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Season 8

Episode 65

( It Still Feels The Same On Set)

Oh right, since Madam has decided to stay here, have you thought of which preschool you want to send Young Master to? There are two good ones near my place that you can consider.

Gu Jingze scowled. Preschool? He had not thought of this.

Chen Yucheng said, What kind of dad are you? You must definitely think of this. Because you had not experienced being in a community, your character is so unsociable. You cant let your son follow in your footsteps right? Although the Gu family has homeschool teachers, it is also necessary for him to experience community life at school.

Gu Jingze said, I will consider it.

Chen Yucheng asked, Oh yes, is the Gu family aware of Lin Ches return?

They should know about it already. Gu Jingze replied.

Dont you have any plans?

I will bring them home after a few days. Gu Jingze stood up and said, Im here for another matter.

Oh, what is it?

Ask Shen Youran to invite Lin Che over tomorrow. Isnt Shen Youran going to ask Lin Che over to visit your two kids?

Chen Yucheng knew that he was never interested in this stuff.

Honestly speaking, what are you up to?

Gu Jingze said, Just an invitation will do. Why are you asking so much?

Chen Yucheng caught his gaze and it seemed that he was planning for something.

It was not an icy cold gaze. It felt like he was planning for something a little heartwarming.

That day, Lin Che went to watch Xue Yang for his filming.

It had been a long while since she went to the set. When she was in the car, Abi said, For todays drama, they are filming Xue Yangs final scenes. This drama is adapted from the manga and its quite popular. There are many new actors in it. You will know it once you see it then. Lets go. Its nothing new compared to filming in the past.

Yes, there was a sense of familiarity on the set. Lin Che looked around and felt comfortable and familiar at heart.

However, when everyone saw her, they shot glances at her. Some had taken her as a newbie and did not recognize that she was a movie star who was very popular in the past.

They were not to be blamed for forgetting it so easily but in this era where there was overwhelming information, the rate of elimination was very high as well. Some renowned celebrities might have risen to stardom suddenly but if they did not appear on the screen for a while, people forgot about them. After all, one could lose his or her popularity overnight.

Therefore, many popular celebrities did not dare to take breaks. They took on dramas one after another to ensure that they were still active in the industry.

Lin Che had not appeared in the media for a long time. The team on set had changed more than once. Thus, it was natural that there were not many who recognized her.

But when everyone saw Abi, they would call out her name and greet her.

Xue Yang had his own resting room. The two of them went into the room, Xue Yang got up quickly. Sister Lin Che, what brought you here today?

Lin Che laughed, Im here to see what drama you are acting in.

Nothing technical or advanced Sister Lin Che, dont laugh at me after you have seen it.

Hey, whats most important is that its interesting. Theres nothing technical or not. Its a form of success to gain the audiences approval. Alright, dont care about me. Do what you have to do. I will just be looking around, so you dont have to give special attention to me.

Abi also said, Yes, go and continue your filming. I will show Lin Che around.

Xue Yang smiled and said, Alright then. Take your time to watch me. I am about to go for two scenes. Afterward, lets go and have lunch together.

Then, Xue Yang went over for his scenes.

Lin Che stood there watching. She knew Xue Yang acted well too. There was an emotional scene that made Lin Che very touched and she had not expected herself to be so absorbed in the drama. She thought of how she would portray the role if she was the one acting

Indeed, she had not forgotten about acting. After all, she was so skilled in it then and it was also her dream.

Lin Che was still watching but she suddenly heard a voice from the back. It was very sharp and sounded very sarcastic.

Hey, come and look at who is this. Am I seeing things or is that Lin Che?

Lin Che and Abi turned around and saw the person who was walking towards them

It was Qin Wanwan.

Lin Che felt that it had been ages since they last met.

However, looking at her makeup, Lin Che knew that she was most likely there for filming but the strange thing was that the role that she was playing had the look of an old woman.

Lin Che assessed her and said, Yes, you didnt see wrong. Its me. I did not expect to meet you here. Hello.

Abi shot a glance at Qin Wanwan and whispered to Lin Che, She had lost her popularity. Ever since you left, the dramas she took on were quite ordinary. Now, shes taking on side roles such as someones mom or a good friend.

Lin Che had not expected this.

Back then, she was considered quite popular but it had not been very long before her popularity began to decline and ended up in the current state today. Had she run out of luck or she did not have the capability?

However, despite what Lin Che had said, Qin Wanwan was still full of arrogance when she saw Lin Che. Thats strange. Everyone said that you went abroad to marry a wealthy man. Why are you back now?

Lin Che laughed. Those were just rumors. Im more surprised by you your look is rather unique. What are you playing this time around?

Qin Wanwans expression darkened.

Lin Che looked at her and went past her. She sized up Qin Wanwan with a proud gaze and it made Qin Wanwan ashamed at once.

Even though Lin Che spoke with a calm tone, it still made one feel as terrible as getting ones face ripped off.

She said, Oh, are you challenging yourself with new roles? Right, youve been acting for a long time. You must have tried every role so youre getting sick of them. Its understandable that you want to try some other roles. This role that you are playing now is indeed quite challenging. This look is good too and it fits you very well.

Lin Ches eyes were fixed on her and it made Qin Wanwan so embarrassed that she badly wanted to find somewhere to hide.

She initially wanted to mock Lin Che, thinking that she must have been duped while she was abroad and now had returned to the showbiz industry again. She had not expected the tables to turn against her and to be mocked by Lin Che to the point that she got really ashamed.

You Thats right. Im sick of the other roles, unlike you who are so scheming that you pull out in the midst of filming to go after some sugar daddy. Why? What are you here for? Are you going to act again? Your sugar daddy cant provide for you?

Oh, acting? You have misunderstood, Wanwan. My companys artist is here for filming. I came over to take a look. I didnt expect to run into you here.

Qin Wanwan was stunned again.

She had forgotten that Xue Yang came from the same company as Lin Che, but could it be that the company belonged to Lin Che? Was it not Yu Minmins company?

At that moment, someone called out, Wanwan, what are you doing? Why arent you here?

Qin Wanwan turned around and shouted back, Oh, Yuyu, Im here. She lifted her face and looked at Lin Che. You would never guess who I bumped into. Come here and see.



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