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Season 8

Episode 72

( I Promise That I Wont Do Anything)

Mu Feiran smiled grimly. Mo Ding. You were clearly the one who started fooling around with Wei Jingjing first. If you can reveal this to outsiders, do you think I cant reveal this too?

Ha. DNA cannot be changed. You were already married to me when you gave birth to this child, but its actually not mine. I, on the other hand, took no account of your transgression and didnt divorce you. But because youve stayed overseas all these years, Jingjing was the only woman by my side. She was understanding of me and comforted me, so our feelings for each other grew. Now tell me. Do you think they will believe your story or does this story of mine seem more logical?

Mu Feiran really regretted it. She regretted believing Mo Dings words back then.

However, there was no turning back. Right now, she just hoped that Yunyun could return unharmed.

She asked, What exactly do you want?

Thats my girl. Come back and earn money for me. I dont care about anything else. I dont care whose child it is or who exactly your lover is!

Mu Feiran slowly lowered the phone. Darkness clouded her heart like a smog that would not go away. She could not see the end

Lin Che could not fall asleep for a long time because she was worried about Yunyun.

She only managed to put Gu Shinian to sleep after many difficulties. If not for her, Niannian would not want to sleep at all. He would want to wait for news from Gu Jingze.

Lin Che went to the guest room only when Niannian had fallen asleep. After sitting down, she leaned against the couch and thought of Mu Feiran all alone in Seattle. She was definitely very upset and very worried.

Lin Che herself was sitting there waiting for Gu Jingze to return. While waiting, she eventually fell asleep on the couch.

By the time Gu Jingze returned home, it was already the wee hours of the morning. When he saw the woman curled up on the couch, he quietly walked towards her and gestured for everyone else to retire to their rooms. He gazed at Lin Ches contorted face. He walked towards her, gently removed his coat, and placed it over her. Then, he sat beside her and stroked her head.

Lin Che woke up immediately.

She looked up and saw Gu Jingze through bleary eyes.

Youre back. She rubbed her eyes and sat up, sensing a pleasant scent on her body.

She looked down and noticed then that his coat was covering her.

Gu Jingze said, Dont move. Leave it. The night breeze is chilly. Be careful not to catch a cold.

He reached his hands out to pull the coat over her properly and proceeded to hug her in one swift motion.

Hey, you

Dont move. Listen to me. Gu Jingze said sternly, About Mu Feiran.

Huh? As expected, Lin Che obediently stopped moving upon hearing Mu Feirans name.

Gu Jingze said, Ive already investigated it. Mo Ding has indeed just returned to the country. But were still not sure where he has hidden the child. Do you know if he is close to anyone in the country?

Lin Che pondered for a bit. The only thing I know is that hes together with Wei Jingjing, Mu Feirans assistant back then. The two of them were deceiving Mu Feiran the entire time. It seems that theyre still together now.

Gu Jingze mumbled this name and nodded with his brow severely furrowed.

Gu Jingze said, Alright. Lets rest up first. Many more things will happen tomorrow.

Lin Che looked at him. Yunyun will be fine, right?

Gu Jingze nodded. Didnt you analyze the situation in a very logical manner earlier in the day? Why are you asking again now?

Lin Ches embarrassment was plain on her face. Earlier in the day, it was because I was consoling her, so of course, I was being more thoughtful of her. That person Mo Ding is such a perverse human being. Who knows if he will treat Yunyun well just because shes still a child? Im worried that she will suffer from abuse. I watched Yunyun grow up. Shes just like my own child. I dont want to see her get hurt even a little.

Gu Jingze squinted his eyes at her for a long time before smiling. He lifted her up in one swift motion. Alright. I guarantee that the child wont be hurt at all, okay? We should go in and sleep.

Lin Che was lifted off the ground all of a sudden.

Hey, hey, hey. What are you doing?!

Taking you to rest.

Stop it. I can walk on my own.

I know. He lowered his head and rubbed his cheek against hers. But I want to carry you.

Lin Ches face heated up immediately.

She felt an itch when he rubbed his cheek against hers.

He carried her with his strong body and brought her to the bedroom in no time.

He placed Lin Che on the bed. She was about to move when Gu Jingze pressed her down.

Oh, what are you doing Lin Che frowned. The lights in the room were turned off aside for some floor lights. She could see his beautiful eyes gazing at her and smiling.

Lin Che froze. She felt Gu Jingze wind his arms around her in a domineering manner. Then, he laid down on the bed with her.

Lin Che moved her legs. Get off me, quick. Otherwise, Ill kick you off the bed!

Dont move. I promise not to touch you at all. Lets just sleep like this. He pressed his lips to her ear. However, his teeth suddenly grazed her earlobe and he pulled her earlobe with his lips. But if you move, I dont mind moving along with you either

She did not want to move!

Lin Ches earlobe went numb under his ministrations. Her earlobe was the most sensitive part of her body. The moment he touched it, her whole body turned weak.

With her legs closed, she felt his arm sling across her. He hugged her like this and closed his eyes.

Lin Che was truly speechless. Using the excuse of helping her out, Gu Jingze had simply invaded her bed.

He was really becoming more and more shameless. He was more shameless than he had been years ago!

Lin Che did not know how much time had passed before she eventually fell asleep to his familiar scent.

The next day.

Mu Feiran suddenly called her early in the morning.

Lin Che picked her phone up in a daze and placed it near her ear. Feiran, what happened?

Lin Che, Im already at the B City airport


Mu Feiran had actually returned yesterday night?

Lin Che hastily said, Alright. Ill go and meet you.

When Lin Che sat up, she suddenly felt something weighing on her body.

She looked down only to see Gu Jingze with his clothes disheveled. He had not taken off his shirt but all the buttons had already loosened and the shirt hung loosely on his frame. The exposed skin on his chest made her drool. Down below, his pants had already fallen to reveal the prominent v-line of his hip.

Lin Che stared at Gu Jingze and felt that her eyes were about to freeze in that position.

What had happened the two of them had clearly been fine when they fell asleep last night.

They had definitely been dressed when they fell asleep. Why were their clothes so disheveled right now?

She looked at him as the sunlight shone on his body, bathing him in a layer of beautiful light. It made her feel that his body was just like a perfect sculpture.

When he woke up, he quietly opened his eyes blearily. He was in a slight daze as he gazed at her lazily. What happened?



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