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Season 8

Episode 67

(Lets Go Visit Shen Youran)

Peng Yu pointed outside. There were four bodyguards following behind Lin Che. The chauffeur who opened the door for her was exceptionally polite, and the car that she was getting into was a high-class Porche multi-purpose van.

That car cost at least a thousand million. It was imported from overseas and one could tell that it was extremely pricey.

Qin Wanwan stared at the car in a daze. After a long time she muttered to herself, Could it be that Lin Che had really married some powerful, wealthy man a few years ago?

She had not heard of it at all.

However, seeing that Lin Che was leading such a good life, Qin Wanwan was defeated and speechless.

Peng Yu snorted, Shes really lucky. Now that shes a boss, she will not continue acting right?


Looking at her just now, although Peng Yu was younger than Lin Che by two years, she could not deny that in terms of complexion, figure, and looks, Lin Che beat her in every aspect although she was considered the better-looking actresses in the industry, but before Lin Che she was defeated immediately.

Deep down her heart, she wished that Lin Che would not return to the showbiz to act again. Otherwise, she would be a tough opponent


Lin Che looked at Xue Yang and Abi. Both of you have amazing rapport.

Xue Yang took the front seat while Abi sat at the back. Abi laughed so hard that she rocked back and forth.

Thinking of the two women whose facial expression became so dark and annoyed at the end, that was indeed too hilarious.

Before Xue Yang went in, he heard the three of them talking, so after he went in, he pretended to butter up to Lin Che in front of them.

After all, he was an actor and definitely a good one at that.

Xue Yang said, But Im sincere in some of the words I said. Sister Lin Che, where do you want to eat? I will pay.

Lin Che said, Anywhere will do. Actually, I dont have to eat something expensive, I may not be used to it either. Why not we go for skewers? I have not eaten them for a long time. When I was abroad, I tried to make it but they dont taste good.

Abi said, Good good. I know a place. Abi had lived here for four years. She was very familiar with the food recommendations.

The delicious food was one of the reasons why she did not bear to leave C Country.

Abi said, We didnt say anything wrong. Your chefs at home are truly amazing. How can the chefs outside compare with them? Previously, I went to Yu Minmins place to eat and oh my. You werent there to taste it for yourself how good it was.

Lin Che said, Thats for sure. Those are the chefs who prepare the national banquet, so it is definitely extraordinary.

Abi said, But this Qin Wanwan is really good at sucking up. Once she saw that she could not sustain on her own, she went over to suck up to Peng Yu. Qin Wanwans company had long given up on her. They were only taking on some supporting roles for her. But she deserved it since she took it upon herself because she was always thinking of plotting something against others. Now, everyone knew that shes a two-faced, double-dealing person. Who would still want to be around her? This Peng Yu has also been very shameless. She would go to Xue Yangs room out of the blue and she will go over at night. Once, I went to open the door and it made Peng Yu so shocked, hahaha.

Xue Yang blushed.

Lin Che laughed, Thats because Xue Yang is charming.

Xue Yang said, Thats not it

Abi said, Dont deny it. You are growing well into a fine gentleman and is so much more good-looking. There were so many companies waiting to poach you right?

Xue Yang asked, Why didnt I hear of it?

Abi said, Nah, those bastards who treated you to a meal out of the blue arent they waiting to poach you? Thankfully, you are considered very obedient. You didnt say yes to any of them. Otherwise, let alone Lin Che, I will not let you off.

Yes yes yes, you are so fierce, how would I dare? Besides, the other companies have to consider our capabilities too, I will definitely cling onto Mrs. Gu and then cling onto Mrs. President, and also cling onto you, Miss Wesly, right?

Indeed, it seemed like their company was very formidable but the outsiders only knew about Yu Minmin. They were not aware of the rest.

Hearing what Xue Yang said, the other two laughed at once.

At night, the three of them went to a grilled skewers shop and the owner knew Abi. There were not many who could recognize Lin Che but many of them knew who Xue Yang was. In a short while, Xue Yang was recognized right away and although the owner was not a fan of him, he was very thrilled to have a celebrity at his shop. He took a photograph with Xue Yang and specially treated them to many things.

After the three of them ate, they went back to their own homes.

While Lin Che was on her way home, Shen Youran called to invite her over to play. Lin Che had wanted to visit the twins for a long time, so she immediately agreed.

The next day.

Lin Che brought Gu Shinian along to Chen Yuchengs place.

His place was quite a distance away. When both of them got there, it was already past 9 oclock.

When they got out of the car, Shen Youran was waiting outside and next to her stood Chen Yucheng.

Ah, Lin Che, you are here. Aiyo, Young Master, let me have a look. Niannian grew up a lot.

Lin Che said, Niannian, greet Aunty.

Aunty Youran. Gu Shinian called out.

Good boy, Niannian looks so obedient.

Lin Che giggled, Yes if you look at his face alone, hes indeed obedient.

Shen Youran asked, Seriously, which part of him is not obedient? You must be content. Go to my place and look at those two of mine and you will understand.

Thinking about it, having two sons would indeed be boisterous.

Lin Che said, Daughters are still more obedient. Why didnt I give birth to a daughter? Look at Yunyun who is so obedient. I wish I could stuff someone back into my womb and create it all over again.

Gu Shinian lifted up his head. Mommy, I can always marry Yunyun when Im older. In this way, you will have me and Yunyun. You are in luck you know.

Lin Che said, Hmph, I would like to see if you could fool her over.

Shen Youran remarked in surprise, Aiya, Niannian, you knew so much despite your young age. Not bad, you are very promising and have inherited your fathers genes.

Chen Yucheng watched them from the back and said, Tsk tsk, I can foresee that the world has another demon that will be difficult to deal with

Shen Youran lifted her head. You dont understand. Niannian is so good-looking that whatever he says is right. This is an era where people just look at the face. Come, Niannian. Let Aunty bring you in to know my two little boys. Go quickly. Remember to teach my two guys how to win girls over.

Chen Yucheng stood at the back, dumbfounded.

Chen Yuchengs house was very big as well but it seemed more solemn. This probably had to do with his occupation. The house was furnished with a warmer tone and the ornaments were more solemn. In the living room, the entire place had turned into a playground. There were no coffee tables, but a huge carpet on the ground and the childrens toys were left all around.

Chen Nian, Chen Jiu, what are two of you doing? Come quickly and see! Brother Niannian is here.

Lin Che had always told her that she was too casual with coming up names for her children. The two children were called Chen Nian (which means old) and Chen Jiu (which means obsolete). Would she not be worried that they would resent her when they grow up?

However, Shen Youran felt that she should pick names that were easier to pronounce and didnt need to worry about the rest.



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