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Season 8

Episode 64

( It Looks Like Youre In A Good Mood)

She had not seen a man for many years. Furthermore, the one she was looking at now was such a charming man. She felt her face already burning hot and her heart was also starting to follow. Although she quickly diverted her gaze, his sexy image was already branded in her mind. She was really going crazy. What exactly did this man want?!

I didnt say you could be naked. Youre not allowed to be! Lin Che exclaimed. However, her tone already lost the harshness.

Gu Jingze said, Fine fine fine. Im not completely naked anyway. I still have a piece of clothing on me.

Lin Che shut her eyes tightly and covered her face with her hands. She yelled in his direction, Get out! Get out! Get out!

Gu Jingzes eyes smiled gently. He only thought she was really cute like this.

Especially when her face was like a ripened apple. She was no longer a young child anymore and she was a mother now. However, that face was still so adorable. The light reflecting off the top of her head made it look as if she was glowing and it made him want to take a bite.

What exactly did this girl eat growing up? Her skin was so nice.

Actually, what Gu Shinian said was right. Yun Luo indeed was not as pretty as Lin Che. He never really took notice of Yun Luo and now that he thought about it, Yun Luo was graceful and elegant but she was not the same as Lin Che. Her beauty was also not like Lin Ches. Every inch of her skin seemed to have seduction written all over it. He could not resist.

He really wanted to hug her directly right now. However, he could only be a little more patient.

At least it was fun to tease her like this.

What do you mean by still? This is no different from being naked! she exclaimed as she covered her face.

Fine, youre right. I wont be like this anymore. Its my fault, okay? Gu Jingze replied defeatedly.

Lin Che thought that he had put his clothes back on, so she put down her hands.

However, not only did he not do that, he

He took everything off!

Even that last piece was off!

He was bare naked below

He looked so amazingly big and tall.

She looked straight at him until her eyes hurt.

Damn it, Gu Jingze! He was too shameless!

Gu Jingze! Y-y-you Get out! Was Gu Jingze really selling his body here?!

Gu Jingze looked at her. I thought that what you said was right. Wearing that just now was as good as not wearing anything. In that case, I might as well not wear it. I actually prefer sleeping naked.

This man was too shameless.

Lin Che asked, Are Are you going or not?

I am. Im going right now. Gu Jingze inched closer.

Lin Che closed her eyes and felt his body come close.

His strong muscles did not make his silky skin loose at all. Touching it felt especially good. She had the urge to continue touching him.

Lin Che waved her hands frantically. Arent you going? Why are you coming here?

Gu Jingze grew closer and closer to her until he was almost leaning on her body. Hearing her say that, he replied plainly, I want to go out, but the main thing is that youre blocking the door.

She had never come across such an annoying man like him. He was clearly doing this on purpose. He was clearly making it seem like he was the innocent one!

Lin Che decided to stop listening to him. She glared up hatefully at him and immediately ran out.

If he was not leaving, then she would leave.

Lin Che ran straight into Gu Shinians room.

Gu Shinian watched as Lin Che entered and caught her breath against the door. He nodded slightly and then continued reading the book in his hands.

What happened? Were you bullied by Dad again?

Lin Che looked at Gu Shinian. None of your business. Read your book.

It was none of my business. That was why no matter how much you yelled outside, I never said anything. However, youre in my room now and this means that youre going to share the room with me tonight. Thus, it is now my business.

Lin Che blushed further and looked at him with embarrassment. Did he hear all the yelling outside?

Damn it. What did it look like?

However, Lin Che thought about it. Gu Shinian had actually already seen all sides of her and he was used to it.

Thus, she only shot Gu Shinian a look and sat down.

Gu Shinian shook his head. Mama, why dont you surrender? You really cannot win against Dad.

Get lost. Stop reading your book and sleep. Go to sleep right now.

Seriously. Other kids would cling to their mothers during bedtime. They would not be willing to leave even when they got older.

However, Gu Shinian already left to sleep on his own at a young age. She wanted him to share a bed with her but he was not willing to.

Lin Che said, Yunyun is still cuter. Just look at you.

Gu Shinian spoke without looking up, Yes, shes so stupid that seeing her makes you feel connected. Of course, you like her more.

Gu! Shi! Nian!

How could he say that about his own mother?

Gu Shinian said, Mama, you are seeking my help right now and youre still so arrogant. Be careful if I dont want you and push you out to Dad.

Sure enough, she only came into Gu Shinians room because she believed that Gu Jingze would not dare to do anything reckless in here.

Exposed by her own son, Lin Che did not want to think about anything else. She laid down and hugged the blanket to sleep.


His perfect figure was still in her head. That mouthwatering figure made her reminisce it so easily.

The image drifted around in her head uncontrollably. She felt herself grow hot and infatuated.

After so many years, Gu Jingze really had not changed at all, especially that enchanting aura!

No. Perhaps it was even stronger now. He was more shameless.

He simply stripped right in front of her just now.

Thinking about it groggily, she fell asleep.

The next day.

Gu Jingze woke up early.

The maids prepared everything ahead of time.

Gu Shinian left for a stroll in the morning with bodyguards following him.

A maid said to Gu Jingze, Madam is still sleeping.

He walked in and did not wake Lin Che up. He only looked at Lin Che who was sleeping soundly with her blanket. He bent down and kissed her hair lightly. He pulled the blanket over her and then left.

Outside, he said to the maid, Dont wake her up. She has been very tired in these past few days. Let her wake up whenever she wants.

Yes, Sir.

The maid smiled and watched Gu Jingze leave. She thought that the feelings of these two have really returned. One was so doting while the other was so adorable. The entire room seemed especially filled with love now.

When Gu Jingze went out, he went straight to Chen Yuchengs place.

Today was a routine body checkup.

Chen Yucheng said, Hey, you look energetic. Why? Are you in a good mood?

Of course.

Chen Yucheng smiled and looked at him. He actually answered him directly. It looked like he was indeed in a very good mood.



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