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Season 8

Episode 54

(None Of Them Are Better Than My Dad)

Gu Shinian asked, Mama, did you call me here to say this?

Lin Che said, Because of you, Im now locked up here with no way out. You little rabbit, I told you to behave. Now, look what youve done. You were only good for a few days and then you caused such a huge problem. I want you to think of something so that we can both leave this place! Otherwise, youll wait and see.

Lin Che gave birth to him and naturally knew his thinking. Thus, she was not courteous with him.

Gu Shinian remained expressionless as he put up his hands and pushed the spectacles up his nose. Mama, dont you think thats a little too much to ask of a three-year-old?

Lin Che immediately pulled him by his collar and dragged him inside, Now, you have the cheek to say youre a three-year-old kid. Hmph.

I am a three-year-old kid, to begin with. Its just that you cant win against a three-year-old kid, Mama. Just admit it.

Get lost! Lin Che looked at him angrily.

Gu Shinian said, Even a three-year-old kid can tell that you had always been waiting for Dad all these years. Yet when youre back, youre still so haughty. Seriously

Lin Ches face was red. Gu! Shi! Nian!

Mama, youre not the only one who misses Dad. I miss Dad too. Also, He patted his own pants and lifted his leg to sit on a chair. He was not tall enough yet and his feet were dangling. However, he still looked very proper.

Furthermore, Mama, the important thing is that I already looked through every eligible bachelor of every country in the world. I discovered that the rich ones were too old, the handsome ones were poor, and even if they were rich, they were not as rich as Dad. That is why I believe that there really is no man as great as Dad. On account that he is your best choice, forgive him for now. We can judge his performance in the future and if its really not up to par, we can make other plans.

Was he choosing his father or a goldmine?

She felt as if she failed in her parenting. How else did this young boy learn how to be so snobbish at such a tender age?

Niannian, you have to know that finding a dad means finding a home with warmth. You cant think the way youre thinking now. This will not do.

However, Niannian looked at Lin Che. Mama, dont be silly. It takes too much time and energy to observe a mans true self. You need at least a year to get to know him, two years to adjust, and three years to convince yourself that he is the one. However, all men will turn bad. The good-looking ones will go bad and so will the ugly ones. The rich ones will go bad and so will the poor ones. Since this is the case, you might as well find a rich and handsome one. If he goes bad, at least hes good-looking and rich.

Lin Che really felt as if she was being convinced by him, however

Gu Shinian, dont try to brainwash me.

Gu Shinian said, Mama, Im telling the truth. Since you still have Dad in your heart, why do we need to leave? You just want to be haughty for a while to make him feel more apologetic. That is acceptable too. We can pretend to want to leave, but we wont leave. Okay, Mama, thats settled then. Im going to bed.

Hey, you Lin Che quickly tugged him. Sleep with me tonight. Where are you running off to?

Gu Shinian turned around and replied coldly, Mama, youre so big already. You shouldnt need me to accompany you to bed. Its better if I sleep next door.

Who was accompanying whom?!

However, just then.

Gu Shinian already opened the door.

After that, a big white dog ran in from the outside.

Lin Che froze.

Gu Shinians face was ashen.

After some time, Lin Che then recalled. Wasnt this Prince?

He was already so big!

Prince was so fat that he looked like a meatball. He was much bigger than before. He was very well-fed here and looking at him now, his fur was shiny and flowy. If he went out like this, nobody would have thought that he was a mutt anymore.

Wow! Prince, Prince, Prince. Do you still remember me? Lin Che ran towards Prince and hugged him.

Prince whimpered excitedly as he went to Lin Ches feet and began clamoring all over her.

Behind them.

Gu Shinian said speechlessly, There is indeed a stinking dog here, just like the Internet said.

Gu Shinian never had an interest in dogs or cats. In fact, he always shunned them.

He was like his dad in this aspect

Lin Che looked up. What are you talking about? This is not a stinking dog. This is my dog. Hes your brother. Come and take a look.

Gu Shinian pushed up his spectacles, Mama, Mr. Darwin would have jumped out of his grave if he heard you. This is a dog and Im a human. He is not my brother.

This kid was really not adorable.

Gu Shinian said, I looked it up a long time ago on the Internet. It said that the Gu Industries had a low-priced Chinese garden dog. I didnt expect it to be raised by Mama. Mama, supporting yourself is already a problem. What were you thinking when you decided to keep a dog?

Gu Shinian, leave!

Lin Che glared at him and looked down at Prince. Prince, youre so big and mighty. Oh my, how Ive missed you. Come let me hug you.

Just then, the door opened and the maids entered.

Madam, youre finally back. Prince missed you so much. Hes still so close to you now.

Lin Che looked up at the familiar face. She smiled and said, I missed him too. I missed all of you too.

The maid said, We missed you very much too. However, the one who missed you the most is Sir. He just prepared some clothes for you. The clothes here are all clean, but it has been a few years.

At the mention of this annoying man, Lin Ches face tightened and she said, Just leave them here. Its okay. Im only staying here for now and Ill leave.

Madam, dont do that. Since youve returned, why dont you stay? Young Master is so big already and he should have a place to call home and live with his parents.

Lin Che said to the maid, About this I will consider it slowly.

The maids retreated.

Lin Che walked in and Prince immediately followed her.

Dogs were such spiritual animals. After such a long time, he still remembered her and remembered his master. She only just came here and he was already sticking to her.

Behind them, Gu Shinian could only tag along coldly


Yun Kuoshan looked at Yun Luo. That one just now. Was that Gu Jingzes wife?

Yun Luo sat there and fiddled with her hands. Probably

Yun Kuoshan shot her a look. You only know how to be wishy-washy here. See how others simply go in? You should learn how to grab opportunities. If you like Gu Jingze, tell him. How would he know if you dont tell him?



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