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Season 8

Episode 38

(It Was Their First Time Ever Meeting Such A Generous Son In Law)

When they heard this, Shen Yourans parents were momentarily taken aback by Chen Yuchengs unexpected generosity.

Shen Yourans mother said happily, Will your family agree to the marriage if you dont sign a prenuptial agreement?

Chen Yucheng said, My money belongs to me only. Since before I was an adult, my family has given me funds. All of my assets are with the bank in the form of a trust fund, so my family cant interfere in my affairs. Theres no need for them to interfere in my own career as well.

Shen Yourans mother had initially thought that these wealthy families only had pampered sons and that the money was with their parents. If Shen Youran married him, she would still have to be beholden to her in-laws. Therefore, of course, that was not good.

Shen Yourans mother only stopped worrying when she heard his words.

On the other hand, Shen Yourans father was not concerned about these things. No matter what, the money belonged to him anyway. Marriage was not for the purpose of obtaining his money. He merely wanted to test the other partys attitude through the issue of money.

Shen Yourans father suggested, Why dont we follow tradition? The two of you are considered engaged right now. As for the wedding, well heed your familys wishes and cooperate accordingly.

Shen Yourans mother thought that he spoke about it too lightly. By lowering himself like this, he was totally making them look down on their family even more. They might even think that they were so eager to marry their daughter into the family as soon as possible.

Thus, Shen Yourans mother added another sentence, But the cash gift must still be paid.

Chen Yucheng said, You can name the amount you want. As the younger generation, we will follow the amount that you think is appropriate.

Shen Yourans mother looked at him and asked tentatively, Then how about 500,000?

Chen Yucheng immediately agreed upon hearing this.

Alright. 500,000 it is.

Shen Youran instantly objected. She shouted from the side, Mother, why do you need as much as 500,000? The most Ive heard of is just 100,000.

Shen Yourans mother did not expect Chen Yucheng to agree so easily. Her happiness had not even passed when her own daughter instead sided with an outsider.

She glared at Shen Youran and thought to herself that this lass was too stupid. Sooner or later, Chen Yucheng would squeeze her dry.

Nevertheless, she merely glared at her and said, Youran, their family is so rich. Who knows if they will bully you in the future? You have to leave yourself some capital. The money is not for us either. We will still keep it for you as your dowry.

Shen Youran said, No matter how wealthy their family is, it has nothing to do with me either. We will ask for the same amount of money that other people ask for. Im only doing this for the sake of tradition. Otherwise, I wouldnt mind not taking a single cent at all.

Chen Yucheng looked at her. Dont worry. Youran. I will still be yours even if you take it. My money is yours and your money is mine. We wont differentiate between whats yours and whats mine. If you take it, its akin to me taking it. Its the same as a husband transferring money to his wifes account. Its no big deal.

After hearing this, Shen Yourans heart melted again.

Shen Yourans mother looked at Chen Yucheng. She could not help but be moved by his words. In the beginning, she had thought that he was unreliable but right now, she genuinely felt that Youran was really lucky.

How could a man so generous to his wife exist in this world?

What else could she say? She immediately agreed.

After they left the house, Shen Youran looked at Chen Yucheng and said, My parents are too much. I cant believe that you agreed to this. Are you silly?

Chen Yucheng clasped her hands and said, Theyre the silly ones. They sold you to me at such a low price. When the time comes, your money will be mine. Forget about 500,000. Im willing to transfer any amount of money. It will come back to me anyway.

Hearing this, Shen Youran smiled and hit his chest. The two of them left her house together and started planning other arrangements.

Lin Che returned to the company first. She had taken many days of leave from Hollywood production, but they had not said anything. According to the rumors, Li Mingyus subordinates had gone to ask for leave on her behalf. Everyone was so frightened by their aggressiveness that they did not dare to say otherwise.

Operations at the company were running as per usual. After arriving at the company, the first thing Lin Che had to do was to settle matters just in case she had to leave to prepare for her pregnancy. Since she had not informed anyone of her pregnancy, she still needed an excuse to leave.

She was planning to finish filming the Hollywood movie and then leave to prepare for pregnancy immediately.

When the time came, she would publicly announce that she was studying abroad. She would return once she had safely given birth.

Abby said to Lin Che, I am very reluctant that youre leaving. I may even go over to visit you from time to time. Dont complain that Im annoying.

Lin Che pinched Abbys cheeks. Why would I? But are you planning to stay here and not go back to your fathers?

Abby smiled and looked around the company. I think this place is much more fun than in America. Besides, I really like this place too.

Lin Che looked at Abby through narrowed eyes. Then, she asked slyly, Do you like this place or do you like someone here?

Abby blushed slightly and hastily said, I no way!

Lin Che deliberately twisted her words and said bluntly, Im asking if you like the staff here like Minmin, me, and everyone else at this company.

Abby knew that she was being teased. She twisted her hip and bumped into Lin Che while saying, Youre about to be a mother but youre still spouting such nonsense!

She only remembered that there was a child in Lin Ches womb after she bumped into her.

Good lord, sorry, sorry. I forgot that youre pregnant. I even bumped into you, Abby said frantically.

Lin Che said nonchalantly, Of course, Im not that pampered. Its not like I cant be touched at all.

Abby said, Sister Yu has already told me that this child of yours will be as precious as gold once it is born. Of course, I must be careful. I definitely dont want Gu Jingze to come after me.

The two of them walked together while chatting cheerfully. They saw Xue Yang walking towards them as well. He smiled and said, Sister Che, I heard the news. Congratulations.

Lin Che froze. When she saw Abby sticking her tongue out beside her, she knew that Abby was the one who had told him.

She slapped Abby on the head but did not say anything else. Then, she said cheerfully and magnanimously, Thank you. I have to leave for Los Angeles very soon to film. I wont be able to watch over you, but you must work hard too.

Xue Yang nodded solemnly. I will definitely work hard.

Lin Che smiled and left. Xue Yang watched her leave and asked Abby, Is Sister Che going to be away for a long time?

Yes. Shes going abroad to prepare for pregnancy.

Xue Yang drew in a breath. He looked at Abby and asked, Arent you going back?

He knew that Abby had only come to C Nation because of Lin Che. Otherwise, a wealthy young lady like her would not have run all the way here.

Abby said, Im not going back. Why should I?

Xue Yang looked at her. Are you going to stay here?

Abby smiled and nodded. Yes. Im going to stay here and continue learning from Sister Yu.

Xue Yang did not expect Abby to actually stay here.

He looked at Abby and realized that he genuinely did not want her to leave.

Although they had not spent a lot of time together, he still really enjoyed being together with her.

Xue Yang carried his backpack properly. Since youre staying, let me treat you to a meal. Come on.



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