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Season 8

Episode 52

(This Woman Even Dared To Lay Her Hands On Him)

The people nearby were about to rush up to him but Gu Jingze held up his hand, Stop there.

Afterward, he got up from the ground at once and looked at Lin Che.

His gaze tightened and at that moment, it was as if he wanted to envelop her with his eyes.

Everyone watched on in astonishment. Gu Jingze was thrown onto the ground by a woman but he was not angry at all. Rather, he looked at this woman before with all smiles.

He took a step forward to stand before Lin Che and grabbed her arm.

Everyone watched them in wonder as he said plainly, Youre back.

Lin Che frowned. Looking at him, she lowered her head and pushed his hand away. Let go of me!

Gu Jingze did not move an inch and continued to grab onto her firmly, Lin Che, I was just thinking of picking you up these past few days but you came back first. You really surprised me.

Lin Che pulled a long face and she did not want to reply to him, Im not coming back! Get your facts right!

What do you mean by not coming back? Gu Jingze lowered his head to look at her face and frowned.

Lin Che refused to be defeated by him. She looked at him and said, I came to pick up Niannian and bring him back to Seattle. Dont misunderstand.

Gu Jingzes gaze wavered. He did not let go of her. Instead, his grip on her arm tightened.

How can that be? Now that you are back, you better not think about leaving. Gu Jingzes eyes were firmly fixed on her white and glowing face.

Lin Che sneered as she looked afar. What? You want me to stay here to watch you be all lovey-dovey with another woman? I better not. I am not in the mood to do so, and I dont want to hinder you as well.

Gu Jingzes expression darkened. Where did you hear that nonsense from?

Whether its nonsense or not, the people who are standing here now are the best evidence, isnt it? Let go of me now, Gu Jingze! Lin Ches eyes scanned through the bodyguards of the Yun family who were around them.

Gu Jingzes eyes scanned the surroundings. The bodyguards of Yun family who were being arrogant a while ago were all trembling with fear now. They badly wished to find a hole somewhere to hide from his piercing gaze.

Gu Jingze pulled her closer and spoke with a low voice, Im sorry, Lin Che. In the past, I didnt dare to go see you. Although I had my reasons, I still made you suffer these years. I know Im in the wrong so no matter what you do, Im willing to bear everything.

Was he trying to resolve everything just by saying that she suffered?

Lin Che looked at him. No matter what I do, you will be fine with it? I dont have anything that I want to do. I just want to return to Seattle.

Return? Gu Jingze asked, What do you mean by return? This is your home.

Gu Jingze knew that she had not been interacting with many men while at Seattle all these years. Other than Gu Jingyu who would occasionally visit her, the person whom she saw most often was Mu Feiran.

Lin Che said, Who told you this is my home? It is your name that is written on the property deed. You are the one who bought it, who decorated it, and everyone in it belongs to you. This is your home. It has nothing to do with me. Let me go and return my son to me. Then, I will leave immediately.

Lin Che, I told you that I was in the wrong but I have not regretted it at all. If I went to see you earlier, I may not have had the courage to return to do what I am supposed to do. Besides, that would have endangered you and the child. I know even if thats the case, it still made you sad. But I had to do this. It upsets me when you are sad. But when I made the decision, I have also made up my mind that I will bear any punishment from you when you return one day. So, you cant leave.

Gu Jingze held onto her hand and kept on persuading her.

Lin Che did not give in. She flung her hands away from his grip and said, Can you let go of me?! The great President Gu! How can you pester another person persistently?

Before you, Im your husband. Im not any president. He endured her struggles but did not let go.

Lin Che had no choice and was about to stamp on his foot.

However, no matter how fast she acted, Gu Jingze beat her in action. He avoided instantaneously and then he saw Lin Che about to kick him in the crotch.

Gu Jingzes eyes glinted and avoided her again. This time, he was not going to endure her struggles anymore. He went up to her and carried her.

Lin Che wanted to dodge but he seemed to have read her mind and beat her to it. Immediately, he flung her over his shoulders.

Lin Che was shocked and repeatedly hit his back.

Gu Jingze, put me down!

Lets discuss it when we go back.

You Are you going to put me down? If not, dont blame me for being nasty! Lin Che looked at his shoulder and said fiercely.

Gu Jingze said, You can be as nasty as you want. It doesnt matter!

Lin Che gritted her teeth and looked at his shoulder. Then, she bit his shoulder.

Gu Jingze came to a halt.

He could feel the pain in his shoulder. The feeling of her teeth passing through the thin layer of his shirt and they touched his skin.

She had really given a very strong bite.

However, Gu Jingze closed his eyes and continued walking on with her over his shoulder as if nothing had happened.

Even when Lin Che got tired while biting him, he did not flinch at all.

Eventually, Lin Che let go of her bite and was carried into the house. When they entered the door, the father and daughter of the Yun family were walking out of the house. His shoulder bled slightly. It seemed like he was wounded. They could not see the woman on his shoulder clearly but they could tell that she was feeling very irritable. Hence, the wound on his shoulder would most likely have something to do with her.

The father and daughter of the Yun family were stunned. They asked in shock, Jingze, this is

Gu Jingze shot a glance at them. I have to see to some family matters. Forgive me for not sending you out.

The father and daughter of Yun family stood there in shock but Gu Jingze quickened his steps and headed upstairs. Then, both of them could no longer be seen and disappeared into one of the rooms.

The people who remained outside burst into a huge commotion.

Having witnessed the situation just now, they could not explain how they felt.

Gu Jingze was thrown onto the ground by a woman and he acted as if nothing had happened and continued to pester the woman to apologize to her. No matter what she had said to him, he was not angry at all.

Who on earth was that woman?

This had caused an uproar in the entire household of the Gu Residence.

Madam was back!

She had just come back and the couple was already fighting with each other, but

But it was good that she had come back.

Meanwhile in the room.

When Gu Jingze put her down on the ground, Lin Che felt as if she had gone back in time.

The things in the room had not changed at all. They were exactly the same as in the past.

She took a quick glance across the room. The cosmetics products on the table were those she used in the past. They remained untouched since they had been left on the table. Even though the room had been regularly cleaned, the layout had not changed at all.

Lin Ches heart skipped a little. She lifted her head and looked at Gu Jingze who was behind her.



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