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Season 8

Episode 79   

(Proof Of That Childs Status)

Mu Wanqing patted her hand. Look at you, you poor thing. Youll definitely have an opportunity in the future, once your illness is cured. Doesnt Jingze have some people helping you research? Theres definitely hope for the future.

Hearing this, Yun Luo nodded her head vigorously as well.

Mu Wanqing pulled her along and said, Alright then. Well go and take a look.

Meanwhile, at the shareholders meeting

When Gu Jingze was in a meeting, he was completely serious.

It was only when the meeting ended that everyone heaved a sigh of relief and followed Gu Jingze out of the room.

President Gu, all of the shareholders attended the meeting this time. Its truly heartwarming.

Gu Jingze had recently taken over the board of directors in all aspects and everyone had become more respectful towards him. They knew that he had succeeded his grandfather as the head of the family, so it seemed as if they were about to make sacrificial offerings to him. Each of them was so eager to claim connections with him.

Gu Jingze had already settled Lin Che and Gu Shinian into his office and was going to go and call them sometime later. However, just then, the secretary suddenly walked towards him and said, Sir, Maam came to visit you. She asked if your meeting has already ended.

The dinner banquet began once the meeting ended. Everyone was chatting about their daily lives and having separate conversations about several topics that were inappropriate for the meeting.

Upon hearing that his mother was here, Gu Jingze frowned. Although it was in itself normal for a member of the Gu family to attend the shareholders meeting, Gu Jingze was a little skeptical at Mu Wanqings sudden arrival right now as he knew that she never liked leaving the house.

Please come in, Gu Jingze said.

Mu Wanqing proceeded to walk in. She saw Gu Jingze, smiled and asked, How are things? Has the meeting ended? I dont know if its a good idea for me to come so abruptly but I came here to take a look since I saw that the weather today was not bad and everyone was here too.

Gu Jingze walked towards his mother and put an arm around her shoulders. For the past few years, the Gu family had been in a constant state of flux. As a result, Mu Wanqing had suffered immensely. In the chaos, Gu Jingze was able to discern who exactly was genuinely on his side and who was only around to watch the fun.

As for Mu Wanqing, she was supportive of her son no matter what.

Naturally, Gu Jingze had gotten closer to her because of this as well.

When he heard Mu Wanqings words, he said calmly, The meeting already ended. Its not rude of you to come here out of the blue.

Oh, Yun Luo is here too. Initially, we wanted to go out and look around but we remembered that the shareholders meeting was today.

Oh. Where is she? Gu Jingze looked around and did not see any trace of Yun Luo.

Mu Wanqing said, She went to look for her father since she knows that hes here today too.

Everyone looked at Mu Wanqing. This lady did not appear often but all of them knew her. They quickly came over to greet her when they saw that she had arrived.

When Gu Jingze had been demoted and the Gu family had been embroiled in internal conflict, Mu Wanqing had resolutely stood on Gu Jingzes side. Later events proved that Gu Jingze was the victor. As a result, those who had chosen the wrong side did not dare to make a sound right now. Everyone once again treated Mu Wanqing with even more respect as well.

Therefore, a significant number of people were eager to flatter her too.

Someone looked at Mu Wanqing and asked, Did you come out to go shopping with Miss Yun?

Mu Wanqing replied, Yes. I just had nothing better to do. Its been hard on all of you. Women like us are simply eating for free. We cant help out with anything.

No way. Peace across the country is achieved by regulating the family and ruling the state. President Gu is able to lead us in facing challenges at work only because you are commanding the family affairs. Miss Yun is like you. Shes from a wealthy family and is on such good terms with you. All of this is President Gus fortune.

The way he spoke made it sound as if Yun Luo and Gu Jingze were in some relationship.

Mu Wanqing froze and immediately looked at Gu Jingze in worry.

Sure enough, Gu Jingze had already cast a dark gaze at the man. His sudden and sharp gaze was like light reflected off a knife and made the mans heart quake.

The shareholder immediately shut his mouth, not knowing what he had said wrong.

Before this, everyone had heard the rumors that Gu Jingze and the Yun family shared a very close relationship and that they were probably going to be joined by marriage. Regardless of whether Gu Jingze was married, everyone felt that ultimately, this meant nothing to the Gu family. He had a wife who he could simply divorce. If the Gu family wanted to do something, they would definitely not have any difficulties in that aspect.

But he did not expect his attempt at flattery to fall flat right now when Gu Jingze suddenly said, I invited everyone here this time because theres someone I would like to introduce all of you to.

Oh? Who?

Everyone looked at him in unison. They felt that the person whom Gu Jingze wanted to introduce to them must be someone prominent. Could it be that Gu Industries had solicited some brilliant top executive?

However, Gu Jingzes subsequent words shocked everyone present. I want to introduce my son to everyone. I hope that everyone will help to teach and guide him regarding company affairs in the future.

Everyone thought that they had heard him wrong.

Gu Jingzes son?

It seemed that no one knew that Gu Jingze actually had a son.

The news had been concealed too well. As a result, everyone froze in shock upon hearing the news out of the blue.

President Gu, you when did luck descend upon you and give you a son? We didnt know about it at all, someone asked with a stuttering voice.

Gu Jingze smiled faintly. Before this, he was living abroad. I just brought him back. Give me a moment. You will understand once I bring him over here. Although hes only three years old, its always good to start educating a child early on. I hope that everyone can help him out.

Only three years old

Alright then. It was quite logical to send a child of the Gu family abroad before bringing him back again once it was safe to do so but the child had been hidden away way too well.

He was about to introduce his son to everyone right now and was even asking them to help guide him. The child was only three years old, but had he already taken a liking to him and was hoping that he would make something of himself in Gu Industries?

By saying this openly in front of so many people, he was directly confirming his childs status.

Everyone could not help but get into an uproar. Furthermore, someone immediately expressed his loyalty. No need to stand on ceremony. Its something that we should do. At three years old, hes so sensible that you can bring him here to learn from us. Its clear that the apple didnt fall far from the tree. He will definitely be able to forge a successful career for himself in the future. We truly look forward to meeting him.

Seeing that someone had already expressed his loyalty, everyone immediately followed suit, one after another, not willing to be left behind.

It was obvious that a child whom Gu Jingze had recognized would definitely have great status in the future. If they did not express their loyalty right now, when else would they do it?

However, at the side, Mu Wanqing could no longer control her emotions. She pulled Gu Jingze to her in one swift motion, her agitation obvious on her face. Are you saying that the child is back? Youve already brought him back here?

Gu Jingze looked at Mu Wanqings expression, held her hands, and said, Thats right. Hes here now. Ill take you to see him right now.

How could you keep this from me until now? You didnt bring him to me immediately upon flying him back here. My grandson

Alright. Dont be so agitated. Youre carrying Jingyans child all the time. Dont tell me you havent had enough? Gu Jingyan asked teasingly.



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