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Season 8

Episode 68

(Gu Jingze Is Everywhere)

The two kids came running out of the room. They were only two years old, so behind them followed a nanny who was looking after them. The two kids looked very mischievous and they did not greet Lin Che when they saw her. But when they saw Gu Shinian, they went over to Gu Shinian since kids love to play with kids.

Gu Shinian looked very speechless and his expression spoke of four words stay away from me.

Shen Youran saw his expression and laughed out loud. She told Gu Shinian, Niannian, you were once this annoying when you were younger.

Gu Shinian was only a year older than them but he appeared to be a few years older than them.

Lin Che thought to herself, Gu Shinian was not like that. Since he was young, Gu Shinian did not speak much, and he was not mischievous. He would play on his own and when he wanted to create trouble, he would think of different ways to do it. Often, the trouble he created was not the usual things that a little kid would do, such as running back to B City from Seattle alone.

Lin Che said, Niannian, you are a big brother. You need to be nice to the younger brothers. Go, like how you take care of Yunyun. Go and take care of these two younger brothers and play with them.

Gu Shinian lifted his head. Thats because Yunyun is a girl and there might be chances for development in the future. Thats why I was patient with her.

Shen Youran said, That goes the same for younger brothers as well!

Gu Shinian raised his head and looked at Shen Youran speechlessly, Alright, I will try

Shen Youran broke into laughter.

Chen Yucheng said, Hey, hey, if you cause the descendant of Gu family to become homosexual, do you believe that Gu family will come after you?

Shen Youran said, Its a pity that our two children are not girls, sigh.

The nanny came over and said, I will bring the children out to play. Madam, dont worry about them. You can go and chat with Mrs. Gu.

Alright, go ahead.

The nanny brought the kids out. Shen Youran and Chen Yucheng found a place to sit down and just as they took their seats, they heard someone coming through the door. His footsteps were firm and steady and his eyes scanned the entire place.

Lin Che felt that something was amiss. She turned around and when she saw Gu Jingze at the door, she was so shocked.

What was going on? Why was he here?

Chen Yucheng stood up immediately, President Gu, you are here.

Shen Youran stood up as well and laughed dryly.

Lin Che asked him directly, Hey, why are you here?

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. Why? Cant I come?

As he spoke, he had already entered the house. He seemed so calm as if that was his house.

Gu Jingze was fearless. No matter what he did, he did it like it was a natural thing to do and that was strange. However, this would not make anyone happy or annoyed.

Even though Gu Jingze refused to leave Lin Ches place, Lin Che continued to avoid him for the past few days. At home, she would stay in a room and not leave the room.

She had not expected this Gu Jingze to be everywhere and he had even followed her to Shen Yourans place.

Lin Che looked at Shen Youran in shock. The moment Gu Jingze entered their place, this couple did not have any strange expressions at all. In fact, they seemed very calm. Could it be that

Shen Youran looked at Lin Che and giggled, Alright, Lin Che. Hes already here, so be it. We hardly come together for a gathering, so I specifically told them to prepare hotpot. Lets eat it together later. The ones you eat abroad are definitely not authentic. The soup base that I got them to get from outside is exceptionally good and authentic. Its a double soup base that you have not seen before so you will drool when you see it.

Lin Che pulled Shen Youran over and narrowed her eyes at Shen Youran. With a threatening expression, she said, Shen. You. Ran. Wait and see

Shen Youran laughed and whispered, Whats wrong? Both of you should have enough of quarreling. Anyway, you wont be able to quarrel for long. You cant win against Gu Jingze so it would be better if you reconcile earlier.

In this way, the people around them would not have to worry that this couple is fighting again.

Chen Yucheng also said, Alright, alright. Since you are here, we can all sit down and have a chat. Hey, Youran, you said we will be eating hotpot, right? Lets go over and see if its ready.

Chen Yucheng came over to pull Shen Youran. Shen Youran quickly replied, Oh, yes yes yes, lets go.

The two of them left the room right away, leaving Lin Che and Gu Jingze alone.

Lin Che wanted to call out for Shen Youran but she felt her arm held back by Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze said, Alright, who are you calling out to? She has left. Come and sit here.

Lin Che refused. She looked at Gu Jingze and asked, You you you, you are really everywhere like a ghost.

Gu Jingzes eyes narrowed and his gaze seemed to be angry. What do you mean by a ghost? Do you really wish for me to die?

You Lin Che had already sworn in her heart that she would not curse him to death no matter what. Thus, she was not able to curse him. She could only glare at him angrily, wishing that looks could kill.

Gu Jingze looked at her and pulled her over to the sofa.

With a gentle pull, Lin Che landed in his lap.

Lin Che stared at Gu Jingze in shock. What are you doing?!

She wanted to get up but Gu Jingzes strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her into an embrace.

Lin Che glared angrily at him.

He laughed and told Lin Che, You became skinnier Why did this happen? I will get a chef over tomorrow, the one who was your favorite in the past. Im sure you are missing his food.

Theres no need to! Im skinny because I have a good figure!

Gu Jingzes brows furrowed, Is it?

Speaking, his hands slipped into her clothes and touched her flat stomach.

The muscles were firm and there was no belly fat at all. For a mother with a three-year-old child, many would have envied her for her flat tummy.

One could tell that this was the effort of her continuous work-outs.

It was nice to touch but he liked that she was a little rounder because it pained him to see her being skinny.

Indeed very skinny. But you dont have to work out too much. Its actually good to have more meat. He looked at her and declared nonchalantly as if he had not slipped his hand into her clothes. His expression remained very natural.

Lin Che glared at him and frowned. She wanted to remove his hand but he was too strong and she could not shift it at all.

Its none of your business!

Gu Jingzes hand moved upward naturally and he was almost touching the soft area of her chest.

Say it. Is it none of my business?

It was as if electricity had gone through her body, Lin Che wanted to get up but she could not as he was hugging her tightly.

No! Her face flushed red immediately, yet she was still stubbornly screaming no.

Who knew that Gu Jingzes hand would continue to move upward? His fingers touched the bottom part of her bra and were gently infringing into it.

Lin Che sat up immediately and felt that his hand was about to slip in. She stopped his hand. Gu Jingze, what are you doing?! They were still at someones home, what was he trying to do?!

Gu Jingze said, Say it, is it still none of my business?

He was really blatantly threatening her.



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