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Season 8

Episode 73

(Mu Feiran Returned To The Country)

When he woke up, he quietly opened his eyes blearily. He was in a slight daze as he gazed at her lazily, What happened?

Lin Che froze and quickly swallowed her drool. She hastily turned her head away to avoid him and pretended that she had not been looking at him.

What happened? Your clothes!

Gu Jingze asked, You still have the gall to ask me? How was I to know that your arms and legs cant stay still? You kept touching me randomly even in your sleep. He leaned in close and said gently into her ear, If not for the fact that you seemed very tired, I definitely would have pushed you down and taught you a lesson last night so that you would not kick up a fuss for no reason.

Lin Che was too embarrassed to be seen.

So this attire of his was all her doing?

Lin Che had always moved around in her sleep. Even Niannian did not like sleeping together with her.

Therefore, it was entirely plausible that she had done as he said.

She turned away sheepishly. Well, well, I oh, by the way, Feiran is here. I have to go and pick her up.

Lin Che hastily jumped off the bed and rushed to wash up.

Behind her, Gu Jingze smiled. He slowly tidied his appearance and followed her downstairs.

When Lin Che was done washing up, Niannian had awoken as well.

She packed up while telling Niannian, Stay at home obediently once youre done eating. Im going to fetch Auntie Feiran. Ill come back soon.

Gu Jingze passed her coat to her. Dont worry. Ill get someone to watch him.

Lin Che looked up, took her coat from him, and put it on. Okay. Are you going to the company today?

Gu Jingze replied, Im coming with you.

The hand that Lin Che was using to put her coat on froze. What? Youre coming with me for what? Im going to fetch Feiran.

Since I have to help you settle this matter today, of course, I have to be present to understand the situation. Dont you think so?

Lin Che thought that he made sense. She could only glare and him and agree.

Gu Jingze said, Come on. Your shoes.


Lin Che slipped on a pair of white sneakers and crouched down to tie her laces. The end result was quite ugly since she was in a rush.

Gu Jingze instinctively frowned. Look at you. How clumsy. Let me do it.

As he spoke, he immediately crouched down and started tying her shoes.

Lin Che stopped moving and watched him untie her laces in concentration before gently tying it into a beautiful butterfly bow. She could not help but smile, thinking to herself that he was a real nitpicker who was very attentive to detail.

Behind them, Gu Shinian looked at them with his hand on his forehead and rolled his eyes.

How could they take it so far as to torment their own son

The two of them walked out together after tidying up.

Gu Jingze was in charge of driving. They did not bring the driver along as they were going to pick Mu Feiran up and wanted to prevent the car from getting too cramped.

They arrived at the airport in no time.

Mu Feiran was wearing a large pair of shades while sitting in the airport cafe. She took a sip of her coffee and looked outside.

She had always kept a low profile and had not returned to C Nation for a long time. Although not much had changed in reality, for some reason, she was in a despondent mood as she looked around.

It was here that she had previously attained many things and lost many things as well. She had already let go and did not want to come back. However, she had no choice but to set foot on this piece of land.

She looked at the time and heard Lin Che shouting from a distance, Feiran.

She turned around only to see Lin Che running towards her.

She quickly stood up but saw that Gu Jingze was also walking leisurely behind Lin Che.

She paused involuntarily. Then, she bowed her head while looking at Gu Jingze and said, Nice to meet you, Mr. Gu.

Gu Jingze let out a sound of affirmation.

Lin Che turned around and looked at him before turning back only to see Mu Feirans bewildered expression.

Lin Che did not know how to explain it to her either. She placed her arm around Mu Feirans shoulders and asked, Why did you come back all of a sudden?

Mu Feiran still felt unwell now that she was here. She was extremely worried and felt much weaker. That bastard, Mo Ding, suddenly called me. I thought that I had to come back no matter what. Even if I find Yunyun, I must personally bring her back. So I decided to just buy a ticket and come back here.

Just then, Gu Jingze said from behind them, Ive already asked a friend of mine to help you out. He has connections everywhere in the underground and in regular society. It will be quite easy for him to look for someone.

Mu Feiran looked at him gratefully. Thank you Im truly grateful.

Its nothing. Thank you for looking after Lin Che on my behalf all these years. Its only right that I do this.

Mu Feiran smiled. She leaned in close to Lin Che and said, You cant really say that we took care of each other but we did feel much happier because we kept each other company while we brought up our children abroad together. So I should thank Lin Che too.

Lin Che smiled and said, Alright. Lets stop saying thank you in turns. Were such close friends. Theres nothing to thank each other for. Niannian has been feeling terribly anxious back at home ever since he heard about Yunyuns disappearance.

Lin Che pulled Mu Feiran to her. The two of them walked in front while Gu Jingze trailed after them. Whenever the three of them walked past, the people around them would glance at them curiously. After all, it was refreshing to see handsome men and beautiful women. However, there were not many people who knew exactly who Mu Feiran and Lin Che were. After all, they had left for a very long time. Many people did not instantly remember them and no paparazzi was stalking them. Thus, people all the more did not think that these two beautiful women were celebrities or something of that sort.

With Lin Ches arm around her, Mu Feiran looked at Lin Che and said, Wow. Gu Jingze came personally to pick me up. Is it an honor?

Lin Che glared at her and scoffed, To hell with you.

With his help, things seem to be much easier to resolve. But Im a little worried about Yunyun. I really have to thank you. If not for you, theres no way that someone like Gu Jingze would help me out.

Youre doing it again. Ive already told you that its only right for us to assist you in this matter. Theres no need to thank us.

Of course, I dont have to stand on ceremony with you. Theres no such thing between us. But its different with Gu Jingze. Hes only helping me because of you, so I must thank him.

Lin Che said, The most important thing at the moment is Yunyuns safety.

Gu Jingze drove while Lin Che and Mu Feiran sat in the back.

They arrived home very soon after. Mu Feiran looked around and asked in confusion, Why arent you staying in the Gu residence?

She had been to the Gu residence the last time and knew that it was definitely different from this place.

Lin Che said, Heh. This is my estate. Its my house!

Ah. Really?

Lin Che scratched her head. Even though the money was from Gu Jingze

Mu Feiran grinned even wider. I see. Gu Jingze is so generous towards you. This place looks very big.

Mu Feiran looked at Lin Che before thinking about her own situation

A persons fate could really change because she met the right person. But she could also regret the rest of her life because she met the wrong person.


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