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Season 8

Episode 59

(Alright I Will Stay)

Scram off! Dont say it anymore. She covered his mouth hurriedly as she did not wish to hear him say topics that concerned death.

Although she did feel less angry after hearing what he said

However, she did not want to forgive him so easily!

She looked at him. Alright, Im not leaving.

Really? Gu Jingzes eyes glinted.

Lin Che said, But I also dont want to return to Gu Residences.

Gu Jingze looked at her. What do you mean? That is your home. It always was.

Lin Che said, If you want me to change my mind, you have to rely on your own capability. How can you call yourself a good man if you resort to tricking or capturing by force? I want to live outside. I will go and buy a house myself and live there for now. We will talk about the rest later on.

Clearly, Gu Jingze was not happy with that arrangement but when he saw how determined she was, he pondered for a moment and agreed eventually.

Forget it. She had also compromised on her end and that was considered some progress as well.

Gu Jingze stood up. Even though he was not seriously injured anywhere, his arm was hurting when he got up.

Lin Che noticed that. She lowered her head and saw the abrasion on his arm.

Lin Che held up his arm anxiously. You must have scraped it. Hurry and apply medication quickly.

Gu Jingze pulled her hand along. Alright, you will do it for me.

Lin Che asked, Why should I?

Gu Jingze gazed deeply into her eyes. His gaze was filled with such affection that nobody could refuse him. I dont like others touching me.

Lin Che glared at him fiercely, thinking that he was getting a little overboard.

Im not doing it. Do as you wish.

If you insist Im really not going to apply it. He stared at her with a seductive gaze.

You Lin Che knew that he would do as he said.

His arm was badly scraped and the wound was huge. If he did not apply medication, it would leave a big scar.

She said, Fine, on the account that you are an injured person, Great Aunt will definitely treat you.

Gu Jingze laughed. He always found whatever she said amusing.

At the hotel, she was applying medication on his wound attentively with her head lowered.

Lifting her head, she looked at him. Tell me if it hurts.

She did it very gently and carefully, thinking that it must be painful, especially when she was applying the medication directly on the wound.

However, he did not utter a sound at all, it was as if he did not feel anything. No matter what she did, he continued to look at her quietly. His eyes never once left her.

Lin Che felt as if she would melt very soon under that burning gaze.

She could only pretend that nothing happened and hurriedly applied the medicine on the wounds. Then, she put the tools and medicine aside. Alright, its done.

Gu Jingze took a look. Hm, alright, lets eat something first. Come here. You must be hungry right?

Lin Che had really started to feel hungry. She thought of looking for a house to stay with Niannian later on, so she did not refute him and sat down to eat.

While they were eating, Gu Jingze kept on staring at her as if she was food.

Lin Che stayed quiet until they finished eating. Gu Jingze instructed the bodyguard to accompany Lin Che to look for houses.

Some places nearby have changed. You probably cant recognize the area and there are some newly established residences that you may not know as well. Let him accompany you. It will make things easier for you. Gu Jingze said.

Lin Che thought that what he said was right. Although she was not foreign to this place, some places were no longer like how they used to be. The layout had changed as well. It would be good to have someone familiar with the place.

She called Shen Youran to come along. With a bodyguard, both of them went to look for houses together.

They looked through a few places. Lin Che preferred that little villa that was located just a small distance away.

Previously, she wanted to get somewhere further, but she had no choice because the newly established residences in B Town were all located in this area. In terms of the environment, it was clear that the wealthy estate was also better here. Lin Che thought to herself, She was going to buy this apartment herself and it would then belong to her. She should get something better instead of acting on an impulse and end up buying an unsuitable one. That would not be worthwhile.

But it was too pricey, so she planned to settle for something slightly smaller.

Who knew that before she could pay, the person informed her that someone had bought the biggest house in that neighborhood and her name was written down as the name of the owner.

Lin Che looked at the housing agent in shock. What did you say?

The housing agent smiled and replied, The full payment was made and it wrote your name. You can see it for yourself. This is the property deed. This house is the biggest one in our neighborhood. The location is exceptionally good, situated in the center with a landscape view. Both stories add up to a total of 400 square meters, and both front and back yards are wonderful. There is a lake on the front that people cant go to so it is very peaceful. The other houses cant compare to this.

400 square meters thats huge Lin Che just wanted to buy one with at most 200 square meters.

The housing agent said, Yes, it is also beautifully renovated. You can move in right away.

As it was a neighborhood where the wealthy lived, the villas there were all beautifully renovated. The renovations were done of the highest quality. Each villa had a distinct style and the materials used were of the best quality to serve the wealthy people.

Shen Youran nudged Lin Che with her shoulder. That goes without saying. Gu Jingze must have bought it for you. Just accept it as a token of his apology.

Lin Che rolled her eyes. Who wants such a token of apology?

Enough, are you really going to chuck the money aside? This house costs tens of millions. Can you afford it on your own? Even if it was not for your sake, this is your sons inheritance in the future. Just take it.

Lin Che looked at Shen Youran speechlessly.

Shen Youran had already pushed her inside to take a look.

The house was indeed well-furnished and comfortable. Shen Youran marveled as she went around the house, This is indeed the estate for the wealthy. This place is really renovated very beautifully. However, it still cant compare to the Gu Residences. You should be very used to Gu Residences and find this quite ordinary right? Never mind. Anyway, this is just a temporary house. You will move back to Gu Residences one day.

Go go go, whose side are you on?

Hehe, dont chase me away. Im on your side of course. Lets go! I thought you said you wanted to go to your company to take a look? Lets not waste time here.

Lin Che thought what she said made sense and set aside those issues for the time being. Then, she left together with Shen Youran.

Gu Jingming and Yu Minmin were very lovey-dovey. Just by looking at how much Gu Jingming doted on her, the entire nation could vouch for that.

No one knew when it quite began but Gu Jingming started bringing Yu Minmin along wherever he went and was exceptionally caring towards her. Thus, Yu Minmin was not in the office every day. In fact, some of the issues in the company had been handled by Abi.

It had been a long while since Lin Che saw Abi. The last time was a year ago when Abi returned to America. She dropped by Seattle to visit her.




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