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Season 8

Episode 66

(Lin Che Was Actually That Wealthy)

Then, a slim and tall beautiful lady came walking in from the back/ What is it? Who have you met?

The moment she saw Lin Che, she recognized her at once.

However, her expression twitched a little before she regained her composure. She smiled and looked at Qin Wanwan. Oh, who is this?

Qin Wanwan laughed, This is Lin Che. If she had not run off to marry a wealthy man in the midst of filming, you would not have gotten the chance to act in that film. Shouldnt you come over and say hello?

The girl who just came in was Peng Yu. She was a new celebrity who was very popular in the last two years.

Taking a closer look, her elegance and aura resembled Lin Che.

Lin Che recalled at once. For the sake of Gu Jingze and her child, and also definitely for the sake of her happiness, she gave up the Hollywood film Blood and someone in C Country took over her role. Thereafter, Lin Che did not want to follow the news of Blood and therefore, she did not have much recollection about this lady.

However, everyone in C Country knew that Peng Yu shot to fame after she acted in that film and there were endless offers ever since then.

Peng Yu also knew that she gained the opportunities after she replaced Lin Che so she had a deep impression of Lin Che.

Peng Yu said, Oh? Its Lin Che. I was still wondering who it was.

Peng Yu sized Lin Che up. Previously, people always told her that she looked like Lin Che and it annoyed her. Now that she could take a closer look, there was indeed resemblance in both of them, but

Lin Che was a lot more beautiful like a stunningly gorgeous flower blooming silently yet giving off a sweet fragrance that captured everyones attention.

She sneered, Aiyo, Senior Lin Che. When did you come back? Its all thanks to you that you gave up that role so that I could benefit from it.

Qin Wanwan looked at Lin Che and said directly, Lin Che, you should know Peng Yu, right? Shes considered one of the top actresses here at home. Shes really impressive. Times have changed and the old ones will always be replaced.

What she was trying to say was that Lin Che would not be able to make it in the industry anymore as her popularity had fallen. The one before her was truly the celebrity.

Lin Che lowered her head to look at Peng Yu. Peng Yu was slightly shorter than her but had a sharp nose. She could tell that there were some procedures done on it.

She laughed and said, Oh, thats true and you indeed look a little like me. Hey, your nose looks good. You must have spent lots of money on it. Did you ask them to follow my nose shape when you did the procedure?

Peng Yu was furious. Lin Che, are you saying that I went for cosmetic surgery? You sounded like you have not done any procedure at all. Hmph, look at that face of yours. You must have injected a lot of collagen, right?

Her face was as soft as tofu. Lin Che had such a wonderful complexion that Peng Yu would not believe that she had not done anything to it.

Lin Che asked, Collagen? I do eat it very often but I dont quite like to do anything to my face because that would affect my luck. My luck is great. Why do I want to change it? Just a word of caution: dont do anything to your face. You just have to maintain a good state of mind. Dont get involved in plotting against others. Rest more at home, breathe in the fresh air, get rid of your worries, and maintain a good mood. Your skin will naturally get better.

Abi who was listening to them added, Of course, you have no worries. You are the boss and you just have to wait at home to collect money. We are the ones who are running around.

Lin Che said, Fine, its tough on all of you but you dont even care about the salary that I give you.

That is because we set the company for fun. Who knew that eventually, we would venture so far and the company would do so well. Abi looked at Qin Wanwan and Peng Yu, Oh, hello. I am Lin Bi, the manager of Lin Ches work studio. We hope to work together with you in the future. If you are being exploited, plotted against, and feel upset as a result and have to go for collagen injections, you can come over to our company. Look at our boss Lin Che! You will know that our company has a better environment than yours.


Peng Yu looked at Lin Che. Qin Wanwan was also staring at her.

Lin Che simply stood there without having to say another word. Her handbag and clothes exuded her aura, especially the huge pigeon egg ring on her finger. It looked extremely pricey.

Qin Wanwan who thought that Lin Che only came back because she was down and out became speechless all of a sudden.

At that moment, Xue Yangs voice called out from the back.

Sister Lin Che, its great that you are still around. I thought you left.

Xue Yang was very popular and had a large number of fans. One could imagine how much money he made and how many film companies came to him in the queue.

Peng Yu was the female lead in this drama while Xue Yang was the male lead.

Peng Yu had always wanted to cotton up to him but Xue Yang did not give much thought about her. He simply stayed with the people from his own company as well as his manager. People said that he was very cold and aloof, bearing the aura of Gu Jingyu. Many male celebrities were like that too because they were pampered by some of their fans. In comparison, the female celebrities did not have such a presence.

However, Xue Yang came into the room. He respectfully walked towards Lin Che. When speaking to her, he sounded very enthusiastic, Sister Lin Che.

Lin Che laughed, Im still waiting for you. Its my first time watching you act. Ill treat you to a meal after filming ends.

Xue Yang replied hurriedly, How can I let Sister Lin Che treat me? It was Sister Lin Che who groomed me and because of Sister Lin Che, I was able to come so far. I am definitely paying for the meal.

Abi said, Thats alright, Xue Yang earned some money now. Even though he cant treat you to something really expensive, something mid-range is definitely okay. Give him a chance to prove himself.

Yes, I know that it definitely pales in comparison to what Sister Lin Che usually eats. The chefs there are not as good as the ones at Sister Lin Ches place but I still hope that Sister Lin Che can give me a chance to treat her to a meal.

Lin Che let out a sigh and said, Okay then. If you insist, but dont say that Im bullying you. I will get something expensive.

Of course! I would not dare to treat Sister Lin Che to something that is not of a high grade.

Peng Yu and Qin Wanwan who were watching by the side were very shocked.

They watched Lin Che walking out with Xue Yang and Abi with a proud smile.

Peng Yu looked at Qin Wanwan. Is she that rich now?

Qin Wanwan was not aware as well. She could only say, Who knows? She might just be pretending

Xue Yang is so careful around her. She must have been very influential. I heard that many people went over to try and get Xue Yang over to their companies but Xue Yang declined them all. Doesnt this mean that Lin Ches work studio is so powerful that Xue Yang will not bear to leave it? No matter how big the other company is, he will not accept it.

Qin Wanwans eyes moved. Thats because the work studio belongs to Yu Minmin. Yu Minmin is so influential

Impossible, if its Yu Minmin alone, Lin Che would have been kicked out long ago but look at her.



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