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Season 8

Episode 43

(You Will Be Expelled From The Board Of Directors)

Lin Che said, That will have to depend on whether youre willing to sacrifice something else or not. Nothing is perfect. If you want to be with that man, you have to sacrifice a little. Which do you think is more important: being with him or getting blessings for your marriage?

Was there a need to answer this?

Shen Youran wanted to be with Chen Yucheng. She respected and admired him in every aspect, and loved him in every aspect.

Shen Youran thought about it and became more determined. She did not think about anything else.

Meanwhile, Mu Wanqing knew about Yu Minmin and also wanted to visit her.

Knowing about the relationship between Lin Che and Yu Minmin, she decided to call Lin Che first.

However, Lin Che said that she already went.

Mu Wanqing had no choice but to go by herself. Actually, she still was not as close to Yu Minmin as she was to Lin Che. Even as her daughter-in-law, she still felt a little distant. After all, she personally picked Lin Che and she was so lovable. Thus, even though she thought that Yu Minmin was not bad either, she was not as familiar with her for now. Before she hung up, she even told Lin Che to wait for her outside. After she was done visiting Yu Minmin, she met up with Lin Che.

When she saw Lin Che, she smiled and said, Its quite a pity for Minmin this time but thankfully, you are all young. Therell be plenty of chances in the future.

Lin Che said, Yes, Minmin will be fine. Dont worry, Mom.

Mu Wanqing sighed and then smiled at her. Nevermind. You shouldnt be thinking too much about unhappy things. Your health is important. I wanted to meet you here because I remembered that we still have not bought some things. I wanted to buy them for you myself, but since you are the childs mother, after all, itll be better if we choose them together.

Lin Che asked strangely, What other things?

Mu Wanqing said, Just some stuff for the baby like ornaments for the room and some clothes. I want to buy some fabric so that our helper at home can make some blankets. Come and see what looks nice.

Although Mu Wanqing had this plan in mind, the things she bought were not just for blankets.

She practically swept through the whole mall, attracting stares with all the shopping bags. When she got tired and worried that Lin Che might have walked too much, she then took Lin Che to someplace nearby to rest.

Just then, Gu Jingze also called Lin Che to ask where she was.

Lin Che said, Im with Mom at the mall here.

I know. Get more rest and dont keep walking around. Let the people around you help out. Dont force yourself.

I know, worrywart.

Gu Jingze put down the phone and looked up. Gu Xiande was standing at the door.

He came to the company once again. Looking at Gu Jingze, he said, Ive already let the board of directors take a vote to remove your position as CEO. The entire Gu Industries is now none of your business. Come home with me.

Gu Jingze stood up. They want to remove my position? I dont believe that.

The board of directors was all old friends of the Gu family. It was impossible that they would not know that they could only get their dividends safely since Gu Jingze was around. If it wasnt for Gu Jingze, the Gu Industries would have disintegrated and they wouldnt have led such good lives now.

They have long affirmed Gu Jingzes leadership position and were all on his side.

However, what Gu Jingze did not know was that Gu Xiande showed his own face to every single member. Gu Xiande only said one thing and that he was doing it for the benefit of Gu Industries and for everyone. Gu Xiande has not been the head of the Gu Industries for a long time, but his influence and power was still there. Furthermore, most of the Gu Industries shares belonged to the Gu Family and the head of the Gu family now was still Gu Xiande. Thus, he tirelessly convinced everyone to listen to him this time.

Gu Xiande looked at Gu Jingze. Dont forget that youre still not the head of the family.

Gu Jingze leaned slightly and propped his hands on the table. He looked at the old man who had already shrunk due to old age, Grandfather, youve been going against every single person in the family for the past few years. Isnt it tiring? Ive already listened to you and left Mo Huiling. Now, you still want to continue interfering in my relationship with Lin Che. Is this all fun and games to you? The Gu Industries will be in trouble within a week if Im not around. Are you disregarding the stability of Gu Industries now?

Gu Xiande shook his head. No, you will understand in the future. I do everything for the familys own good.

Gu Jingze knew that it was already useless to say anything more to Gu Xiande. Grandfather, cant you just think about your future generations? Lin Che is pregnant. Cant you let us off at this point in time and let the baby be born in peace

Gu Xiande wanted to, but he was running out of time.

Gu Xiande could only smile bitterly as he looked at Gu Jingze. Jingze, I didnt say that I dont want the child. We will raise the child. If you must be with Lin Che, it will only harm her. Now, I still want this child. When you are so anxious, you must know that as long as Im the head of the house for another day, you will never be able to win against me unless I die!

Gu Jingzes eyes shifted.

How could he wish death on his own grandfather?

However, Gu Xiandes gaze was cold and determined. Nobody or nothing could waver him.

Even Gu Jingze thought that he had never seen his grandfather so determined before. It was as if he really wanted to interfere with his relationship with Lin Che. He was absolutely not going to let go so easily.

Gu Xiande said, You can always have children in the future. Jingming told me in the morning that Minmin was also pregnant, but it was going in the end. However, you must also know that youre not the only alpha male in this family. If we want a successor, we have plenty of ways.

Gu Jingze said, From the beginning, you let me marry Lin Che because she was the only one that I can touch. My illness is still not cured today, but you Dont you think this is too strange?

Gu Xiande chuckled, No, I told you long ago. I wanted you to marry her because you could marry any woman but you could not offer your own life for any woman. Thus, I didnt want you and Mo Huiling to waste time. I didnt want you to put in too much effort for Mo Huiling. However, Jingze, you give yourself too easily. Youre not suited to be with any woman. You were like this when you were with Mo Huiling and youre still like this without Mo Huiling. You being this way really makes me begin to question my own judgment. Is it right for me to hand over the Gu family to you?

Gu Jingze closed his eyes. Youre really that determined?

Gu Xiande smiled coldly. I have no other choice either. Jingze, I wish I had more time to guide you and make you understand that women are just women. However, because of her, you actually went against me. Will you also abandon the entire Gu Industries for her in the future? I cant gamble on that. I also cant gamble on the Gu family. So I can only make this choice.



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