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Season 8

Episode 78

(Take Mu Wanqing There For A Look)  

Lin Che hastily pushed Gu Jingze away with frantic eyes. However, Gu Jingze merely wiped his mouth calmly and reached his hand out to wipe the moisture from her mouth as well. Then, he smiled, patted her shoulder and said, Alright. Ill go and deal with work matters first. Well continue this again when I come back.

Lin Che glared at him crossly and quickly schooled her face into a neutral expression. She turned around and smiled sheepishly at Mu Feiran whose back was facing her. Feiran, whats up?

Upon hearing her speak, Mu Feiran covered her mouth, suppressed a smile, and turned around. Hey, the two of you. Even if you want to be affectionate, choose the right place, alright? Youre making this lonely person so anxious.

With a blushing face, Lin Che hit her. What lonely person? Were still here for you.

Ah. But theres no man to dote on me. Much less a man like Gu Jingze Mu Feiran looked at Lin Che. I really envy you so much for finding a man whos willing to dote on you and is sincere towards you. Look at me on the other hand. No matter how grand I seem on the outside, even to the point of being labeled the queen of the industry, Im the only one who knows how much of a failure I am.

Lin Che clasped her hands. You only failed in choosing the right man. But youre the most successful in other aspects. So many people look up to you, even me. You have such a good daughter and such good friends as well. In what way are you a failure?

Mu Feiran had a forlorn expression on her face. Despite this, she nevertheless smiled thereafter. Thats right. I cant let that jerk ruin everything I have.

Mu Feiran went in together with Lin Che.

Who was that man earlier? Mu Feiran asked.

Lin Che said, His name is Mo Jinyan, but his alias is Black Hawk. Hes a very complicated person. I heard that he had a very shady background in the past. He has started to get involved in the commercial market.

Oh, I see Mu Feiran looked down in deep thought. She looked slightly hesitant.

It seemed that it probably was not him but merely someone slightly similar.

Mu Feiran did not want to think about what happened that night at all. Her memories of that man were very hazy as well.

That night, Gu Jingze came to her room once again.

Gu Jingze looked slightly tired when he came in. The moment he stepped in, he started taking off his clothes.

Lin Che looked at him in disbelief. How did you get the keys to my room?!

Gu Jingze replied, The maids helped me open the door.


As husband and wife, of course, we should sleep together. So when I asked them for it, they gave me the keys. Come on, lets go to sleep. Its very late.

Get lost. Get out and sleep somewhere else. There are so many rooms outside!

No way. Right now, Mu Feiran and her daughter are living here, so its more appropriate for me to stay with you. Otherwise, it wouldnt be good for Mu Feirans reputation either if I lived under the same roof with a stranger like her.

Get lost. Stop making excuses! Lin Che pointed to the door and said. However, she felt Gu Jingze suddenly charge towards her and embrace her. He refused to let go and did not allow her to move.

With his arms wrapped around her body, he said, Alright, alright. Stop moving. Theres something that I still have to tell you.

Lin Che stopped moving and felt his lips at her ear.


Come, lets talk about it slowly. He pulled her so that they were both lying down and covered both of them with the blanket. Then, he proceeded to put his arm around her neck and said, Ill take you to our company banquet tomorrow. Ill come to pick you up tomorrow morning.

What? Your company banquet why must I go?

Im taking Shinian there to meet a few of our shareholders. Ill get someone to show him the ropes.

What? Lin Che opened her mouth in shock. No way. Why do you have to do that? Hes still so young. Why does he have to look around the company?

Gu Jingze replied, Since he has already learned some principles, its good for him to know what our company does at the moment since its possible for him to develop a career in this field in the future. Letting people at the company meet him would be good for his future as well.


He has so much more potential than you think. He resembles me in this aspect. When I was his age, I started to interact with the company shareholders and slowly came to understand the family business as well. This will be so much better than suddenly having to take over the company.

Lin Che thought about it and worried that Shinian would be stressed. However, Lin Che had no choice but to agree since Gu Jingze had said that he would be going there only to familiarize himself with the shareholders. She felt that she had to go with them to take a look and assess what exactly would be best for the child to do. Although Niannian was a member of the Gu family and it would probably be impossible for her to contain his brilliance in the future, he was her child after all. If anyone wanted to do something to harm him, she would definitely prevent it.

The next day.

In the morning, Yun Kuoshan immediately stopped Yun Luo from leaving the house.

Luoluo. You have to attend the shareholders meeting at Gu Industries today.

Ah. Why?

According to the rumors, Gu Jingze is bringing Lin Che to the shareholders meeting. Hmph. The Gu family is not aware of what happened between Lin Che and Gu Jingze. They havent met Lin Che either. Go arrange to attend the meeting together with the mistress of the Gu family. Hmph. Ill see how Lin Che faces the members of the Gu family when she cant hide any longer.

Yun Luo asked, I dont think thats a good idea wouldnt Jingze be angry?

Yun Kuoshan said, Take the mistress of the Gu family there. Whats there to be angry about? Just say that shes going with you for fun. Dont you know how to lie? Youre in a difficult spot now. Do you want Lin Che to snatch Gu Jingze away from you again? In that case, wouldnt everything youve done thus far be for naught?

Yun Luo listened to her fathers words and slowly clasped her hands together. For Gu Jingzes sake

Mu Wanqing did not leave for a long time. She looked at Yun Luo and sighed, I dont know whether its my bones that are ailing now. I cant be bothered to move at all.

Yun Luo smiled. No way. Auntie, I cant tell your age from your face at all. Youre exactly the same now as you were the first time I met you.

Mu Wanqing smiled and said, What do I do about my age? I cant continue any longer. But the weather looks good today. I should go out for a walk.

Mu Wanqing still found Yun Luo quite likable. Her appearance evoked some sympathy. From a young age, she had a heart disease and was frail. It seemed like she could not do anything on her own.

However, it was precisely this quality that Mu Wanqing liked. She felt that an honest and obedient person like Yun Luo was better than some other scheming person.

Very soon after.

Upon stepping outside, Yun Luo said, Auntie, I heard that theres a shareholders meeting for Gu Industries today.

Mu Wanqing said, Yes. They will gather a few times each year for a meeting. Thereafter, they will discuss some matters over a meal.

I heard it from my father. Hes going today as well. Why dont we go over and take a look too?

Are you interested in this?

Im a little interested I dont want to stay at home all the time because of my illness. I want a chance to go out and work too.



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