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Season 8

Episode 57

(I Would Like To See Who Dares To Poke Into My Family Matters)

They arrived at the place where they patronized frequently in the past.

She got out of the car and peered into the shop.

Gu Jingze smiled at her. This shop has good business even now. Lets go in to have a try and see whether it retains its authentic taste.

Lin Che said, I am not going in.

Gu Jingze looked at her with a threatening smile. You have two options. Do you want to walk in by yourself or shall I carry you by force?

Carry her?

She was not crazy to choose that

To let him carry her in front of so many people?

However, looking at his raised brow, she would not deny that he was capable of doing it.

Lin Che gritted her teeth and glared at him. There are so many people inside. I dont like eating with that many people!

She began looking for excuses.

Gu Jingze peered into the shop and said plainly, Alright, there will only be you and me eating here today.

Then, Gu Jingze gestured to someone.

Soon, everyone in the restaurant was notified that someone had made a reservation for the entire place and they had to leave the place.

The people who were in the midst of eating were definitely not willing to leave but when the manager apologetically told them how much they would be compensated, some of them were shaken.

However, the people dining at the restaurant were no ordinary folks as well. After all, the food in the restaurant was pricey. But when they saw the bodyguards of Gu family going around the restaurant with the manager, some left quickly.

They might not know the others but they would definitely recognize the Gu familys blue logo.

As everyone was leaving, they were also discussing among themselves, Which Young Master of Gu family is here for dining? Hes so generous to book the entire Lan Gui Fang.

Someone pouted. On the other side. Gu Jingzes car stood out. It was a 20 million Bugatti, which was a beautiful grey, two-seater sports car. Next to him stood a young, gorgeous lady.

Everyone dispersed immediately. In their hearts, they could only marvel at how generous Gu Jingze was when he was pursuing a girl.

Lin Che had never thought that Gu Jingze would really go to such extent and chased everyone out of the restaurant.

She knew that the people who could dine at that restaurant were all considered wealthy.

But she did not know how much he spent to get everyone out of the restaurant within twenty minutes.

Gu Jingze did not bother to look at anyone else. He simply held Lin Ches hand and brought her into the restaurant.

Lin Che continued to ignore him but Gu Jingze did not mind at all. The manager came personally to take their orders. Gu Jingze could still remember Lin Ches preferences and ordered those dishes. He turned and looked at Lin Che but she still did not want to acknowledge him. Taking a deep breath, he said, Lin Che, no matter what you do this time, I will not let you leave. So drop your idea. From today onwards, you will not leave my sight.

Lin Che paused for a moment and turned back to look at him, Gu Jingze, Ive already told you very clearly that its pointless keeping me here. I may be physically here but my heart is not.

Lin Che! Gu Jingze stretched over the small round table to grab her hand.

Lin Che frowned. She wanted to withdraw her hand but he was gripping onto her tightly.

Lin Che, I am really sorry. I know that no matter what I say, it will not make up for the pain that I have caused you all these years. Im not asking for your forgiveness but I just want to keep you by my side. All these years, I can tolerate and deal with everything because I believed that one day, I would be able to receive you back honorably. This came true but you are leaving me. I cant accept this, Lin Che. No matter what, I cant let you go.

Lin Che turned her head slowly to face him.

He gazed deeply into her eyes. Time had left behind marks of youth in that mysterious gaze. Although it was very subtle, she managed to catch it with her eyes.

Yes, she knew that he had a tough time but

If she forgave him so easily, it would make her feel that she was hopelessly blind.

Still clutching onto her, Gu Jingze said, Promise me, give me a chance. I just need a chance.

You Lin Che had never seen him talking to anyone in such a humble tone.

In her eyes, Gu Jingze was always the high and mighty one. He never caved to anyone.

She could not bear to see him caving to anyone, even if it was to her she still felt that her heart ached for him.

What are you doing? The great President Gu sounds like he is begging someone right now.

Gu Jingze shook his head. Im only like this to you.

Lin Che was moved and she looked at him.

What if I continue to throw a big fuss at you?

I will wait for you to stop doing that. He spoke in a deep, mellow voice.

What if that day never comes? Lin Che said.

Gu Jingzes gaze darkened, Why not? If you want to throw a fuss for the rest of your life, I will do it together with you then.

Lin Che lifted her head and said, Hmph. Nobody wants to bicker with you for the rest of their lives. Anyway, dont think that I will throw myself at you simply because of your sweet talk. Besides, I dont know where you learned this from. You are getting better at sweet-talking and this also means that you are getting more unreliable, hmph.

You Gu Jingze raised his eyebrows at her.

Lin Che said, Im forced to stay here. I dont know where you got this bad habit of forcing women who you like. Arent you afraid of losing face if others get to know about this?

Lin. Che! Gu Jingzes expression changed and he took a while to regain his senses. Then, he said, Yes, Im forcing you now. What are you going to do? Anyway, if you decide to be good, we will live our lives together happily. If you want to throw a fuss, we can also do it together. No matter what, we will still be together. There wont be other outcomes. So how do you want to live your life? Thats up to you to decide!

You Gu Jingze! I was trying to save you some face. I never met anyone as overbearing as you! I dont believe that you can be this overbearing all the time. Im going to sue you, Im going to charge you, I I want to apply for a divorce!

Gu Jingze laughed and replied at once, Go ahead, go and sue me or charge me. Go and try it. I would like to see who dares to poke into my family matters!

Lin Che was fuming mad.

Gu Jingze would not care about that. He narrowed his eyes at her and his gaze seemed to declare that he was in absolute control and it was impossible to refute him.

Lin Che was so angry that she slammed the table and stood up.

Gu Jingze, Im not eating anymore. You are such a big bully. I dont want to talk to you!

Ah, this woman, she was really going to run off!

Come back now! Gu Jingze walked past the table and grabbed onto her.

Lin Che turned around and brushed his hands aside but at the same time, she tore off his shirt. She did not expect herself to exert such a great force. Beneath the torn shirt were marks of knives and whipping as well as on his arms. Stroke by stroke, they were not very visible but they had pierced through her eyes.

It was that year when he went to look for Li Minyu alone and sustained these wounds for her sake.



  1. Please lin che accept him soon na, you people still have other challenges to face

  2. Hmmm...... the earlier you accept his apologies the better things get . ... keep it up dearest writer..I love you 😘😘😘



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