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Season 8

Episode 87

(Even Mr. President Suddenly Appeared Before Them)

Mu Feiran smiled in embarrassment. What empress? Its just flattery from everyone. This industry is like that. Once they make you popular, you are whatever they say you are. When they stop praising you one day, you may take the greatest fall you have ever known. All of this is superficial. Ultimately, how you live depends on yourself.

Yu Minmin said, But someone who can attain the level of accomplishment that you have will at least leave a mark for generations to come. No one will forget you no matter how many years pass. Dear me, I didnt think that the two of you would become friends. But it gave me the chance to interact with Sister Feiran, an A-list actress whom I definitely wouldnt have had a chance to meet in the past.

Mu Feiran smiled even wider. After being praised by Madam President like this, I really dont know how to respond.

Yu Minmin made a face. Lin Che said, Alright. Dont stand on such ceremony. I just wanted to introduce you to one another. Were all friends. Its so gross to hear you flattering each other, you know.

Hearing this, Mu Feiran laughed out loud. Thats true. This is a problem of habit. I accidentally started praising you.

They all started laughing before sitting down. Yu Minmin did not waste time either and immediately handed the script to Lin Che.

Lin Che received the script and looked at the synopsis in front, the outline and some of the follow-up stories.

Yu Minmin said, The script is good. But Xue Yang has to take the more high-end route of filming movies. He must at least film one movie to solidify his position, so he has no choice but to give up this opportunity. Ive already asked them about this. They havent decided on the female lead. I told the director that Im going to recommend an actress for the role. He still doesnt know that its you. If he did, he would definitely go crazy with delight.

As she read the script, Lin Che felt that the story was indeed great. But am I really going to film a television series? I really havent acted for many years.

What are you afraid of? Your foundation is good and at the very least, you had professional training. Did you forget how to act so quickly? Go home and practice. I guarantee that youll act better than all of them.

Lin Che was about to say something again but Yu Minmin immediately cut in and said, Thats enough. Lets leave it at that. Well go for a casting audition with the director tomorrow. Even though the casting audition probably means nothing much to you too, since you will definitely pass it but we must still go through the motions anyway. Yu Minmin ended the discussion promptly. Lin Che immediately choked in disbelief. Was there anyone as unreasonable as her

Yu Minmin proceeded to look at Mu Feiran. Sister Feiran, do you have any other plans?

Me? Ive already been acting for more than ten years. Ive already filmed enough. For the time being, I dont want to think about anything. I just want to rest for a bit and look after my child.

Yu Minmin had a regretful expression on her face. I was even thinking that you could come to our company if you left the management of your former company.

I dont want that. Ill be going back to Seattle soon. But since the child is here, I want to bring her around to play for a few days.

Hearing this, Lin Che looked at Mu Feiran and said, Are you still going back in that case, wont we have to separate?

Yes. I know that you definitely wont leave. Every night is so passionate Mu Feiran said, covering her mouth while smiling.

Lin Che felt like she had been attacked. What passion?!

Isnt it you guys? Youre always making noise in the room. I hear it every day~

Lin Ches face immediately turned red.

She had forgotten that they were no longer in the Gu residence. The soundproofing of the rooms was not as good as it was in the Gu residence, so she probably could hear a lot of noise from outside too.


Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che. She averted her gaze and said, No wonder Sister Feiran wants to go back to America. It turns out that youre the ultimate culprit but Feiran, you should get used to it too. To be honest, its not just her first or second time being like this. As long as shes with Gu Jingze, we will definitely be the ones suffering.

Mu Feiran said, Precisely. Im so envious and jealous that she has such a handsome man protecting her while Im all alone, so I decided to just leave earlier.

The two of them had begun singing the same tune instead, causing Lin Che to go completely speechless.

She had always felt that these were very ordinary events. But every time they saw it happening, they always said that she and Gu Jingze were tormenting them.

However, it was because they found Gu Jingze slightly frightening. If he showed any hint of affability, they were unable to withstand it.

Just then, Yu Minmins phone started vibrating. Alright. You guys go ahead. I have to go.

Youre in such a rush Lin Che said.

Yu Minmin blushed. Hn. I have something on later.

However, Lin Ches eyes were very sharp at this moment. She looked at Yu Minmins phone which was still vibrating. Could Mr. President be calling you? It must be. Is Mr. President going to pick you up?

It was rare for Yu Minmin to become flustered. She was even stuttering as she spoke. Seriously. Go back home, read your script properly, and prepare for tomorrows audition. Move aside, move aside.

Minmin. Youre so nervous all of a sudden. Something must be up, hehe. Quick, tell us honestly. Otherwise, I wont let you go so easily!

Good lord. Its really nothing you

Yu Minmin was still extremely anxious. On the other side, Mu Feiran had already grabbed onto Lin Che hastily. Hey, hey, hey.

Lin Che froze. Then, she turned around and immediately saw that none other than Gu Jingming had arrived.

Mr. President had actually come here

Mu Feiran frantically stood up. It was her first time seeing Mr. President in person, so she was still slightly nervous.

Gu Jingming caught sight of Lin Che and immediately smiled as he walked towards them.

Yu Minmin had already hastily gone up to him. Why did you come in? I was just about to go out.

Its nothing. I heard that Sister-In-Law is here, so I came to say hello. Gu Jingming looked at Lin Che and said, Its been a long time.

Lin Che sighed in admiration as she looked at Gu Jingming. She saw him on the television all the time. He did not look any different in person; he looked as dashing and outstanding.

No wonder he had always been known as the most charismatic president.

Lin Che said, Long time no see, Mr. President.

Gu Jingze said, I wonder what magical power you have to make Jingze turn the sky and the earth upside down with you.

Immediately, Lin Che felt slightly embarrassed as she looked at Gu Jingming. In the beginning, I didnt think of creating any trouble. As for what happened after that, to be honest, it wasnt something I had predicted either.

Gu Jingming said, Alright. You dont have to be nervous too. I wasnt questioning you either. But it hasnt been easy for you and Jingze to come this far. I hope that you two will treasure it.

By the time he had finished speaking, his hand was already on Yu Minmin. Lets go.

Yu Minmin turned around and said to Lin Che, Then, Ill be leaving first. Remember to be punctual tomorrow.

Hn. Okay.

Lin Che watched Yu Minmin wave before quickly jogging to catch up with Gu Jingming.

Beside her, Mu Feiran sighed. Each time I go out with you is always a hair-raising experience. Now, even Mr. President has appeared in front of me. Lin Che, outsiders think that youre just a simple small-name celebrity. Theyre truly blind to the truth.

Lin Che said, I am indeed just a simple small-name celebrity.



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