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Season 8

Episode 76

(Whose Child Is This?)  

He probably dared to use a knife on him for real.

Mo Ding had no choice but to say, Ill tell you. Ill tell you, alright?

This time, Mo Jinyan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Mo Ding had initially thought of finding a chance to run away immediately after leaving this place, but Mo Jinyan immediately called his men on him. They crossed the street in lines and did not even fear the policemen. Just like that, they headed towards the motel. There was nothing Mo Ding could do but take them to the room.

Inside, a middle-aged woman went to open the door. She was immediately frightened by the formation outside.

Thereafter, the little girl suddenly appeared.

Mo Jinyan walked in. With one glance, he saw the little girl sitting inside. She was dressed in a white dress and looked up at him obediently. His heart suddenly jolted. Strangely, he felt that this child was very pitiful. Then, he felt that this child was very adorable.

He approached her and crouched down to look at her. Its alright. Youre safe now.

Yunyun looked up at him. Who are you?

Im here to take you to your mother. Come on. Are you coming?

Really I miss Mother so much but they said that shes still busy at work, Yunyun said.

Mo Jinyan stroked her slightly brown hair. Ill take you to your mother right now.

He carried Yunyun, stepped past Mo Ding completely, and walked out.

Mo Ding gritted his teeth but could not retaliate at all because his entire body was being held down.

Who exactly was this man? How could he be so overbearing?!

When did Mu Feiran actually become acquainted with a top dog like him?

The fact that Mo Dings plan did not succeed made him furious at the moment. He thought to himself that he would definitely have an opportunity next time. No matter who Mu Feiran had an affair with, she was still his lawfully-wedded wife!

Mo Jinyan kept looking at the child.

Yunyun looked outside obediently. Her pretty face was chubby and genuinely made him want to pinch her cheeks. Perhaps she made him feel tenderness because she was so sensible.

Although Mo Jinyan was not good with words and did not like to interact with children either, he could not help but look down at her and ask, Is there anything you want to eat? Did you suffer for the past few days?

Yunyun looked up and shook her head. I must be obedient. Mother is at work. I must listen to her.

Mo Jinyan instinctively felt uneasy. He himself found it strange that he was feeling this way.

He looked outside and said, Stop for a moment.

The driver stopped the car and he immediately tossed his wallet to him. Go and buy some snacks that children like.

The driver froze. He did not dare to say another word and quickly left to buy quite a lot of snacks. It did not take long for him to bring the snacks into the car.

Mo Jinyan looked at the child. Look inside and eat whatever you want to.

Can I really do that? Thank you, Uncle. The smile that appeared on Yunyuns face made her look like an angel. Mo Jinyans heart warmed immediately and he instinctively stretched out his hand to caress her head. Good girl.

The driver watched from in front and felt that his brain was going to short-circuit. To think that their boss would actually treat a child so well

He could not tell that their boss was actually so kind-hearted

If talk of Black Hawk acting kind-hearted spread in their circle, most people were going to vomit from disgust.

At Lin Ches residence.

After taking a call, Gu Jingze came in and said, The child is here.

Mu Feiran and Lin Che were sitting in the living room and waiting restlessly when they immediately stood up together.

Beside them, Gu Shinian stood up slowly as well.

Just then, they heard the sound of a car stopping outside.

Gu Jingze glanced at Mu Feiran. He saw Mu Feiran walk out frantically and stopped Lin Che from following her.

Let the mother have some time with her child, he said.

Hearing this, Lin Che thought that he was right. She looked at Gu Jingze and felt that he was as attentive as always. He could even think of such a small detail.

On the outside.

Mu Feiran immediately saw a man carrying Yunyun. She threw all caution to the wind and ran out directly.

She had been worried for so many days and finally saw Yunyun safe and sound today. She shouted agitatedly, Yunyun, Yunyun. Mother is here.

Yunyun also called out to Mu Feiran while in Mo Jinyans arms, Mother, Mother.

Mu Feiran ran to Yunyun and took her into her arms in one swift motion.

With her face pressed against Yunyuns face, she was nearly about to cry.

Over the past few days, she had really been in a living hell. But as long as Yunyun was fine, everything she had to go through was worth it.

It was only after embracing Yunyun for a long time that she remembered there was still someone in front of her.

She slowly lifted her head. Thank you.

She was just about to say, Thank you for helping me.

However, the man before her was all sharp angles and hard corners. His gaze was deep and his lashes were like the plume of a black phoenix that covered his dark eyes. When he looked at her, she felt as if her soul was being bared to him without reservation. His evil and seductive eyes caused her heart to jolt. Mu Feirans body froze, especially when she felt that familiar nightmare appear before her all of a sudden.

The man in front of her looked very similar to the man who had raped her on her wedding night.

However, she had not seen clearly what exactly the man looked like. Many years had already passed by now, so her memories were even hazier. But when he suddenly came close, that feeling evoked those memories immediately. She instinctively looked up at the man before her and subconsciously wanted to run away.

However, Mo Jinyans eyes were already fixed on her beautiful face.

She did not remember him, but he would never forget her.

Because back then, he had momentarily lost control of himself and captured a woman from the corridor into his room. Now that he thought about it, it had not occurred to him then that his actions had been so dangerous. Fortunately, nothing had happened at all. Over the past few years, he felt as if he would never see the woman from that night ever again. However

Wait a minute. Was this child hers?

Mo Jinyan looked inside.

Gu Jingze was standing at the door and gazing at him with a meaningful smile.

When their eyes met, Mo Jinyan instantly remembered Gu Jingzes earlier words.

Those words along the lines of, you will not regret doing this, helping me is also helping yourself

This child

This child

Mo Jinyans eyes widened as he looked at the child in Mu Feirans arms.

When he looked closely at the child, she did, in fact, look very much like Mu Feiran. However, some of her features did not look like Mu Feirans. For instance, her slightly brown hair, her earlobes, her neck and the way her small hands were shaped.

After sensing something amiss, the more he looked at her, the more he felt that she looked like him.

However, just then, Mu Feiran had gathered her senses once again and looked at Mo Jinyan. Thank you for bringing Yunyun back.

Mo Jinyans head jolted as if he had just regained his bearings. He looked at the back of the childs head and said, No problem. By the way how old is the child?



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