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Season 8

Episode 46

(The Old Man At Gu Family Is Scary)

Lin Che looked at Mu Feiran. So what are you going to do next?

Mu Feiran laughed. Although that sense of pride could no longer be seen on her face, she had gained composure, I will definitely keep the child and raise him. Oh yes, whats your address? You should be staying around here right? If not, why would you come to this mall? Did Gu Jingze come together with you?

Lin Che raised her eyebrows. She laughed as she shook her head. Hes busy with his own matters and I have my own things to do too. I will give you my address. When we have time, we can go out together to have fun since we live so close to each other anyway.

That would be great. I was also getting bored by myself.

Lin Che was not bored. Servants, chefs, bodyguards, she had many people around her. However, being able to talk to Mu Feiran made her feel great indeed.

Both of them could accompany each other until they delivered their babies. It would be very interesting.

Thereafter, Mu Feiran often came to look for Lin Che. Both of them planned many activities together and had also invited their neighbors to the gatherings.

Back home.

Lin Che did not attend Shen Yourans wedding. Instead, she got someone to give red packets on her behalf.

On the other hand, Yu Minmin came to the wedding. Shen Yourans parents were very amazed by her presence and called her over to take a picture together. They also went around bragging to their relatives that Mrs. President was their daughters friend.

Shen Yourans wedding was very grand. Her wedding dress and gowns were specially customized. Even though Chen Yuchengs parents did not return from America, the wedding did not appear to be less grand. Many guests specially traveled from abroad to show support to Chen Yucheng, but the Gu family who had very close relations with Chen Yucheng did not turn up at all.

It was said that because the revolt was still ongoing, the Gu family were busy settling their internal affairs and therefore, Gu Jingze could not attend the wedding in person but he told someone to bring red packets on his behalf.

After the wedding, Shen Youran and Chen Yucheng went back to America to register their marriage. They held another simple wedding there.

When they came back, Shen Youran was moving somewhere with Chen Yucheng.

Shen Yourans mother muttered under her breath, Life is good for you. You are going to move to a comfortable place and live in a two-story villa while we still live in this small apartment.

Shen Youran did not hear her and continued packing her items.

Shen Yourans mother continued, Look at Yu Minmin. After she became Mrs. President, she immediately brought her parents to live in the villa.

Shen Youran paused and glared at her mother fiercely.

She wondered if she had committed any sins. Other parents would always spare a thought for their children, but not her parents.

She said, I have nothing in the first place and now, we are still going to demand from their family? Mom, do you really wish to see your daughter despised in the family? Would you really be happy to stay in a house that I have exchanged with my blood and tears?

Sigh, what are you talking about?! I never wanted you to beg them. Their family is just being inconsiderate. They have so many houses. It wouldnt make a difference even if they gave you one right?

Shen Youran felt that she would never get through them, so she decided to not say any further.

Chen Yucheng was playing on his mobile phone while waiting outside her house. When he saw Shen Youran walking out, he smiled and put his arms around her as they walked to the car together. Then, he gave her a peck on her cheeks.

Shen Youran said, Stop fooling around. Other people will see.

Whats wrong? Theres nothing wrong with kissing my own wife. So what if someone sees us?

Shen Youran felt a message vibration from her phone.

Chen Yucheng knew that it must be from Lin Che.

He inched closer to take a look but Shen Youran moved away.

Both of them had been sending messages to each other every day but Shen Youran would not let him read them. Chen Yucheng felt very indignant. Im your husband! Why are you trying to hide things from me?

Yes, I promised Lin Che that I would not disclose her information to anyone. This is Gu Jingzes arrangement. Are you not going to listen to him?

Chen Yucheng rolled his eyes.Seriously, you are really hiding it so secretively. Who cares about that?

Im not doubtful of you but its always good to be a bit more strict about this. Its all because the old man at the Gu family is too scary.

Sigh, every family has its own problems, but Gu Jingze would definitely outlive that old man right? Hes so old now. When I see him these days, I feel that hes most probably only going to live for another few years. No matter how much money the Gu family has, it wont help him extend his life for more than five years.

Shen Youran said, Although I feel that its wrong to curse others, I really think that it might be better if this evil man is dead. Sigh, you would think that I am very cruel and evil but Im only telling you this. Im not cursing him for real, but I just had that malicious thought in my mind.

Of course not. You are my wife. Whether you are well-natured or vicious, you are still my wife. Putting his arms around her, he kissed her.

Outside, Shen Youlan was watching from the balcony. She saw them kissing vigorously in the luxurious Porsche and became extremely jealous. They were both daughters from the Shen family, but one was so fortunate while the other was

She looked at herself and felt that she was dressed too shabby.

Shen Youran initially thought that she might never gain Chens family favor but after she became pregnant, she found out that she was expecting twins.

Without any external help, she got pregnant naturally. She did not take any fertility drugs and conceived the twins naturally. The Chen family was thrilled and definitely intended to bring her to America so that she could care for the fetuses in peace.

After the children were born, there would be a few nannies taking care of them, and that would ease Shen Yourans burden. Otherwise, she would be worn out by these two children.

At the same time, things at the Gu family began to settle down. Gu Jingze finally got hold of the power to rein. After changes in the authority in Gu family, he became the biggest shareholder and thus, the head of the household was also handed to him. No external forces could hinder him anymore.

However, Shen Youran heard that lately, Gu Jingze was becoming very close to another woman. She could not help but feel very angry.

However, Chen Yucheng simply told Shen Youran, Dont worry. He has not fully recovered from his illness and is still on medication. Even if theres a woman beside him, what can he do?

Shen Youran suddenly remembered that he still had the illness that no woman could have any contact with him.

She said angrily, That wont work either! No women are allowed within a three-meter radius!

Chen Yucheng shook his head and said, You ladies are too demanding. No women within a three-meter radius Besides women, there are only men left in this world. He cant possibly hire all men in his company right?

Shen Youran hit Chen Yucheng lightly and said, But I heard that this woman is someones granddaughter. That person seems quite powerful and has control over the military. Gu Jingze will not get together with her just for their power right?

Forget it. Does Gu Jingze still need to rely on their power? He was just being nice to her on the account of the friendship between both families. You cant make him kick her out and not let anyone get close to him right?

Shen Youran muttered, Anyway, that was not what I heard. People say that he dotes on her a lot.

Alright, dont jump to conclusions without any significant evidence.



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