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Season 8

Episode 86

(I Prefer It When Youre Willing)

After releasing her, he jumped off the bed immediately and said to her, Rest up first. Ill go take a shower. Thereafter, he ran into the bathroom.

A while later, Lin Che heard the sound of running water. She lifted her slightly messy hair and looked in the direction of the bathroom where Gu Jingze was. She instinctively froze and had yet registered what was happening

Gu Jingze

Was he deliberately toying with her?

His skills truly had not deteriorated at all after so many years. Instead, they seemed to have improved.

With her lips pursed, Lin Che wondered which woman had taught him those skills.

Although she knew that it was impossible since no one could touch his body even if it was there for them to touch, she still let out an involuntary sigh.

Perhaps she was hopeless for being unable to withstand his slight ministrations. However, his touches truly felt amazing. His lips were so soft and his body was so sturdy

Just thinking about it made her face burn. She had really brought this upon herself. Why did she have to get involved with a man like this? She had instead put herself in a position where she was constantly unable to control herself

Just then, Gu Jingze came out of the bathroom.

There was a tinge of red to his body after the cold shower. As all he was wearing was a towel around his lower half, the outline of his hips was even more obvious under the sheen of water. The water droplets delineated the contours of his body. He truly looked as perfect as the cover of a fashion magazine. But unlike those models, he did not even need any Photoshop to conceal his flaws. Every inch of his body was so perfect that no additional elements were needed.

Gu Jingze had not expected Lin Che to be outside. He saw her the moment he went out. He immediately collided into her and their gazes met. It was as if the red color of a sunset glow swiftly spread across her entire face.

He lowered his head and looked at her. Why? Do you want to take a look? Then come a little closer.

Lin Che looked at him in embarrassment and instinctively cursed at him, Get lost! I dont want to look!

Good lord. It was really easy for him to make someone lose their ability to resist

Gu Jingze said, Fine, fine. I want to let you see, alright? He put his arm around Lin Ches body and carried her, saying, Come on. Ill help you wash up.

Why do I need your help

I want to help you. Cant I?


Lets go. He pulled Lin Che into the bathroom and took the tube of toothpaste for her. Then, he lifted her onto the basin counter. He looked at her and said, Open your mouth.

Lin Che looked at him in even more disbelief. Im not a child.

Youll always be a child in my eyes, he said while stuffing the electric toothbrush into her mouth. He looked at her and said, Seriously. Im waiting upon you but youre still displeased.

With the toothbrush in her mouth, Lin Che moaned, The great President Gu is waiting upon me cant I simply be overwhelmed by the honor?

Gu Jingze smiled while looking at her. Its nothing. Your mouth is mine, so let me brush it for you He traced the contours of her body lightly with his fingers. Your body is mine, so I should provide for it. Its only right that I do all of these.

Get lost! Lin Che felt that he really had no qualms at all saying such shameless words now.

She pushed herself off the counter so that she could wash up on her own. However, he embraced her from behind.

Lin Che frowned. How can you be so clingy? Youre even more clingy than Niannian!

Hn. I just want to cling to you and stick to you. From behind, he hugged her and kissed the back of her neck.

Lin Che quickly begged for mercy. Enough, enough. It itches.

Hearing this, Gu Jingze stopped blowing on her neck and started biting her instead. He bit her hard and immediately created a patch of red on her skin by sucking on it.

How mean She frantically jumped away from him. While touching the back of her neck, she said, Why did you do that? You will leave marks!

Why? Isnt that a good thing? Gu Jingze continued, I did it precisely for everyone else to see. I did it to prevent each and every one of them from lusting after a married woman like you.

Lin Che glared at him. She turned to look at the mirror. As expected, there was a patch of red on her neck.

Furthermore, it was so big.

It was so obvious.

Lin Che became bolder as her anger rose. She shouted furiously at Gu Jingze, You, you, you. Just you wait. Im going to get my revenge! While shouting, she jumped to Gu Jingzes side. As he was covered only with a towel, she did not have to waste her effort removing his clothes. She aimed directly at his neck and bit down.

Sss He hissed before seeing a large mark bloom on his neck.

This little imp. Her biting hurt so much.

Gu Jingze hugged her lovingly. Im willing to let everyone know that I belong to you, Lin Che

Lin Che was about to turn dizzy under his unwavering gaze.

Why did he suddenly confess like this she felt as if she was about to die from being overwhelmed with emotion.

Gu Jingze looked down and said, Im very glad that I can be with you now.

Lin Che felt as if she was about to be sucked into his eyes. She hastily lowered her head and did not dare to look at him.

He carried her in his arms. Upon being lifted into the air all of a sudden, she could only put her arms around his neck.

Why do you always want to carry me? Its not like I dont have legs and cant walk, Lin Che grumbled.

Gu Jingze rubbed his face against hers. I want to keep hugging you just like this. I wont get sick of it no matter how many times I hug you. Even if I hug you every day, I feel like that is not enough

Lin Ches heart started thumping again. His gaze was as deep as a whirlpool. Upon seeing it, she quickly buried her head in his neck.

How despicable this man was.

She smiled and placed her on the bed. Although he felt intensely uncomfortable, he still wanted to hug her to sleep

He genuinely felt blissful today. With her by his side, he felt extremely satisfied. He felt as if all the hard work he had put in had not gone to waste at all. As long as he could share all of this with her, he felt that everything he had done was worth it

The next day.

Lin Che had agreed with Yu Minmin to take a look at the script together.

Yu Minmin wanted Lin Che to try out filming this production as Lin Che and the production team were old partners and the thriller series Witchs Diary they had filmed together back then had attained particularly stellar ratings. It had also been the hottest topic of discussion back then.

However, Lin Che had yet to decide on whether she wanted to continue filming. She followed Yu Minmin to a cafe and brought Mu Feiran with her as well.

The two of them paraded themselves ostentatiously about town but no one discovered them. As both of them were wearing caps and sunglasses, even Mu Feiran was able to conceal herself.

In reality, it was not that bad in Lin Ches case. After all, it had not been long after her debut. She had not been promoting for a long time either. Therefore, everyone forgot her quickly following her sudden disappearance. But Mu Feiran had been in the industry for more than ten years and had numerous works. Even if she disappeared, for the time being, people would definitely watch her old works too. Furthermore, she was an A-list actress, so she was slightly more worried than Lin Che.

The two of them went into the cafe together. Lin Che made the introductions to Yu Minmin, saying, This is Mu Feiran. Im sure you know her.

Yu Minmin immediately smiled and welcomed her. Of course I do. Of course. Sister Feiran. The empress of the industry. No one in the entire C Nation doesnt know her.



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