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Season 8

Episode 75
(Where Exactly Is The Child?)

Wei Jingjing leaned into Mo Dings embrace immediately. But the fact that the two of you will be married in the future makes me very upset. What should I do?

Mo Ding looked down and caressed her face. Then, he squeezed her gigantic breasts, causing her to yell coquettishly. She shouted, You bad boy. What are you doing?

Mo Ding said, Dont worry. Even if were married, I will only sleep in your room when the time comes. His expression hardened. Who wants to sleep with a torn shoe? Hmph. I dont know how many men have toyed around with her but shes still pretending to be so pure. I wouldnt touch a woman like that even if you told me to.

Mo Ding still felt furious when he thought about it.

He did not touch her on their wedding night. Thereafter, the two of them kept getting into arguments. But one day, someone suddenly told him that he was about to become a father. Someone had taken a photograph of Mu Feiran going to the hospital to see a gynecologist. It seemed that she was pregnant.

Back then, he wondered where the child had come from when he had not touched this woman at all.

He knew that many women in the entertainment industry were like this. They pretended to be pure virgins but slept with countless men in secret. However, Mu Feiran had always been very lofty. Could it be that she had messed around with another man without his knowledge?

He was so furious that he immediately confronted Mu Feiran back then but Mu Feiran merely wept melancholically and did not say anything.

Mo Ding felt that he had truly been deceived. He also found it fortunate that he had never touched her. Otherwise, he would have felt filthy!

The two of them walked out of the hotel. Ever since Mo Dings company had lost Mu Feiran, he had no other celebrity worth promoting at all. Thus, profits were decreasing day by day. This time, he had gone out especially to do some networking.

In the hotels cafe, he had just sat down with Wei Jingjing when he saw a tall and sturdy man with a fearsome expression on his face. Although he was smiling, for some reason his smile seemed very cold. He walked towards them slowly, causing Wei Jingjing to widen her eyes as she looked at him from the side. She hit Mo Ding hard and asked, Who is that person?

Mo Ding looked up, frowned and said, I dont know him. Why?

Its nothing. He came in and looked at us, so I thought hes someone you know. Why? Could it be that you dont know him?

Of course I dont.

What a shame. This person looks extremely rich. Quick, look at the watch hes wearing and even the car keys hes holding. I thought he was the person you were going to meet today.

Mo Ding had noticed this as well. But it was true that he did not know this man. Nor had he seen this man anywhere.

But after Wei Jingjing finished speaking, Mo Ding realized that this man was currently walking towards him. Furthermore, it looked as if he was indeed approaching him.

Mo Ding instinctively felt a little nervous. As he watched the man move closer to him, he looked up a little uneasily and wanted to stand up.

However, the man stepped right in front of him and asked all of a sudden, Are you Mo Ding?

He stood tall and towered above as he looked down at Mo Ding. He casually whipped out a cigarette case from his pocket and bounced it with practiced ease. A cigarette came out and he placed it into his mouth with one of his eyes narrowed. He lit the cigarette and looked down amidst the smoke to tell Mo Ding, I want to enlist your help in a matter.

The way he lit up the cigarette revealed his dark aura immediately. His strong gloomy presence and his careless disdain for others immediately put Mo Ding under a lot of pressure.

Mo Ding merely looked at him and asked, Who are you?

The man replied, Theres this child. Im wondering if youve locked her up. I want to see her now. Could you hand her over to me?

Mo Dings heart quaked and he immediately understood.

He was here to ask for Mu Feirans child.

Mo Ding wondered what he meant. By coming here and asking him for Mu Feirans child, what was his relationship with Mu Feiran?

Or how was he related to Lin Che?

Mo Ding did not know how Lin Che had such good connections. There were so many bodyguards around her. Each time he went over, they did not allow him to get close at all. He suspected that the person in front of him was related to Lin Che.

Lin Che was truly a large obstacle in his plan.

Mo Ding immediately said, I dont know what youre talking about. I merely took my daughter home. My relationship with my daughter has nothing to do with others

However, just when Mo Ding had finished speaking, the man immediately pulled him up by the collar roughly.

He moved in dangerously close to Mo Ding, smoke clouding Mo Dings vision. It seemed that his face was going to touch Mo Dings at any time. Then, he said, Ill ask you again. Where is the child? I dont care who she is. I want her to appear in front of me right now. If you comply and take me to her, then we dont have to pursue this any further. If you dont take me to her, then Ill force you to. Make the decision on your own.

You, you, you where did you come from? How dare you treat me like this? Be careful, Ill call the police.

Sure. Youre refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit? Mo Jinyan lifted him off the ground immediately and pulled his body across the table. Then, he fell onto the ground with a whoosh.

The cafe immediately fell into chaos.

Wei Jingjing started shouting from behind.

Mo Ding had fallen on the floor in a daze. He crawled up with much difficulty and looked up at the mans unchanging expression. You

However, everyone rushed out of the cafe. Wei Jingjing looked up only to see the place filled with people oppressively standing around them. Although they were each dressed differently, all of them were men. It looked like a scene from a movie. Only then did they understand that they had provoked someone they should not have provoked.

Mo Ding still insisted, I dont know what youre talking about what child? I dont know.

However, Mo Jinyan immediately threw a photograph on his face. This is a photo taken by my henchmen. You locked the child up in this motel. Bring me to the room where she is. Otherwise, Ill take you there. But I dont know if youll bring along your fingers, or your arm, or your lower limbs, or your little brother.

Mo Ding was so frightened that he was soaked in cold sweat under Mo Jinyans control.

He had deliberately found a very special place to lock the child up as he was worried about Lin Ches interference.

That place was a motel that did not require ones identity for registration. It was known to be a place for questionable people to take shelter. Crooks mixed in with the honest folk here. The motel had tens of rooms that were narrow and dirty. However, it was advantageous for its safety because no one would know exactly which room the person they were looking for was in. The motel owner would definitely not reveal such information. Either you went looking or you gave up.

He did not expect the man in front of him now to take a different route and directly force him to bring him there.

Of course, he was unwilling to do it. But when he saw the cigarette butt in the mans hand flick towards his body, he could not help but think about what would happen if the cigarette butt was a knife





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