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Season 8

Episode 71

(Something Happened To Mu Feiran All Of A Sudden)

Gu Shinian looked up. Mother, thats because youre too authoritarian. I had no choice but to rebel only because you keep forcing me to do things I didnt want to do.

To hell with you. Lin Che scoffed and continued complaining to Shen Youran, He even used his bodyguards to cut the circuit of the television station. We suffered such a huge loss because of that.

Mother, thats because their fiber optical circuit destroyed the toy castle that I spent so much time making for Yunyun. They wanted to scare us seeing as we were children. Thus, I had to let them know that they absolutely should not look down on children.

Beside them, Shen Youran clapped and said, Dear me! Niannian is brilliant.

However, just then, Chen Nian flicked the ink onto Gu Shinians face from opposite him. Chen Jiu also started laughing out loud.

There were black lines all over Gu Shinians face as he looked at the naughty children across him.

There was one thing that he was completely weak to: children!

He thought to himself that it would be great if all children were as obedient as Yunyun.

He felt that if they were to spend time together in the future, he definitely had to properly educate these two children and make them obey him no matter what!

Gu Shinian pulled Chen Nian to his feet. Come on, Chen Nian. Lets do something else.

Shen Youran immediately said, Sure, sure. Take the two younger boys with you.

Gu Shinian turned and smiled faintly.

Lin Che immediately said, Hey, you better not play any tricks. Otherwise, Ill definitely hit you.

Gu Shinian said, Im a person who protects children!

For some reason, Lin Che felt that it was not a good idea for Gu Shinian to take the two children out.

However, although Niannian was mischievous, she was well aware that he was not a demon child.

Years later, Lin Che would probably think that Niannian was truly evil when she saw how he brought the younger children with him on his escapades every day!

But at the moment, he was still a child after all.

Gu Jingze said, Alright. Let Niannian go. He knows what to do. I believe that hes a person who knows what is appropriate behavior.

However, at that moment, Lin Ches phone started ringing.

She held her phone up and unexpectedly saw Mu Feirans name.

Hello, Feiran.

However, Mu Feirans voice over the phone sounded like she was crying. Lin Che, were in trouble. Mo Ding has taken Yunyun away. Shes been taken away!

What? Lin Che asked in surprise, What happened?

Mu Feiran cried while saying, When I was with you before this, he knew that the Gu familys bodyguards were a force to be reckoned with, so he did not dare to lay a finger on me. But I dont know how he found out that you were returning to the country. He immediately got some people to take my child away. What am I going to do?! What am I going to do about Yunyun?

Lin Che hastily said, Dont be anxious, Feiran. Why dont you make a police report first? Ill immediately get someone to investigate where that jerk has taken Yunyun.

Mu Feiran continued crying, We cant do that. Although we know that the child isnt his, Yunyuns family register lists him as her father too. So even though he took her away, the police will only deal with it as a family disagreement. Theres no way that they will arrest him.

Lin Che frowned. Dont worry, Feiran. Since the child isnt his, he must have some other goal in mind in taking her away. But its impossible for his goal to be the child. It must still be you, so he will contact you eventually to tell you his demands.

Mu Feiran suppressed her emotions and let out a sound of affirmation. Youre right. I suspect that he has taken the child back to C Nation. He has always wanted me to return to C Nation and continue acting and earning money for him but I didnt want to go back. So now, he brought my child back and is holding her hostage to force me to comply.

Hes truly a bastard. Is he even a man? Ill help you ask around immediately.

Lin Che hung up in a fury.

Beside her, Gu Jingze had roughly heard what was going on. He then gazed at her calmly and asked, What happened?

Lin Che said, Do you know where Mo Ding lives in C Nation? He has taken Feirans child away.

Just then, Gu Shinian froze before walking towards them. Mother, what do you mean? Has Yunyun been kidnapped?

Lin Che knew that Gu Shinian and Yunyun were childhood sweethearts and had a particularly good relationship. She quickly walked towards him and said, Niannian, dont worry. Everything will be fine.

Behind them, Gu Jingze said, Ill ask someone to investigate.

Lin Che looked up at him and nodded.

Back in Seattle, Mu Feiran started calling Mo Ding.

Over the years, Mo Ding had constantly caused trouble for Mu Feiran. However, Mu Feiran had basically managed to fend him off each time.

Because with Lin Che around, the two of them were together and Mo Ding did not dare to do anything.

However, now that Lin Che had gone back, Mo Ding immediately came looking for trouble again. Furthermore, he was even so arrogant as to call her immediately after kidnapping Yunyun to assert his dominance.

Mu Feiran paced back and forth until the dial tone ended.

Mo Ding finally picked up the phone.

Mu Feiran immediately shouted, Mo Ding, are you even human? Yunyun is still so young. Shes only three years old but you actually took her away. How could you do this?

Mo Ding sneered. What are you saying? You may have forgotten that the family register states that her name is Mo Ziyun. Shes my daughter. Is there anything wrong with me taking away my own daughter? I missed her and brought her back to stay with me for a while. Cant I do that?

You She could only put Yunyuns name on Mo Dings family register because she did not want to hurt Yunyun. Yunyuns identity had to be kept a secret to prevent people from calling her an illegitimate child born out of rape.

Back then, Mo Ding was not as bad as he was now. He still pretended to treat Mu Feiran well and had feelings for her. He hoped that Mu Feiran could return to the country.

That was until that time when she unexpectedly heard Mo Ding tell her assistant of ten years Wei Jingjing that he simply wanted to use her. He hoped that Mu Feiran would not retire and instead help him continue making money. That way, the two of them would have good days ahead.

Only then did Mu Feiran realize that Mo Ding had been deceiving her all along. He had conspired with her own assistant from the start. The two of them had conspired to use her as a money-making tool. But Mu Feiran had actually thought that she loved Mo Ding and that Mo Ding reciprocated her love.

She had been living a lie

Mu Feiran said sternly into the phone, Mo Ding, I wont let you off if you keep doing this. Ill report you to the police for kidnapping my daughter. And this daughter has nothing to do with you at all.

Mo Ding scoffed, Sure. Go ahead. Im telling you that you still have some influence in the country. If you dare to report this to the police, Ill tell everyone how cheap a woman you are and how you committed adultery with someone else. You married me but still gave birth to this bastard child with another man. I will let everyone know what kind of slut you are and that youve given birth to a bastard child. When the time comes, I believe the story will be very exciting and that many people will pay attention to it too, right?

You Mu Feiran had really never imagined that he could be this evil. Mo Ding, you deserve to die!

Hahahaha, this is what you owe me. Mu Feiran, I made you famous. I created you. But you made me a cuckold and you refuse to tell me who exactly your lover is. Since youre protecting him like this, Ill show him how his woman sold herself to earn money for me. I wont return the child to you unless you earn ten million in a year for me.



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