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Season 8

Episode 51

( Lin Che Threw Him On The Floor Right Away)

At that moment, she wished that Lin Che could come back quickly so that these people could see for themselves who Gu Jingze truly loved. No matter what people said, now that she had brought back a child with her, they would not be able to gossip about Gu Jingze and that woman anymore.

Gu Jingze did not say anything else. He carried Gu Shinian and headed outside. Tell me first, wheres your mother?

Gu Shinian said, Let me go first

No, you have to tell me first. Gu Jingze said firmly.

Yun Luo chased after them and asked in a shocked tone, Jingze, what on earth is happening?

Gu Jingze turned around and said, Nothing. I just have some family matters. Go and have fun. I have to settle some matters.

Yun Luo was very puzzled after she was dismissed by his few words.

She was about to say something before she saw the boy in Gu Jingzes embrace turn his back at Gu Jingze and flash her a scornful expression.

That expression was as if Yun Luo was a lowly woman and Yun Luo was taken aback.

Yu Minmin caught up with them. She looked at Yun Luo and said, Im sorry. Thats Gu Jingze. As long as it concerns Lin Che, he will not care about anything else. When Lin Che returns, I will get her to talk to him. Go back first or should I get someone to pick you up?

Yun Luos face flushed red. She lowered her head and laughed. Lin Che? Was she Gu Jingzes previous wife?

What do you mean by previous? Yu Minmin looked at her unhappily. Shes still his wife, alright?

Yu Minmin was outrightly being sarcastic. She did not hold back and glared at Yun Luo.

Yun Luo was appalled. Growing up, nobody dared to look at her with disdain and even talked to her in such a rude tone.

However, the person who was talking to her was Yu Minmin, Mrs. President

She could only stare in shock, looking at the First Lady who was so hostile at her without any reason.

Yu Minmin snorted. She walked past Yun Luo and headed for the door immediately.

That expression made Yun Luo even more puzzled.

Lin Che, Lin Che What kind of person was she that she could carry a child for Gu Jingze

Gu Jingze excused himself from the banquet and brought Gu Shinian back.

Meanwhile, Yu Minmin did not know what to do. She took out her phone immediately and called Lin Che.

Fortunately, Lin Che had probably got off the plane and the phone got through.

Minmin, how are things now?

Its bad Your husband took your son away, I Sorry, I could not control your son. I didnt manage to stop him in time.


At the Yuns.

Yun Luo returned home looking a little upset.

Yun Kuoshan saw his precious daughters expression and asked, What happened? Arent you supposed to be with Gu Jingze at the banquet party?

With a pitiful look, Yun Luo said, I Jingzes wife has returned and she even brought a son back. He left me at the banquet by myself and went off. I

What? His wife you mean, the woman whos called whats her name again? Shes back? How can that be

Its true.

Yun Kuoshan remained silent for a while. He knew that his daughter liked Gu Jingze for very long and he had absolutely agreed to let her be together with Gu Jingze. After all, that was Gu Jingze.

He banged his hand on the table. Im going to Gu family and ask Gu Jingze for an explanation.

Yun Luo saw his reaction and chased after him. Dad, dont go on your own.

At the Gu residence.

Seeing that Gu Jingze brought a kid home, the entire Gu family was shocked.

Goodness is this Young Master

His looks resembles Madam

How about Madam? Is she back as well?

Although there were many rules about how the servants had to behave, they could not help but feel excited at that moment.

However, Gu Jingze looked at the boy standing in front of him whose face was completely unafraid. Tell me, where is your mother?

Gu Shinian replied, Didnt I say already? I dont know too.

However, at this moment

Someone informed that people from the Yun family had come to the house.

Gu Jingze took a glance at Gu Shinian and got someone to watch him.

After he left the room, he told his guests, Mr. Yun, I have some family matters to settle tonight and would not be able to host you.

Yun Kuoshan asked immediately, Jingze, whats going on now? Why do you have a child all of a sudden? Your Your grandfather never mentioned that you had a child. Didnt he say that you were divorced already?

Upon hearing the word divorce, Gu Jingzes eyes glistened with anger.

Who dared to say that he was divorced?

That sudden and fierce glare from Gu Jingze even though Yun Kuoshan was much older than Gu Jingze, this young man made anyone scared. Especially the glare that he showed moments ago, it was calm yet filled with anger.

Yun Kuoshan quickly corrected himself, No, no, your grandfather probably just mentioned it.


Lin Che got out of the car. She lifted her head to look at Gu Residences and it felt as if she was dreaming.

Even after many years, nothing here had changed at all.

She quickly ran over.

She had not expected to see a few cars outside the gate. They belonged to the Yun family and there stood a few bodyguards. They were the Yun familys bodyguards.

Seeing that someone was charging straight towards the Gu Residences, the bodyguards of the Yun family stepped in to stop her.

Miss, you cant enter here.

Lin Che looked at them. You are

However, the next moment, she saw the Yun familys logo.

The Yun family had also started coming over to Gu Residences at night?

Lin Che sneered and told them, Im here to pick up my son. I have nothing to do with anything else.

Speaking, she continued to walk further in but was stopped by the few men.

We are telling you nicely that you should not come any closer. Otherwise, the knives have no eyes and nor do the guns.

Lin Che assessed this bodyguard and with a nonchalant expression, she said, Thank you for your advice but I do not need it.

The bodyguard wanted to pull her away but he did not expect this skinny and weak-looking woman to turn around and grab his wrist instead. Not knowing where her strength came from, she easily threw the strong-looking bodyguard over her shoulders and onto the ground.

The other bodyguards immediately surrounded her.

You have the guts to lay your hands on us. Do you know who we are? Besides, this is the Gu family and you even dared to barge in like this. You may seem small but you have a lot of nerve to do that.

Although it had already been a few years, Lin Che still looked like a young lady in her twenties. After all, she was very young when she met Gu Jingze and thus, she was not very old now.

Lin Che looked at them. I dont care if its you all or even Gu Jingze. Nobody can stop me from picking up my son.

Ha. Look at how boastful she is. Stop here.

Meanwhile, at that moment, Gu Jingze came walking out of the house. The gate flung open and his voice pierced through the dark night, Lin Che!

Lin Che froze as if she got an electric shock. She lifted her head towards the direction where the voice came from.

Just as she heard him calling her name, a familiar figure came approaching here.

Gu Jingze, it was indeed Gu Jingze


Gu Jingze walked up towards her and Lin Che grabbed onto his arm fiercely. The first greeting that she gave him at this reunion was a throw on the floor. Gu Jingze was thrown onto the cement ground.

Crashing onto the ground, Gu Jingze was still in shock and did not realize what had just happened.



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