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Season 8

Episode 83

(Marrying This Woman Was Truly Worth It)

Yun Kuoshan said, Arent you envious at all? If you were the one standing there, these people would be even more respectful towards you than they are towards her.

Of course, Yun Luo was envious. Previously, everyone had said that Gu Jingze treated her well. She felt as if her pride had been fully satisfied by everyones envious gazes. Eventually, she truly thought that Gu Jingze doted on her immensely.  

For this reason, outsiders became even more respectful towards her and fearful of her as well. Their compliments blew upon her like a breeze. From a young age, she had never received so much attention from others. Now, she truly felt that everyone treated her like the sun and revolved around her all day just because Gu Jingze stood beside her.

She felt even more envious of Lin Che, especially when she saw these wealthy people fawning over Lin Che because of Gu Jingze as well. They themselves were privileged and unrestrained, to begin with.

After some time, Gu Jingze said to Lin Che, Let the mother bring the child in.

Lin Ches heart froze. She looked into Gu Jingzes eyes and nodded her head.

Before long, she saw Qin Hao leave Gu Shinian at the door.

Lin Che quickly went to Gu Shinian and held his hand. Good boy. Well finish soon. Were just meeting a few uncles and grandfathers.

Gu Shinian nodded. Lin Che pulled him into the room but he was not at all fearful.

Gu Jingze slowly walked towards them as well. He looked at her and his son and suddenly smiled in contentment. He glanced meaningfully at Lin Che before taking Gu Shinians other hand into his own.

Lin Che gazed at him and genuinely felt for a moment that the three of them seemed like a family of three. Furthermore, this father was especially handsome as well.

Today, Gu Shinian had especially worn a suit and looked particularly like a young gentleman.

Gu Jingze was also dressed in a suit that was about the same color. The two of them held hands and really looked as if they were wearing matching outfits. However, their matching outfits were slightly too formal.

Lin Che felt the instinctive urge to laugh but the feeling the father and son gave off together was indeed very different.

A sense of pride welled up in Lin Ches heart. Her husband and her son were beautiful men who were rare in this world. If the two of them went out on the streets, they would charm the hearts of so many young ladies.

Everyone had already seen them. As they looked at the family of three standing together, they could not help but sigh in admiration. They looked really good. Parents who had beautiful appearances would give birth to extraordinary children too.

The three of them would definitely be the scenery wherever they went. People were extremely delighted.

The child was making his first appearance, so everyone would definitely be very critical of him. By appearance alone, he was not an ordinary child. They thought to themselves that it was no wonder Gu Jingze looked upon him so favorably.

First of all, he was not at all fearful even on a great occasion like this. From this, they knew that he was no ordinary person. If it was a three-year-old child from an ordinary family, he would have probably urinated himself out of fear.

Gu Jingze stood in the center of the room. He smiled and raised his wine glass before saying to everyone, This is my son, Gu Shinian. I hope that everyone can still nurture and guide him with me in the future. Ill be troubling everyone to help me.

Everyone quickly raised their wine glasses. You flatter us. This is something we ought to do.

Before downing the wine in their glasses, everyone glanced meaningfully at the child. By being born in the Gu family, he was blessed by heaven from a young age.

However, this was not an honor that they could covet. After all, there was only one Gu family.

They did not typically admire the Gu family to this extent. But when they saw a child attend such an event at such a young age, they could not help but sigh with emotion.

Whoever said that heaven was fair? How was this fair? His starting point was already different.

Gu Jingze did not stay long either. He had never been a showy person and merely brought Gu Shinian here to make an appearance. Afterward, he carried Gu Shinian in his arms in front of everyone and said to him, Lets go. Ill take you and your mother out of here. Well arrive home very soon.

Gu Shinian nodded. He behaved very appropriately in the present circumstances and did not say anything further.

Gu Jingze looked at Gu Shinian in satisfaction. He secretly praised the child for being intelligent indeed.

Lin Che was still wondering why Gu Shinian who was usually so troublesome was instead so obedient today.

It was only when Gu Shinian set foot on the ground that she asked, Are you cooking up some ideas in your head again?

Gu Shinian looked at Lin Che. Eh. The longer the hair, the shorter the wit. Mother, these people will determine whether or not I will be able to support you in the future. Of course, I cant mess around in front of them.

Lin Che said, Youre so utilitarian at such a young age!

Of course, I must be more utilitarian since I bear the responsibility of supporting my mother and my wife. Otherwise, how else can I let you live the good life?

Lin Che smacked him on the head.

Gu Shinian said, Hey, hey, hey. If you want to hit me, dont hit my head. Who else will you depend on to support you if I turn into a fool because of your beatings?

Ha. I have money to support myself in my old age. Who needs you to support me?

Gu Shinian looked at Gu Shinian. Just focus on supporting your wife. Ill support my own wife.

While speaking, Gu Jingze quietly put his arm around her shoulders and tilted his head to look at her.

He had never thought that he would see a scene like this where he had a wife and a son. But right now, he suddenly felt contentment that he had never felt before.

He had never had on his agenda any plans of being a father. However, he suddenly looked forward immensely to fulfilling his role as a father.

He was very grateful to Lin Che for giving birth to such an intelligent and beautiful son. Although the child was very difficult to deal with, Gu Jingze ultimately felt very proud when he took him out.

He pulled Lin Che to him and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

Surprised by the sudden and unexpected kiss, Lin Che covered her cheek and turned her head. Hey. What are you doing?!

Gu Jingze said, Theres no doubt that he has our genes. First of all, I think that this lad will have no fear of being teased when he goes out in the future. Hes probably considered quite handsome.

Lin Che asked, What nonsense are you saying?

Gu Jingze said lowly into her ear, Its nothing. I just think that youre great.

Lin Che was even more confused about what he meant but Gu Jingze did not say anything further.

Gu Jingze felt that he was very lucky to be with Lin Che. After discovering this piece of uncut jade, everything that came to him afterward was a surprise.

He wondered where this womans magical powers came from. She had all the luck in the world. Now, even the child she had given birth to was such a dear. She could not help but sigh in admiration at the fact that he had truly married the right person.

There was no way he could have predicted that this would have happened today when he had just married her back then.

Yun Kuoshan had left first out of anger at seeing that family of three.

His action of bringing the child here spoke for itself. He was acknowledging the childs status and announcing to everyone that this child would be the successor of the Gu family in the future.

However, Yun Luo did not leave. Images of the beautiful family of three that she had seen earlier kept appearing in her mind.

The picture of them holding hands was so harmonious and so beautiful that she felt envious from the bottom of her heart.

She was envious of the woman who could give birth to his child. With Gu Jingzes genes, the child she gave birth to was so adorable, so beautiful, and had Gu Jingzes pretty eyes.



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