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Season 8

Episode 45

(Ill Meet You When Im Done With Matters Here)

Gu Jingze helped Lin Che down and they walked forward quickly.

He grabbed Lin Ches hand tightly. Lin Che, the maids and bodyguards are all already waiting on the other side. Wait for me. Ill meet you when Im done with matters here.

Lin Che could feel the cold sweat in his palms.

Her heart ached as she suddenly felt as if it was a life-and-death moment.

However, she trusted Gu Jingze.

She nodded and held Gu Jingzes hand. Ill wait for you.

She nodded firmly at Gu Jingze and then smiled at him.

At the control station.

The staff was already prepared to proceed. The plane took off gently. After a few hours, it was completely in the sky. After a few more hours, it crossed the vast ocean.

Gu Jingze turned around and watched the plane fly above him. He took up his phone and called Gu Xiande.

Grandfather, you dont need to chase her anymore. Lin Che has already left and you wont be able to find her. Ill tell you that Im your only choice. The family will still belong to me, and Lin Che Dont try to threaten her life anymore. Otherwise, a great man has to be ruthless. I cannot guarantee that I wont do something that will make you regret it.

After a long pause, Gu Xiande sighed, Jingze Youll understand sooner or later

Theres no need to. I already dont want to understand your thoughts, Grandfather.

After that, Gu Jingze ended the call, straightened his hands, and strode out of the green lawn

Across the ocean.

Lin Che had been here for a few days. She turned on the TV and looked for news about C Nation. She soon discovered that changes indeed took place in C Nation. There was a sudden revamp in the Gu Industries and Gu Jingze was suspected to have been voted out of the board of directors. However, not one person from Gu Industries would provide details. It could only be observed that the companys stocks fluctuated, indicating an obvious internal change that outsiders could never know about.

Little was said in the news, but Lin Che knew that something indeed happened to Gu Jingze.

At this point, Lin Che realized that she could not stay under anyones protection forever. Gu Jingze protected her too well in the past and even right now, Gu Jingze still wanted to protect her. He wanted to keep her innocence, but she needed to get stronger.

She needed to at least be strong enough to protect herself.

Lin Che understood that Gu Jingze had no other choice but to send her here first.

Furthermore, this was not Los Angeles nor Hollywood. She was off the maps in Seattle.

Back in C Nation, Lin Che carried out her plan accordingly. Her studio claimed that she went abroad for studies but did not give away her exact location.

Nobody seemed to know that Lin Che was in Seattle.

When her stomach got slightly bigger, she pushed the cart as she wandered around in the supermarket.

Actually, she indeed seemed to have escaped from some things after coming here such as the troubles of fame. Here, she could be herself in peace. Seattle was very big and very few people recognized her. On top of that, she didnt go out often. Thus, this place was like a whole different world.

When she had nothing to do, she would cook at home or go out to learn different languages, piano, and archery. She would go for walks and make friends. Her days were very fulfilling and she was very happy.

When her belly was bigger, she spent more time reading and going to the supermarket, hoping that the baby would be healthy as long as she was healthy.

As usual, the supermarket was not crowded today. She was strolling along the vegetable section. Just as she was picking some tomatoes, she heard a familiar voice.

The tomatoes look good. I should get some. The womans voice was gentle and harmonious.

She turned around to see Mu Feiran in a dress and standing behind her. She froze.

Sister Feiran

When Mu Feiran saw Lin Che, she also froze.

She gazed at Lin Che incredulously. Little did she expect such a coincidence.

Because Lin Che left C Nation, she did not read about entertainment news for a long time. She did not know when Mu Feiran also came here.

However, what she was more surprised about was Mu Feirans belly.

Her belly was already clearly visible. She was obviously pregnant and the size of her belly was about the same as Lin Ches.

She said in surprise, Sister Feiran She froze and then quickly exclaimed, Congratulations, Sister Feiran! It turns out that youre pregnant too. Are you having the child here?

Mu Feirans gaze remained fascinated for a long time. Then, she beamed and looked at Lin Che. Yes, Im having my child here. I didnt tell the media about my pregnancy, so Wow, you too

The old acquaintances reunited and naturally went to rest at a caf. They ordered some simple food and drank some fruit juice.

Its been a long time since I saw the news about C Nation. I didnt even know you were pregnant, Lin Che said.

Mu Feiran smiled bitterly. She looked at Lin Che and said plainly, I dont want to hide it from you. After you saved me that day, I found out that I was pregnant

What did that mean?

Lin Che exclaimed in surprise, No way. That child

She gazed at Mu Feiran in shock and she nodded quietly. She conceived the child on the night that she was raped. Lin Che really could not believe it.

However, it looked like she already made up her mind to keep the child.

Mu Feiran touched her own belly. Her smile was a lot warmer. She was no longer the celebrity who faced cameras everywhere she went. Now, she was just a mother who was soon going to welcome a new life.

She said, The doctor said that my ovaries and uterus were injured and it was already hard to conceive this child. If I choose to abort, I might never have a chance to be a mother again, so I

She did not want to lose this child too.

Furthermore, Mo Ding never really cared about me ever since that incident. He could not accept the fact that I was touched by another man on our wedding night. I think my own hope now is him His hand showed lightly from inside her belly. She smiled and said, I wanted to end my life a few times. In the end, he gave me courage. No matter what happened to me, the child is innocent. He is a blank piece of paper and I can give him any color I want. I hope he will be filled with bright colors and not be dark. So I want to keep him, teach him, and nurture him. I want him to have an outstanding life.

Lin Che always admired Mu Feiran very much. Today, she admired her courage even more.

She had been through so much. She went through pain, glory, and setbacks. However, she still fought to live. Lin Che really respected her.


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