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Season 8

Episode 61

(If You Still Want To Continue Being An Actor)

Lin Che turned around. Hey, why are you always dragging me into things for no reason?

Ah Bi also looked at Lin Che. Yeah, does she want to come back?

Yu Minmin said, Of course. She looked seriously at Lin Che. Your acting is so good. If things didnt happen at that time, you could have already gotten an Oscar now. How can you give it up again?

Lin Che had regretted it. However, she only just came back and had not thought about how she was going to get by in the future.

Even her return this time was unplanned. How could she possibly still think about future plans?

She never thought about coming back again.

Yu Minmin said, You can consider it and also just help Xue Yang and the studio a little. This is also your studio and your company, isnt it? Why not sacrifice a little for the company?

Lin Che was indeed not someone who could sit around and do nothing. In America, she never let a day go by without doing anything. She was always doing something.

But to suddenly go back to acting It had been a long time and she wondered if she was already out of touch with it.

Let me think about it.

Dont take too long to think. As a boss, you need to have some sacrificial spirit. Anyway, its decided for now. Youll give me a confirmed answer tomorrow.

Lin Che said speechlessly, Im not as anxious as you.

Of course Im anxious. She looked at Lin Che. I am still very excited to fight shoulder to shoulder with you.

Lin Che gazed at Yu Minmin and remembered how it felt like to work together like that. It was really exciting.

Ah Bi said, That would be the best.

Xue Yang also said, Now that Mu Feiran retired from the scene, there hasnt been anyone like Mu Feiran who can reign as the top actress for years. If Sister Che makes a comeback, youll definitely soar.

Lin Che pouted at Xue Yang, You have such a glib tongue now.

Lin Che said, But you can forget about comparing with Feiran. Shell always be the best for me.

Yu Minmin asked, Why not? People grow up. If she could be queen for so many years, you can do it too. Of course, this is all dependent on your willingness to continue acting.

Just then, Lin Ches phone rang. She looked down to see that her little rabbit, Gu Shinian, was calling her.

Lin Che smiled gently and picked up the phone, Niannian, youre just in time. I was going to pick you up and take you to see the new house.

Thats great, Mama. If you dont come here soon, Im going to get tortured to death by Dad. Ill wait for you. See you.

Gu Shinian immediately hung up, leaving Lin Che unable to say anything more.

However, Lin Che was also already used to it. Gu Shinian had always been this decisive. He did not talk much, but his words carried weight in them. It made Lin Che feel as if she was really a failure, defeated by a child so often. Furthermore, this was her own child.

Yu Minmin shook her head and looked at Lin Che. This little devil of yours definitely did not inherit your intelligence. Sigh. Such a small child already knows how to play like this. And hes so handsome. Hes going to break many girls hearts in the future.

Ah Bi asked, Is he handsome now? Eh, but his foundation is so good. He definitely must be good-looking. Do you want to show me? We can consider pulling him into the circle as a child star. I will personally package him and definitely make him famous throughout the nation.

Yu Minmin said, Please, that is the successor of the Gu family. His dad is the head of the house and he will be the future head of the Gu family. If you pull him into acting, his dad will kill you.

Ah Bi thought about it and agreed. She patted her clothes and said, How boring. Fine, its just my occupational habit.

And on the other side.

The entire Gu Industries were still puzzled. Today, Special Assistant Qin actually took a little boy for a spin in the company.

The little boy was extremely good-looking. At such a young age, he already had an enchanting aura. One look at him and a persons eyes would immediately be fixated on his flirtatious face.

Meanwhile, some tall bodyguards followed behind the boy. They looked extremely mighty.

Gu Shinian looked around with his hands behind his back. He looked like a little grown-up.

At the side, Qin Hao was clearly an adult but he stood behind as if he was his assistant.

However, he was only three years old but the way he looked at the company was not with the curiosity of a child. Instead, he seemed to be inspecting the place. His demeanor was extraordinary.

Behind, Gu Jingze personally came over.

Everyone then realized that this child was Gu Jingzes Gu Jingzes somebody. Was that his son?

They could not comprehend that, but looking at the two of them, their temperaments were exactly the same. Looking at the pair, only someone as enchanting as Gu Jingze could produce a child equally good-looking and enchanting.

But their CEO actually had a son already?

This was simply a huge piece of news.

The lady at the front desk immediately recognized the boy as the one who was looking for his father that one time. She had been feeling guilty for her actions back then. She should have been gentler to the young master so that she could have left a deep impression. Who knew if it could have helped her one day?

However, who could have thought that he was really President Gus son, the young master of the Gu family?

Gu Jingze walked over, looked at Gu Shinian, and asked, What are your thoughts on the company?

Qin Hao watched from the side and was really surprised. What thoughts could a three-year-old child have about the company

Unexpectedly, Gu Shinian looked around inside and simply said, Boring.

Yes, it was boring. To a child, adult things like these were definitely boring.

Gu Jingze raised a brow. How so?

Gu Shinian continued, There is no special corporate culture. Its too boring and it leads to problems in creating cohesion.

Qin Hao was stumped. He looked at this little boy and then at the tall man standing there. Gu Jingze was indeed seriously considering the little boys words.

After a long pause, Gu Jingze then said, You make some sense.

Then, he gave a look to Qin Hao, indicating for him to handle it.

Qin Hao froze. He quickly nodded and retreated.

Gu Jingze then said to Gu Shinian, Come on. Ive already prepared a place for you and Mama.

The two of them walked out and took the elevator towards the grand hall.

Just at the entrance, Gu Shinian looked up and saw someone who looked rather familiar outside.

It was Yun Luo.

Gu Jingze suddenly felt someone tugging at his clothes. He looked down at Gu Shinian who said, Dad, Im tired. Can you carry me?






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