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Season 8

Episode 85

(She Was Completely Unable To Resist Him)

Precisely. Today, I even saw her come to the shareholders meeting with the mistress of the Gu family. But I heard the staff from President Gus office say that when Maam saw Madam Gu, she immediately cried so awfully. She said that she missed her so much and felt so sorry that she did not bring her home earlier.

Really? I cant believe she actually cried.

In everyones eyes, Maam was akin to a queen. But now, she had unexpectedly cried in front of Lin Che. It seemed that everything was going awry for Miss Yun at the moment. In the past, she had had some presence by Gu Jingzes side when his wife was absent. Now that his wife was back, the little presence that she had also vanished without a trace.

Now, everyone knew that Madam Gu remained the most special person to Gu Jingze. It was self-evident from the way President Gu interacted with Madam Gu.

Just like that, Gu Jingze took Lin Che back home.

When they arrived, Gu Jingze continued carrying Lin Che in the house.

Lin Che quickly kicked and hit him. Let go of me. Feiran is still around. You dont be like this.

However, Gu Jingze said bluntly, Dont worry. Mu Feiran took her daughter out to shop. Theyre not back yet.

He had even found out about this.

Gu Jingze went all the way up the stairs with Lin Che on his shoulder.

After going in, he first pressed Lin Che down onto the bed.

Oh Lin Che whined.

Gu Jingze looked down at her and chuckled lowly. Do you turn obedient once were on the bed?

Lin Che raised her pretty and refined eyebrows as she looked at him. Youre terrible. You carried me and left just like that. Arent you afraid that Miss Yun would get jealous of watching us from behind?

Gu Jingze paused. Then, he lowered his head and nipped at the small tip of her nose. Why do I feel as if theres more of a sour smell here right now?

Lin Che turned away from him and stopped him from touching her. Ha. How could I possibly dare to feel jealous? Isnt it completely normal for the great President Gu to keep one or two women outside? Especially a woman as fragile and weak as Miss Yun. If I so much as say a harsh word to her, I feel like Im bullying her.

Yet you say youre not sour?! If you continue being this sour, Im going to faint from the sour scent. Come on, turn around and let me see you.

No She was still angry. Of course, she would not turn around.

Gu Jingze sought out her lips and pressed his lips to hers. However, she immediately evaded his lips deftly.

Gu Jingze was left with no choice. He held her arms down and prevented her from moving again.

Instead, Lin Che used her legs to block his waist.

Then, she kicked one of her legs at him. Gu Jingzes eyes froze before he swiftly evaded the blow. Thereafter, he looked at her with his gaze flashing. How dare you try to kick at my groin. Are you not afraid of cutting the bloodline? When that happens, there will be no point crying.

Get lost. Why should I cry if your bloodline is cut? There may not be any toads with three legs but there are plenty of men with three legs! Lin Che deliberately emphasized the last two words, implicitly referring to that leg in the middle.

Gu Jingze froze. He then looked down at her with a somber and very threatening gaze. She felt like she was in grave danger. He immediately tightened his hold on her arms, looked at her, and said, There are plenty of men with three legs. But there arent necessarily many of them whose third leg can satisfy you. I think youve forgotten my prowess because I havent touched you in a long time!

The moment Gu Jingze finished speaking, he immediately grabbed her body and started touching her.

Lin Che was shocked. How mean. How mean. Who wants your touches?

At the speed of light, she started resisting his advances. She slapped and hit his hands and pushed him away as he leaned towards her.

Gu Jingze did want to push her down and he definitely had the strength to do so. However, he did not want to hurt her by using too much strength.

He did not dare to use any more force and could only let her hit him.

Seeing that he had stopped moving and was letting her hit him without retaliating at all, she quickly stopped. She looked at this man who was looking at her with a slightly misty gaze. Why did you stop moving? Does it not hurt?

She knew how strong he was, so she had used considerable force in hitting him.

Gu Jingze said, If I didnt stop, I would have definitely hurt your slender arms and legs the moment I exerted force. How dare you hit me? Think about the number of people queuing up to be bullied by me outside. You, on the other hand, are always pushing me or hitting me all the time. He looked down and pressed his lips heavily onto her forehead.

Her body was wrapped in his deeply affectionate gaze. With a voice that was as low as aging wine, he said, Arent you just banking on the fact that I dote on you and cant do anything to you?

Lin Ches body went weak at hearing his magnetic voice and under his sensual gaze. She quickly turned her face away. Yes. Now, you dote on me. But if you dote on someone else in the future, Ill have to move aside, right?

Dont talk nonsense. He looked down, licked her lips, and gazed at her deeply. I havent opened up your body completely yet. Of course, Im not interested in playing with anyone else. I think your body alone is enough for me to open up for the rest of my life.

As he said this, he kissed her face lightly inch by inch. When he moved his lips downward, he deliberately left a trail of breaths on her face. She could only close her eyes, feeling like a wooden puppet that was being controlled by him. She was so stiff that she could not move around herself and could only follow his ministrations

His lips slid to her neck. She whined and pushed him while mumbling, No

Gu Jingze drew in a breath. He had already instinctively reached under her clothes from below and was fondling her soft body.

He felt that her body really had not become flabby even after she gave birth. Her muscles were even more firm to the touch compared to before.

In reality, he had told the truth. He had never thought that a womans body could have such magical power, causing him to have no interest in any other woman. There was a persistent feeling that all of them were not as good as she was. They had no observational skills or opinions at all. With just one glance, he felt that they were just typical women who could not even compare to Lin Ches fingertips.

Was he not already under her spell?

Gu Jingze felt that his entire body had already tensed up. Down below, he had already hardened to an extent unimaginable to himself. It had truly been a long time since he had touched her body. Right now, a slight contact was sufficient to make him explode.


He sensed that Lin Che was reluctant. Even though she did not have much strength left to fight back, the expression on her face indeed showed that she was unwilling.

He did not want her to feel unhappy at all. Therefore, he stopped regardless of everything. However, as he followed the outline of her exquisite face and held her alluring lips between his teeth, he felt the urge to swallow her whole while he nibbled on her tender and enchanting lips. Nevertheless, he ultimately released her and sighed, feeling helpless.

It seemed that whenever she said something, he would willingly obey no matter what. Even if his own body told him that he should not comply, he would definitely consciously reverse his will.


  1. Weldon, I have enjoyed this story from season 1 up to this season. You have really tried, but is high time this story ends. Thanks more grace to your elbow.

    1. Don't answer her author we still love your stories. More ink in your pen



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