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Season 8

Episode 56

(Gu Jingze Told Us To Come Here)

Gu Jingze hit his head against the wall. He was tossed in chaos. If it wasnt because he was so focused that he messed himself up, he wouldnt have let her win.

However, he couldnt think about anything more now. Lin Che was already running out.

Gu Jingze held his bruised head and cursed internally, Shit. What rubbish did this woman learn while she was overseas? She actually dared to lay a finger on him now.

However, in the next moment, he quickly got up and chased her.

Outside, the Gu familys bodyguards stood there.

Lin Che came out and her face stiffened.

She forgot that Gu Jingze was Gu Jingze after all. These people around him were all highly trained in battle. She could still try to fight one, but there were so many of them

The bodyguards surrounded her one by one. Gu Jingze came out with a bruised head. He stood there as he held his head, looking extremely anxious.

Was this person still Gu Jingze?

Yes, this was their master, Gu Jingze. However, this was the Gu Jingze in front of Lin Che and not anybody else.

Lin Che stopped there and she turned to look back at Gu Jingze. He took a deep breath, I told you. You cant run away.

Hey, whats going on here

Just then, Yu Minmins voice sounded from the outside.

Lin Ches eyes lit up.

Yu Minmin was here.

Gu Jingze walked over from behind and said to her, Okay, Im bringing Niannian to the office first. You havent seen your friends in a very long time, so Ill leave the afternoon to you.

Hey, you

Gu Jingze came over and said, Also, stop trying to run away. Behave and wait for me at home.

Behave his ass.

Lin Che avoided his attempt to kiss her and grunted.

Gu Jingze was not angry. He smiled and walked out.

Lin Che watched him leave and then quickly turned toward Yu Minmin.


Yu Minmin wore a black professional suit while Shen Youran looked very feminine and leisurely beside her. Lin Che quickly went to them.

The three ladies hugged. Then, Shen Youran looked at her and asked, Where is Niannian?

Lin Che looked around inside. Gu Jingze took him to the office.

Alright Gu Jingze must be ecstatic.

Lin Che thought about what happened just now and was still angry. Alright, alright. Dont mention that idiot. What brought you guys here?

Yu Minmin replied, Gu Jingze said that youre here so we rushed over to see you.

The three of them sat down in the living room and ate the fruits and snacks that the maids served them. It was early in the morning and everyone was in good spirits.

Lin Che looked at Shen Youran and asked, How are the twins at home?

Theyre with the nanny. If they came here, they would have definitely turned your house upside down. This place is so nice and expensive. Breaking anything here would cost so much. I wouldnt dare to bring them here.

Yu Minmin added, Ah Bi wanted to come, but she couldnt make it because of work. She has to run a notice. Shell come by in the afternoon if she can.

Yu Minmin passed a card to her and said, This is the companys bonus card. We have been making pretty good profits over the years. You werent around so I kept it for you.

Lin Che hastily replied, Its okay. I wasnt able to help you throughout the years. How can I take this money?

Yu Minmin smiled, Its okay. You are our stakeholder and you invested in this company. As an investor and stakeholder, you get a share of the profits. How can I not give you any money just because you didnt do anything for a period of time? Take it. You can always do something to make up for our hard work.

Lin Che took the card and sighed. She had no choice but to accept it, Okay. Madam President now doesnt lack money anyway.

However, the profits reaped over the years were indeed not bad. Some artists that they signed with from the beginning were already on the line. Some progressed very well and earned some money for the company. Of course, as a company, most of the money was continually invested. Little money was taken out. However, her bonus was already substantially distributed.

Shen Youran looked at Yu Minmin and said, Yes. Mr. President takes her everywhere he goes and shows off his love on the TV every day. You havent seen how many people have become fans of the presidential couple. However, your body has already recovered a lot. When are you going to have some kids for us to play with?

She had been recovering ever since the previous ectopic pregnancy. It had actually been many years but she never had the confidence nor courage to conceive again.

After hearing Shen Youran say that, she pondered and replied, Ill try to conceive earlier Youve really become a housewife now, always urging others to have kids.

Well, Ive already done it so I want others to join me in the pit. Otherwise, wed be lugging children while youre still so chic. Youll make us look tragic.

The three of them burst into laughter.

They chatted a lot about their own lives and some problems.

Yu Minmin thought of Mu Feiran.

Oh right, is Mu Feiran still in Seattle? Dont tell me that she really wants to back out of the entertainment industry and quit acting forever?

Lin Che said, From what I infer, she doesnt want to act for now.

Shen Youran said, You two really have so much fate to bump into each other in Seattle. You even got so close. Im jealous I used to be Mu Feirans fan. Now that she suddenly stopped acting, I still feel that its a pity.

Lin Che said, Someone who experienced so many things was bound to have a change of heart. She actually earned enough money for her to live life comfortably anyway. She also has a few properties so she wont starve.

Yu Minmin said, But that bastard Mo Ding did not acknowledge the child nor her as his wife. Yet he is so reluctant to file for a divorce. This is so ridiculous. He is in C Nation and everyone here knows that he never did one good thing in all these years.

Lin Che replied, Feiran never thought of wanting anything from him. She just wants to divorce him properly.

Thinking about it, they were all sympathetic towards Mu Feiran. She was the absolute peoples queen. She could have any guy she wanted. She loved Mo Ding for so many years and when she finally married him, it led to this ending.

The three of them chatted throughout the day. Gu Jingze came to take her out to lunch.

Lin Che saw Gu Jingze enter and said, Im going to the company with Minmin. You can eat whatever you want.

Lin Che, we havent had a meal together since you came back. Youre coming with me today.

No I want to go with Minmin

I wont take no for an answer. Come, Ive already made the arrangements. Gu Jingze grabbed her hand immediately.

You Gu Jingze, what are you doing?!

Gu Jingze did not listen to her and let her kick up a fuss during the entire journey. He still took her to a restaurant.

Lin Che was reluctant so she kept finding trouble with him.

She fussed in the car and said, I dont want to eat.



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