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Season 8

Episode 80

(Mu Wanqing Looked At Her Full Of Guilt)

Mu Wanqing said, I look after that child all the time but not once have I seen yours. Thats why Im even more agitated. Its all your fault. You didnt let me meet him nor did you let me visit him. I understand that you dont want me to ruin your plans but I cant believe that youre still not letting me meet him now that hes already back.

Gu Jingze held Mu Wanqing back to prevent her from springing up. Then, he sighed and said, Mother. Youll meet him later. Dont be anxious.

Mu Wanqing had long been unable to control her excitement and told him to hurry.

Lin Che and Gu Shinian were waiting in the office.

Gu Shinian was playing on the computer. Lin Che was standing and looking around Gu Jingzes office. She was looking at the things inside and flipping through documents as she wished.

She could not understand any of the documents that she had flipped open. She merely skimmed through them and did not want to continue reading them. However, just then, some sounds traveled in from outside.

Lin Che could hear Qin Haos voice. Thinking that Gu Jingze had arrived, she immediately opened the door to the office.

Secretary Qin, is it Gu Jingze

However, she looked up only to meet Yun Luos gaze.

Upon seeing Lin Che, Yun Luo clearly froze as well.

Qin Hao looked at them and thought, Oh no, these two are finally going to have a showdown here today.

No one on Earth was unaware of Yun Luos feelings for President Gu.

However, there were all sorts of rumors outside. Although Qin Hao had his suspicions before, he knew the moment Lin Che returned that there was no hope for Yun Luo.

Thus, Qin Hao glanced at them and quickly went to Lin Ches side. He bowed his head respectfully and said, Madam, Miss Yun just came by to take a look.

Lin Che let out a sound of affirmation and nodded as a show of understanding. She cast her gaze on Yun Luo and looked at this fragile-looking Young Miss of the Yun family. Then, she smiled and greeted her first. Nice to meet you, Miss Yun.

Yun Luos heart stuttered. Her mood took a complete downturn when she saw Lin Che walk out of Gu Jingzes office. However, she was and remained Gu Jingzes wife now. It was perhaps because of this fact that Qin Hao let Lin Che come in. After all, she was the wife of his boss in name. If she said that she wanted to enter the office, of course, he did not dare to disobey.

Yun Luo asked, What? Was Miss Lin in Jingzes office earlier?

Lin Che replied, Thats right.

Yun Luo looked at Qin Hao. Does your boss know about this?

Naturally, Qin Hao understood what Yun Luo meant. Gu Jingzes office had always been strictly off-limits. Ordinary people were not allowed in. The alarms would go off if someone entered. Yun Luo had come here before and had set off the alarm.

Qin Hao broke into a smile. Of course, he stood unwaveringly on Lin Ches side right now.

Miss Yun. About that. Madam is here because Sir personally let her in.

Yun Luos face darkened.

Lin Che raised her head slightly to look at Yun Luo and asked, Why? Is there a problem?

Yun Luo quickly concealed the embarrassment on her face and said, No. I was just confused. This place has never been open to random people because the confidential information inside implicates the companys operations after all. If anything happens, Gu Jingze may have to spend even more time settling the matters, so I was just asking about it.

Lin Che looked at Yun Luo, walked towards her, and said, I really didnt know that that was the case. When Gu Jingze let me in, he didnt mention any confidential information at all.

Hearing this from beside them, Qin Hao quickly smiled and replied, Of course, of course. Theres no such thing as confidential information between Sir and Madam. Sir is definitely honest in front of you. You can look at anything you want to.

Yun Luo looked at Qin Hao in shock. This Qin Hao he was so eagerly attentive to the point that it seemed like he was about to kneel for her.

Yun Luo had always treated Qin Hao with immense respect out of the knowledge that Qin Hao had been working for Gu Jingze for more than ten years and had always been his personal assistant. Because of this, Qin Hao had a great reputation elsewhere. Everyone treated him with respect upon seeing him.

But now, he was actually flattering Lin Che and following her around like a pug.

Was Lin Che that terrifying?

Yun Luo remembered what her father had previously told her. Lin Che did not come from a good background but was able to capture Gu Jingzes heart and even seduced Gu Jingze into having a child with her. This woman was definitely not simple. When she saw that even Qin Hao treated her with such respect now, Yun Luo felt even more strongly that Lin Che had some tricks up her sleeve.

Yun Luos tone softened. You fine. I was just a little worried. I hope that my worries are unfounded too.

What happened here? Just then, they heard Gu Jingzes voice from behind them.

Yun Luo quickly turned her head around. She looked at Gu Jingze and hastily said, Jingze, what happened was that she went into your office. I was worried that there was something inside that she should not mess up, so I just reminded her.

However, Gu Jingze merely glanced at Yun Luo coolly. He evaded the hand that she had stretched out and said to her, What confidential information?

Three words from him made Yun Luo momentarily speechless.

Just then, Yun Luo saw Mu Wanqing behind him and immediately reacted. She quickly went up to her. Auntie, youre here

However, Mu Wanqing did not look at her at all. She merely stared straight at Lin Che standing at the back. Even her eyes were moist with tears.

Lin Che gazed at Mu Wanqing. They had not met for a long time. She immediately saw Mu Wanqings reddish eyes and thought about what had happened in the past few years. It unexpectedly made her heart ache as well.

Mother She called out and instinctively took a step forward.

Mu Wanqing had already walked straight towards her. She pulled Lin Che to her in one swift motion and her tears proceeded to fall.

Child, youve suffered. It was my fault. I couldnt protect you. Seriously She genuinely felt immensely guilty at the fact that she had not been able to do anything back then.

She was the one who had brought Lin Che to the Gu family and made Gu Jingze marry her. However, she was unable to protect her happiness to the end.

Lin Ches tears also fell upon seeing her this way.

Mother. Of course, I know that its not your fault. Furthermore, Im completely fine. I came back safely.

Its good that youre back. Its good that youre back. Let me look at you. Oh no, seriously. Youve lost weight again. Why didnt you look after yourself properly while you were away? Now that Im seeing this, my heart really aches.

Lin Che smiled. After giving birth, I had to put in the effort to slim down. Isnt this great? My figure is so good.

Good lord. Youre good either way. You didnt have to slim down at all. Mu Wanqing thought of the child and hastily took out a handkerchief to wipe her tears. Look at me. I cried even though youre back. If the child sees it, he will probably laugh at us adults. Where is the child? I wanted to see him even in my dreams. My wish for you to return soon and unite as a family has finally come true today.

Gu Jingze said, Mother, Niannian is inside.

Lin Che nodded thereafter.

Gu Jingze turned around and looked at Yun Luo behind him.



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