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Season 8

Episode 63

(Gu Jingze Are You Here To Sell Your Body?)

Gu Jingze placed Gu Shinian in the car.

Gu Shinian sat in his seat with his two small drooping legs. He was no longer childish and naive like how he was a moment ago. He sat still in his seat with his eyes fixed in front.

Qin Hao was still with them. In his heart, he was very impressed. He turned around to look at Miss Yun Luos expression, her face totally darkened. This kid was too mean. How could he provoke her in such a manner, especially when she had congenital heart disease?

However, taking another glance at Gu Jingze, he was looking down at Gu Shinian and did not seem to be bothered by it. Shaking his head slightly, Gu Jingze laughed and gestured for the chauffeur to drive.

Lin Che arrived at their new apartment. She looked around the house and it was huge enough for them to live in. It was well-equipped with the daily items. Gu Jingze had also told people to send some things over and a few servants came over as well. They even brought Prince along to the new house.

Lin Che stared at the servants with a speechless look. Why are all of you here?

A servant replied, Sir told us to come and take care of the Young Master. Madam, you need someone here to manage the house as well. Dont chase us away.

Although she was determined to not be swayed by Gu Jingze, she still had a soft heart for these servants.

So in the end, she simply gestured and said, Alright, up to you all.

However, what she could not tolerate was

Gu Jingzes car quickly arrived outside the apartment. After Gu Jingze brought Gu Shinian into the house, he sat on the sofa and did not move anymore.

Lin Che did not wait for Gu Jingze to enter the house before she hurriedly hid in the room on the second story. However, she realized that Gu Jingze was not planning to leave after he sat down.

She waited for half a day but she couldnt take it any longer when she saw that Gu Jingze treated that place like his house. He leaned back on the sofa and began to watch the television. She was so angry that she headed downstairs.

Gu Jingze, its very late. Dont you think you should leave soon? Lin Che maintained a smile while talking to him.

Gu Jingze grinned when he heard that she finally came down. He stood up slowly and turned around. His clear eyes landed on her angry face.

Yes, its too late. It might be a little too dangerous to be driving at this hour. He looked around and said plainly, There are still many rooms around. I will stay here tonight.

His voice was very determined and he was not seeking her opinion at all.

Lin Che was even angrier. This Gu Jingze spoke as if that was his house!

Fine, although he bought it with his money, the name written was only hers. That property belonged to her alone!

At that moment, Lin Che walked down the stairs. Looking at Gu Jingze, she said, We have agreed on this. How can you change your mind so suddenly?

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes. What do you mean by changing your mind?

You This is my house.

Yes, I know that.

And you still say that you want to move in as if this is your house! Lin Che was shocked at his self-righteous expression.

Gu Jingze raised his brow and said, No, I did not. Im pleading with you. I just need to say here for a night. On the account that I have taken Shinian around to play for the entire day, you should allow me to stay for a night, right?

What did he mean by should?! She did not want him to stay!

What if I say I dont want you here? Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze looked at her and walked towards her slowly. He went up closer to her and asked, Whats wrong? Or are you worried that I might do something while Im here?

I Lin Che was worried that he would go overboard.

However, his gaze seemed to have seen through her. It made Lin Che a little angry and she refused to admit it.

Why would I? What can you possibly do? Niannian is still around. I believe you will not do anything to make the kid hate you, right? Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze nodded. So it means that you agreed to it. Im going to change my clothes.

She suddenly felt as if she had fallen into his trap. When did she say she agree to it?

However, Gu Jingze had already headed upstairs.

Lin Che hurriedly followed behind him.

Hey, Gu Jingze, where are you going? There is no room for you here! Dont go over the line. I have already said it, you

Lin Che ran after him and saw Gu Jingze heading straight for her bedroom. Lin Che ran in angrily and was about to scold him when she saw him taking off his clothes.

It was not just the outerwear but he was taking off his entire set of clothes.

He was completely half-naked before her and on his back. The scars could still be seen clearly, just as she had thought.

However, his body seemed more fit than before and was not affected by the scars at all. He appeared to be even more masculine and that aura of masculinity was exuding with his actions.

What was he doing

Lin Che was stunned at the moment. She looked at him and felt hot all of a sudden.

Then, she suddenly remembered something. She turned around immediately and was worried that he had seen the amazed look that flashed across her face in a split second.

With her back facing him, she gritted her teeth and shouted, Gu. Jing. Ze! What are you trying to do? Why are you taking off your clothes in my room?

Gu Jingzes eyes glinted. He smiled and walked over. Whats wrong? Didnt I tell you that I wanted to change my clothes?

This is my room! She had no choice but to remind him again with a stern voice.

Gu Jingze said, I know that its your room but the servant may have misunderstood and put my clothes here. Thus, I could only come in here to change. If not, I will have no clothes to change into, right?

Lin Che did not believe his nonsense. She knew that he did it intentionally!

However, Gu Jingze had already quietly walked up behind her. She was in danger but was not aware of it. Instead, she was still fuming mad.

I dont care if you have clothes to wear or not. If you dont, leave right away! Lin Che shouted.

Leave? Are you saying that I should leave your place while Im naked? That would not be a good idea Although I dont mind you looking but after all, Niannian is still here.

It was then Lin Che realized that his voice had unknowingly came very close to her and was just right behind her ear.

Lin Che turned around right away and almost knocked into his face. When she saw his face up close all of a sudden, she jumped in shock.

In a blink of an eye, she saw

He took off his pants as well.

What was he doing!

Was he here to sell his body?!

He was wearing boxers and his figure was like a perfect art sculpture.

The warmth of his body could be felt and she felt that she was completely surrounded by his scent and warmth.

Lin Che screamed in shock, Gu Jingze, why are you taking off all your clothes?!

I thought you told me to leave here naked?

Lin Che could not control her face and it flushed red completely.

She had not seen a man for many years and it was even such a good-looking man. She could feel her face burning hot, and besides that, her heart was also on fire.



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