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Season 8

Episode 47

(Which Family Does This Little Imp Belong To?)

It was May and the flowers were blooming.

At Seattle.

Lin Che quickly pushed open the door. She shouted into the house, Sister Feiran, did you see Niannian?

Mu Feiran was making milk for her child. Then, she walked out with a milk bottle. Looking at Lin Che with a shocked expression, she asked, Whats wrong? Is he missing? He didnt come here today. Im making milk for Yunyun. Hold on, let me ask Yunyun if she saw him.

Yunyun was sitting obediently on the chair. When she heard some sounds, she lifted her head and pouted her lips. Her big sparkling eyes made her look like a little elf.

Yunyun, did you see Brother Niannian?

Erm Mama, Brother Niannian doesnt want me to tell you.

Lin Che came in hurriedly, What trouble is he going to create this time around? Why cant he tell me?

Yunyun said, Aunty Lin Che, Brother Niannian is not going to create trouble. Hes going to do some important things.

Lin Che heard her words and sensed that something was wrong.

Yunyun fiddled with her two small legs. The way she toddled in her little skirt was very adorable.

Yunyun, tell Aunty. Otherwise, if Niannian stirred up trouble, I wont be able to help him and he will be in big trouble, right? Yunyun is most well-behaved, unlike Brother Niannian who is so mischievous and only knows to get in trouble every day. Yunyun, can you tell Aunty quickly? Aunty is very worried.

Yunyun was three and a half years old and was born half a month later than Niannian. Therefore, she was younger and Niannian was the older brother. However, both of their characters were worlds apart. Yunyun was sweet and obedient but Niannian was less expressive and mischievous. The two of them grew up together and were very close, so Mu Feiran eventually moved to live next door. Now that they lived a door away from each other, the two children could play together.

But that day, Niannian was missing since morning. She thought Niannian came over secretly to look for Yunyun but she found out that Niannian did not go over at all

Yunyun hesitated for a long while before she pouted and said, Brother Niannian said that he wanted to go and look for his father, so, so

So what?

So, he went to take the big airplane.

Lin Che was about to collapse.

Where did Niannian go?

Gu Shinian Just you wait.

He was only three and a half years old, how could he take the plane on his own? How could he possibly travel to C Country?

But in any case, Gu Shinian had really run off! He ran off on his own!

C Country.

The plane landed at B City International Airport.

The passengers alighted from the plane and were shocked to see a child tugging his own luggage. He was walking out while looking at his mobile phone.

Those who had sharp eyesight took a quick glance at him and discovered that this little kid who seemed so young was looking at the navigational system

Not long after, he held up his mobile phone and was making a call to someone. He spoke into the phone, Hello, I made a booking for hotel pick-up service at Seattle yesterday. Im at the airport now. Where are you?

The person on the other line could not believe his own ears. The voice sounded very much like a child

Meanwhile, the person who was standing nearby saw the little boy and asked anxiously, Hello, little kid. Why are you alone? Where are your parents? Have you lost your daddy and mommy? Do you want me to get a police uncle for help?

The little boy lifted up his cold eyes. His black pupils occupied a huge part of his eyeballs so his eyes appeared very bright and sparkly. Those eyes resembled black pearls. They were so clear that it would leave anyone in awe. However, his face was sullen. He heard the womans words and replied nonchalantly, Miss, you are the one who needs to look for the police. Your mobile phone is stolen. Didnt you realize?

The woman froze and immediately looked for her mobile phone. Then, she screamed, Ah! Wheres my phone? Why is my phone missing?

The little boy shook his head disapprovingly and muttered to himself, She cant even handle herself and still want to poke into other peoples business. Nowadays, people really have nothing better to do.

Soon, he was seated in the car that the hotel had prepared.

The hotel chauffeur could not believe his eyes. The person who made a booking at their hotel yesterday was this little imp sitting at the backseat.

Why did the hotel approve the booking? He was all by himself and was very young. Did their online server not detect that?

Meanwhile, this little imp successfully checked into the hotel with his American passport. Then, he told the chauffeur, Get someone to bring my luggage up and send me to the Gu Industries on the way.


After speaking, the little boy fished out a banknote and told him, Thank you. Heres a tip.

Everyone who passed by the little boy in the hotel was staring at him. He strode confidently and his expression showed no signs of the innocence of an ordinary child. His face may look very young but he looked very composed and was more composed than an adult.

He took out a small, black rim glasses from his pocket and put them on. He adjusted his glasses and the dark eyes behind the lens shot out a sharp glance.

Daddy, Im here. Are you ready?

At the same time

Lin Che had tried her best to buy the earliest flight to C Country.

At the airport.

Pulling the luggage with one hand, Lin Che had her phone in another.

Minmin, I will get there soon. Now, Im worried that the little imp had already gone to Gu Industries. No matter what, you must stop him. That little imp is difficult to control. Once you see him, dont believe anything he says. Dont be fooled by him.

On the other line, Yu Minmin said disapprovingly, Are you kidding me? Thats your son. Who speaks about their own son like that?

Lin Che was having a difficult time. She was very worried about the little imp yet angry at the same time. She would definitely teach him a lesson once she found him.

You have no idea how rebellious he is. Anyway, you will know once you see him.

Yu Minmin said, Alright, but you are not planning to tell Gu Jingze that you are coming back?

Lin Che paused for a moment and replied to Yu Minmin, No, just let him fool around all he wants. Im living in such a carefree life abroad. Why should I tell him? Im going back once I find my child. So, well leave it at that for now. Im not planning to tell anyone.

Hey, he clearly cant touch anyone and you know about that.

Emotional infidelity is even worse!

Alright, that Yun Luo fellow is the one chasing after Gu Jingze. I feel like Gu Jingze doesnt care about her at all. Shes not a low profile person and has been going to many public events so everyone thinks that Gu Jingze was doting on her.

Yu Minmin thought, He was doting on her? Those people were plainly ignorant. They were not aware of how much Gu Jingze doted on Lin Che previously.

However, Lin Che did not want to talk anymore. She looked at the time and said, Alright, Im boarding the plane now. Go and find Niannian first.

Dont worry. You can leave it to me! I will definitely help you catch that little imp!





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