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Season 8

Episode 55

( If You Dont Care Why Would You Still Wear The Things I Gave You)

Yun Luos face immediately blushed. However, she still could not say anything.

Dad Im not

Okay, daughter. Im just worried about you. We didnt see how that girl looked like clearly. For her to return at this time, she must definitely know that youre here so she came back on purpose to steal your man. You have to be careful. Jingze is nice to you and this will make people jealous. That is why she is back. This shows that Jingze is treating you too well. That is why

But Dad, I feel that Jingze seems to treat that woman in a very special manner. He was so accommodating to her despite the way she treated him. She even hurt him in front of so many people and dumped him. If she was anybody else, she would have long been taken away. However, Gu Jingze did not do anything to her and even simply took off with her.

Treat that woman how? Hmph. No matter what, Gu Jingze still sent her away for so many years. It goes to show the place she has in his heart. She only had Gu Jingzes child. Without the child, she is nothing!

At night, Lin Che called Mu Feiran before she went to bed.

Im still at the Gu residence and theres no way to leave today. You have to take care of things at my house. Ill come up with something tomorrow.

Mu Feiran laughed and responded, Think of what? Will you still be able to escape once youre in Gu Jingzes home?

Hey, dont talk about it. This is all Gu Shinians fault.

Perhaps he really misses his father. No matter how bright he is, he is still just a child, Mu Feiran said.

Lin Che paused and looked at the child who was already fast asleep.

Young children could sleep very well perhaps because they had nothing to worry about. They were carefree.

She reached out to touch Gu Shinians forehead. It was so soft and felt so nice. She sighed. Indeed, he was also just a kid

The next day.

Lin Che got out of bed and packed her things.

Her luggage was already sent here from yesterday. She did not bring much, but she still had to pack.

Gu Shinian sat at the side as he played with the tablet.

When Gu Jingze hurried in, Gu Shinian only looked up, showing a hint of sympathy in his eyes. He looked at Gu Jingze and silently continued to browse through the tablet.

Gu Jingze took Lin Ches luggage from her hand. Why are you packing up?

Lin Che took it back. Im taking Niannian back.

Gu Jingze grabbed her hand again. I already said that this is your home. Where do you think youre going back to?

Back to Seattle. She looked up at Gu Jingze. Ive already gotten used to life there. Why must you make me stay here?

Gu Jingze looked at Gu Shinian. Dont you want to give him a complete family?

Lin Che replied, A complete family doesnt necessarily mean the presence of both a mother and father. A family needs love. Obviously, there is none between us. Theres no point in forcing ourselves to live together.

Gu Jingzes face darkened. What? Was she saying that there was no love between them? There were no feelings? They were just living together out of duty?

Gu Jingzes fists were clenched by his sides. He looked in Lin Ches direction and then at Gu Shinian who kept a straight face. He said, Niannian, step outside for a while. I need to talk to your mom alone.

Gu Shinian heard this and simply jumped down from his seat. His expression remained wooden as he walked past the two of them and left the room.

The door closed.

Gu Jingze then stepped right in front of Lin Che.

No love?

He grabbed hold of Lin Ches hand and looked at her. Tell me. If there was no love, why are you still wearing the ring I gave you?

Lin Che was stunned. She wore this ring for so many years that it had already become a habit.

She said, Well I saw that it was in the jewelry box for so long. How can I remember who gave this to me? It just looked rather expensive, so I wore it.

Lin Che tried to withdraw her hand.

She couldnt remember who gave it to her?

Who else would give you a ring aside from me?

What? Did you think youre the only man on earth? Let go of me, Gu Jingze. If youre like this again, Im calling the police!

The police? What for?

To report you for abduction! Lin Che narrowed her eyes and said.

Abduction? Gu Jingzes eyes turned more threatening. He inched closer to her and his strong aura enveloped her once again. She retreated step by step.

Gu Jingze, what What are you doing? Stay away from me! Lin Che said as she was backed up against the wall. Gu Jingze suddenly went beside her ear and spoke warmly, Since youre going to report me for an abduction, it seems a little too light. Lets add another sentence.

His lips grazed her earlobe and his masculine breath engulfed her entire body.

Lin Ches eyes flashed. Then, she heard him ask, How about an additional sentence of rape?

He pressed his lips on hers.

In the instant their lips touched, Gu Jingzes heart already rose.

How long had it been since he last tasted her luscious lips? How long had it been since he was so intimate with her?

He did not know. However, his body was already telling him that he missed her a lot. He missed her lips, her face, the touch of her hands, her everything

Thus, when he was this close to her, it was as if his heart expanded and he could not control his emotions. His lips sought frantically for hers as he engulfed them. His tongue drilled into her mouth as quickly as a storm.

He hugged her and held her tightly in his embrace.

His fingers intertwined with her long hair. He felt the soft strands as he closed his eyes. He was smitten.

Lin Che only realized what was happening when she was completely pushed onto the bed by him.

What was this man doing

It was as if he wanted to eat her up. His crazy movements felt scary.

However, this was not what was important. The important thing was what he was trying to do. Was he really going to rape her?

Lin Che would not allow it.

Feeling Gu Jingzes body curled up around hers, it filled her with old memories and made her reminisce about the feel of his body. He was so sexy and sultry. However, she absolutely refused to allow herself to sink any further.

Thus, she grabbed his shoulders with both hands, curled her leg around his, and rolled over to make him fall on the ground again.



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