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Season 8

Episode 60

(Hes Now A Superstar)

At the company.

Yu Minmin picked up a call and headed out quickly to welcome two people.

The layout had not changed, nor did the renovations change. However, some of the facilities had been upgraded.

Yu Minmin was walking out as she said, Welcome welcome, a warm welcome for the return of the boss.

Lin Che looked at her mocking expression. Enough, stop joking, Abby is not around?

Shes coming back soon. Hey, speak of the devil! Look! There she is.

Abby was getting out of the car. It had been a year since Lin Che last saw her and she had grown up a lot into a young lady. She looked very youthful and energetic, and she had lost some of her fierce aura. She looked very bright and was no longer dressed in her exotic fashion sense. She also appeared more gentle.

The moment she saw Lin Che, she ran over to hug her. She hugged Lin Che so tightly that it made Lin Che felt as if she was suffocating. She then released Lin Che and told her, You are finally back. If you continue to stay abroad, this company was going to become mine.

Lin Che pulled her hand and looked at her. Youve been managing the company very well. Thats why I was not worried at all.

Abby looked at Yu Minmin. Both of you, one is always busy running around and the other one ran abroad to slack off. As a result, I became a tribute, right?

Yu Minmin gave her a pat on the shoulder. An able person usually has more work. Come on! Lets go in! Lin Che needs to see your fruits of labor.

After they went in, some of the senior workers who heard that Lin Che had returned came rushing out. They looked at Lin Che with tears welled up in their eyes and greeted her.

Sister Lin Che, you are finally back.

Sister Lin Che, we really missed you so much.

Lin Che became very emotional as well as she listened to what they said.

At that moment, some noise could be heard from outside.

Lin Che turned her head in suspicion.

Abby peered outside and said, Oh, its Xue Yang, he must have brought back some smitten little fans.

Is it? Lin Che looked outside curiously. The car came to a halt, a bright young man got off, wearing shades and a cap. He wore a bomber jacket with jeans, and his legs appeared very long.

Who could it be besides Xue Yang?

The fans who were outside saw that he got out of the car and swarmed forward immediately. He casually gave them a wave and the security went ahead of him to usher him into the company.

Lin Che had not been following the industrys updates back home, she knew that Xue Yang became popular but never knew that he had such immense popularity.

Lin Che said, Thats impressive, the young lad has grown up to be a superstar.

Yu Minmin shot a glance at Abby, Its all thanks to her.

Abby laughed shyly, I didnt do much. It was everyones efforts and his own capabilities.

Lin Che deliberately pretended to look shocked as she looked at Abby, Aiya, someone has also learned to be humble.

Idiot, you only know to tease me. Abby hit Lin Che playfully.

Just as she spoke, Xue Yang came walking towards them. Upon seeing Lin Che, he hurriedly came over and said, Sister Lin Che, you are back.

Lin Che looked at this young man. Initially, when she took him in, she thought that he would become famous one day. But when she actually witnessed how popular he became, she could not help but feel a little impressed and some sense of achievement.

She slapped his firm and sturdy shoulders. Good job.

Xue Yang grinned from ear to ear. He appeared to be more confident compared to the past. Its all thanks to Sister Lin Che who pulled me out of the deep abyss. Otherwise, I would not have come so far. My achievements today were given to me by all of you and Abby. He looked at Abby with a smile.

Abby went up to him and gave him a light pat on his head. Enough, stop being so emotional. This is not a competition to see who is more melodramatic.

Yu Minmin yelped, Seriously, if Xue Yangs fans see that you treat their idol this way, they will surely come after you.

Xue Yang said, Alright, I was just being more emotional since I saw that Sister Lin Che came back.

Abby said, His fans wont see it.

Yu Minmin said, Besides, hes the companys money tree. If anything happens to him because of you, Im going to hold you responsible.

They laughed at once and entered into the company chattering happily.

That year, when Xue Yang first took on the male lead role, it was a self-directed web series. It was not broadcasted on television. The entire cast consisted of newbies and the funds allocated for the series were very pathetic. They had to make do with whatever amenities they had and there were loopholes in many scenes. However, that film was surprisingly well-received and the male lead who was the eighteen years old Xue Yang back then shot up with fame ever since. He received many offers and captured many young hearts at once.

Now, Xue Yang had risen up to be the top celebrity and gained his own fanbase. He had also become the hottest celebrity in Lin Ches working studio. The other celebrities were famous as well but their achievements could not beat Xue Yang.

Lin Che saw that everyone had done so much for the company, so she sighed in exclamation. Seeing that you guys have earned so much money for me after I left, Im really very happy. It feels good to have money.

The few of them were very close to one another. This was probably because they ran the company together. They were more easygoing and nobody was too particular with the details. To Abby, this was where her interest lay. She came over to run the company because she enjoyed doing so and she did not care about how much she was earning. Anyway, her family was rich. Yu Minmin was also doing it casually as a job. There was no pressure from her home and thus they did not bother much about money.

That was also the case for Lin Che. Although she used to love money, she did not give a quantifier for money. She knew that she had been earning a lot and that was enough. Even though she was abroad these years, Yu Minmin kept the bonuses for her. Only after she returned, she saw how much they had earned and she felt really great about it.

Therefore, when a few of them set up the company, they were not concerned over profits and thus, their relationship was always very close as if they were a family.

Lin Che looked at Abby. Ever since I came back, you seemed to be always very busy. Do you have lots of work lately?

Abby replied, Yes, Im dying in my work. Xue Yangs schedule is full and we have turned down those that we could. But recently, a famous director whose name is Ah Long cast Xue Yang in a movie. That movie is the kind that will definitely clinch some awards. I wanted to agree to it but I really cant make time for it. Im still thinking of declining some other drama that is not as good as that so that he can go and act in it.

Yu Minmin asked, So what other dramas are those that you cannot decline?

Theres one where the director is Yi Shangshu. Hes on very close terms with us, always helping us to groom the newbies. He invited us so it may not be nice to turn him down. This drama means a lot to him. Im afraid he would be unhappy.

Yu Minmin heard that and pondered for a moment. Then, she turned and looked at Lin Che who was next to her. Hey, give him this good opportunity. Let him feature Lin Ches first comeback show.




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