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Season 8

Episode 82

(These Officials Fawned Upon The Rich And Powerful)

When he turned around, his gaze turned cold again. With Lin Che on his arm, they walked into the middle of the hall solemnly.  

Everyone could not help but glance even more frequently at Lin Che, assessing the woman who had conquered this emperor of a man. They were momentarily in awe of her appearance. However, if it were mere appearances that could evoke Gu Jingzes liking, that would be too shallow. everyone was still wondering what ability this woman had to actually capture this steel-like man.

However, it was indisputable that Gu Jingze had especially prolonged the banquet. He was not one to attend gatherings after a shareholders meeting, but he had unexpectedly made an appearance at the shareholders gathering. He did all of this without exception because of this woman.

He simply wanted everyone to know about her existence and to know that she was his wife. Furthermore, he valued his wife very much. Lin Che was none other than the formal Madam of the Gu family! Her son was also the formal grandson of the Gu family.

Everyone knew that by introducing the child to the shareholders, he was beginning to forge a path for the child early on. The child was likely to be the next prominent figure of the Gu family, so of course, they were much more eager to flatter the mother of the child Lin Che.

Under the watchful gazes of these top executives of the Gu Industries, Lin Che saw that some of them already had heads full of white hair. She more or less felt slightly embarrassed seeing as she still had great respect for her elders. However, beside her, Gu Jingze held her hand as if no one else was around and whispered into her ear, You dont have to feel uncomfortable about this. This is Gu Tiansheng. Hes a person who bends with the wind. Hes bowing to you now but he may bow to someone else tomorrow too. When it comes to someone like this, you dont have to listen to him even if he kneels to you, so you should just enjoy it.

Lin Che immediately turned speechless. When outsiders looked at them, they felt that the two of them were being affectionate in front of everyone else. However, they did not know that Gu Jingze was actually giving Lin Che guidance.

After hearing this, Lin Che looked at the people in this room again and thought that she was definitely not filming a movie or a television series right now. This was real. All these people were actual tycoons and actual shareholders in the Gu family. The fact that they could get to where they were now meant that they were not who they seemed to be on the surface.

Although they bore benevolent and kind countenances, there was no way of knowing at all how they would plot and scheme behind her back.

She could no longer judge them by their appearances.

However, she ultimately still felt a little unaccustomed to this. After all, she had only ever acted in scenes involving high society such as this one but today, she was experiencing this in reality.

She instinctively began to admire the man beside her. He was probably the youngest in this room. Every other shareholder present was older than Gu Jingze. However, all of these people showed deep respect in front of him. They sincerely acknowledged their allegiance to him and expressed trust in him. They did not doubt his capabilities at all because of Gu Jingzes age but instead, feared his every gaze. It was obvious that Gu Jingze was truly very capable; that was why each and every one of these old foxes was beholden to him.

To be honest, she could already tell from looking at Gu Jingze like this that he maintained the air of a king from the beginning to the end. He looked at everyone with a distant gaze and kept a moderate distance. Even though he was standing right here, he made them feel as if he was far away and high above.

This was probably one of his innate qualities.

Standing beside him, Lin Che felt that she absolutely could not lose to him. Therefore, she straightened her back and stood there smiling at people. She maintained her bearing and was not at all terribly affected by these false compliments.

Everyone had initially thought Lin Che was a wild lass without a good family background. She should have been hoodwinked by flattery by now and should have lost her direction. However, they did not expect her to stand beside Gu Jingze without any sign of confusion. Although she did not have a good family background, she did not fare worse than any other rich young lady. It was apparent that she even had a more noble disposition than some rich young ladies and had a distinguished air to her.

A few people said in private that Gu Jingze did not seem to look only at appearances either. They only needed to think a little to know that there was no way a sly fox like Gu Jingze would be deceived by a little lass. This woman, this Madam Gu, was definitely able to stand her ground firmly only because she had her own way of doing things.

Yun Luo was still watching them from afar.

She wanted to go over but she felt that she had already lost the moment Gu Jingze stepped into this room with Lin Che.

She did not want to step any closer and humiliate herself.

Just then, Yun Kuoshan walked towards her from the side.

He had entered into an agreement with Gu Jingze and collaborated with him for two years. In these two years, he had also bought shares in Gu Industries and became one of the shareholders of Gu Industries. Therefore, he was also here to attend the shareholders meeting today.

He looked at Yun Luo. Why are you standing here?

Yun Luo lowered her head sadly. She fidgeted with the champagne glass with her slender and weak fingers. Where else can I go?

Did her father still think that she had not been embarrassed enough? The entire Gu Industries had seen her bring Mu Wanqing here today but Mu Wanqing had left her behind just because she had seen Lin Che.

What was she to do now? Initially, everyone had even thought that her relationship with Mu Wanqing was great and that they were like mother and daughter. Mu Wanqing doted on her and treated her like her own daughter-in-law.

She did not know how they would mock her behind her back now. Everything had been mere speculation at first but now, they could totally say that Mu Wanqing liked Miss Yun. Still. Miss Yun was simply translucent when Lin Che was around.

In the end, she had still been defeated by Lin Che the moment she appeared.

There was not even a chance for her to retaliate at all.

Yun Kuoshan looked at his own daughter and truly did not know what to say about her. Youre too fragile. How can you beat Lin Che like this? Look at how easy-mannered Lin Che is. Then take a look at yourself. Luoluo, you must buck up now!

However, Yun Luo looked in front at Gu Jingze and Lin Che standing together. She suddenly felt that they were a perfect match.

She had always lacked confidence. Looking at Lin Che now, although she knew that Lin Che was just a wild lass without a good family background, she still could not help but feel that she possessed such grandeur. She truly did not seem like someone without a good family background at all.

Perhaps she was good at acting and was better at putting up a facade. But even if it was a pretense, her pretense was awe-inspiring.

But when she turned her gaze on herself

She had absolutely nothing.

Yun Kuoshan said, Think about this clearly. If you continue being like this, Gu Jingze will really be hers. Hmph. Ill see if you regret it then. Yun Kuoshan looked at these top executives who were so adept at fawning upon the rich and powerful. These people go whichever way the wind blows and really have no backbone at all. The moment they saw Gu Jingze bring a woman with him, they immediately started flattering this woman.

Yun Luo had realized it long ago as well. The way these top executives treated Lin Che reminded her of how Qin Hao had behaved previously.



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