmin had heard regarding this matter had come from some of the maids. Gu Jingming had not mentioned it to her.

Yu Minmin watched Yin Suya go in straight. She seemed slightly unhappy.

However, Gu Jingming did not bother with her either. When he saw Xu Yi coming towards him, he said, Happy birthday. Take the bridge construction project that was awarded to your family as your birthday present. I dont have any gifts for you today.

Xu Yis expression was full of disdain. We were awarded that project because we won the bidding. What does that have to do with you? Seriously. Minmin, youre still the nicer one. Do you have any gifts for me? Xu Yi said, targeting Yu Minmin.

However, Gu Jingming grabbed Yu Minmins hand immediately and said, She wont give presents to any man other than me.

For a moment, Yu Minmin felt unbearably embarrassed and thought of punching Gu Jingming. Unfortunately, she knew that she definitely could not win against him, so she had no choice but to bear it. She looked up and wanted to kill him with her gaze.

Xu Yi found him even more unreasonable. Good gracious, good gracious! I havent met a man as overbearing as you. Yu Minmin, how exactly can you tolerate someone like him? This isnt allowed and that isnt allowed either. Youre basically a pet locked up in a cage.

Yu Minmin could only smile dryly and glance at Gu Jingming. I tolerate it just by looking at his face.

Xu Yi said, Ha. So, you mean that its just because hes handsome.

Gu Jingming smiled and openly put his arm around Yu Minmin. He said, Its an honor that my wife is defeated by my good looks. He stared at Yu Minmin. Did you really tolerate me just because Im handsome?

He seemed to feel very pleased with himself because she found him quite handsome.

Xu Yi said, 001? Someone is abusing animals here

Were they abusing single dogs?

Yu Minmin said, If I said yes, would you be happy? Or would you be unhappy?

Gu Jingming spoke into her ear, I would be happy. But I would probably be happier if you said that it was because of my skills.

What the hell. What what skills?

Even though it was true that his skills were not bad.

Gu Jingming pulled Yu Minmin inside, ignoring Xu Yi who was beside them and had been tormented for his singlehood.

Thereafter, Xu Yi saw Fang Zhongmou walk in hurriedly.

Hey, you didnt see what happened just now. Jingming is really too much now. Hes bullying me for having no girlfriend. He didnt hesitate in making a public display of affection with Yu Minmin

Did Suya come by? Fang Zhongmou could not be bothered to listen to him and immediately asked, interrupting him.



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