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Season 8

Episode 48

( Lin Che Returns)

Lin Che boarded the plane and switched off her mobile phone. After the plane had taken off, she turned on the in-flight screen before her and watched the news.

Gu Industries bought over the San Jin Group, expanding their realm to half of M Country.

After the Gu and Yun families joined forces, the individual value of Gu Jingze has tripled and the number of his supporters have also increased by thirty percent.

Regarding the expansion of Gu Industries business empire this year, Gu Jingze expressed that he will only control the headquarters. As for the development of individual portfolios under Gu Industries, he would be observing them as he did not want any of them to hinder his personal development.

Staff from the internal department revealed that Gu Jingze has fully taken over the Gu Industries. The previous head of household Gu Xiande has now retired.

In fact, Lin Che had already known about this. Shen Youran had informed Lin Che angrily, saying that there was a vixen around Gu Jingze. She was one year older than Lin Che and was still single. She was always around Gu Jingze and there had been very ugly rumors spreading about them, saying that they were having an affair.

When Lin Che first started to live by herself, there were times she felt truly upset. However, she began to understand gradually. Both Gu Jingze and her were not strong enough. Therefore, their love could not overcome the obstacles in reality. Knowing this, she wanted to get stronger so that she could fulfill her role properly instead of always being protected by Gu Jingze. In this way, she could choose to love that person, but not let others rule over her.

Therefore, Lin Che made up her mind to not hear any news about Gu Jingze. She focused on enriching herself and raising her child. Although she was feeling a little upset towards Gu Jingze, deep down in her heart, she believed that Gu Jingze had his own reasons for everything he did. If she could not trust him in that sense, she would not be able to get stronger.

Of course, she had some resentment towards Gu Jingze. Especially during these few days when the collaboration between the Yun and Gu family was all over the news, she was bent on not meeting this stinky guy. She thought to herself, She was only going there to take Niannian away and make Niannian reflect on his actions. She was not going to let Niannian see the father whom he had never met before.

Lin Che had never kept it from Niannian. Niannian knew who his father was and he knew his identity. He knew that the people who had been around him were the convoy of the Gu family. He knew that his father was busy expanding his business empire and had many reasons for not going over to meet him. Niannian was very sensible compared to his peers. He knew about many things. Sometimes, Lin Che would think that he had inherited all of Gu Jingzes intelligence and capability instead of hers. She wondered if Gu Jingze was like that when he was a child. In any case, this little imp was getting out of her control and all she could do was to not let herself get deceived by him.

While Lin Che was rushing to C Country.

A little imp appeared outside Gu Industries.

He lifted his head to look at the Gu Industries building. It was exactly the same as what he searched online. It seemed like he had come to the right place. Gu Jingze, his biological father, must be somewhere in this building.

He walked into the building quickly.

Inside, the receptionist was surprised to see a handsome little boy appeared at the door.

Little boy, may I ask who are you looking for? Because the little boy looked very handsome, the receptionist unknowingly spoke in a gentler tone.

He raised his head and told the beautiful lady before him, Im looking for your boss.

Our boss? The receptionist asked strangely, Which boss are you looking for? Which department? Which department is your father in?

Gu Shinian said, Yes, my father is the boss of this company.

Which department is he in? After hearing that his father is the boss of a department in the company, she became more patient while speaking to him.

Gu Shinian said, The highest-ranking boss.


Gu. Jing. Ze. Shinian said.

The receptionist stiffened upon his words. She looked at him speechlessly and asked, Little boy, are you sure? I heard that President Gu has no children. Dont make a nuisance here. If your father is really the boss, then you should quietly wait for him at the door. If it was your mother who told you that, she must be lying to you. You cant believe all the words your mother told you. The receptionist thought to herself disapprovingly, How could the mother lie to the child?

She thought that it was because their president was too popular, so some mothers became so delusional to the point that they told their children that Gu Jingze was their father.

Look at what they have done. They taught the child the wrong things and now, one kid came to their office to look for his father.

Gu Shinian did not want to waste any more time. He simply said, Alright, how about this? Give this to my father and tell him I am Gu Shinian and Im here to settle the score with him.

The receptionist took a look at the thing he gave her. It was a photograph. In the photo was a woman holding a child who looked familiar. At the back of the photograph was a line of letters forming a name. He said, Thats my English name.

The receptionist took the photograph and thought to herself, She wished she could bring it Gu Jingze.

But she could not.

She was just a receptionist and would not have the opportunity to meet such a powerful figure like Gu Jingze.

This, I dont think I can give it to him. You see

At that moment, a powerful and influential person pushed open the door.

Looking at the little boy who was standing at the entrance, her eyes lit up, Gu Shinian! She called out his name perfectly and went up to him quickly.

The receptionist was shocked for a moment but she was in awe when she lifted her head. It was Mrs. President

The person who was walking towards them was Mrs. President, Yu Minmin.

Lately, she attended many banquet dinners with Mr. President and was very lovey-dovey in public. People had seen them and therefore, were able to remember her looks.

Moreover, the relationship between Mrs. President and the Gu family was very clear. The staff of Gu Industries would definitely know what she looked like.

Gu Shinian turned around at once but when he saw the person walking towards him, he froze for a moment and appeared a little guilty. However, he regained his composure very quickly. He looked so calm that it made the people very surprised.

Hello, Aunty Minmin. Its our first meeting. Nice to meet you but Im here to find my father.

The receptionist gasped in horror. How did he address Mrs. President?

Yu Minmin was speechless, she replied, Alright, this is not our first meeting. When I first saw you, you were still in nappies. In the blink of an eye, he had grown so much and became very cheeky. Indeed, he seemed different from the other children.

Was it because of Gu Jingzes genes? They were too powerful.

Yu Minmin had only seen him once. When she went to America, she passed by Seattle and went to visit Lin Che secretly. Even though they had been keeping in contact through phones, she had not visited Lin Che ever since, but probably saw him a few times in their video calls.



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