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Season 8

Episode 37

(They Purchased Property For The Child Even Before It Was Born)

That afternoon, Lin Che went together with Mu Wanqing to discuss the issue of the childs nursery.

Mu Wanqing smiled while tugging Lin Ches hand. She said to the maid, Ive instructed someone to go to Italy and order a bed. Let me know once it has been delivered and installed. We dont have to specially renovate the room. If we overdo the renovations, it wont be good for the child. Lets just add some items. Once the child is grown up, he will want his own apartment anyway.

She smiled and said to Lin Che, You wont be able to keep them with you in a few years just like Jingze and the rest of them. They refuse to live together with us. They moved out and found their own apartments when they were quite young.

Lin Che thought that this was only the case for wealthy people. In ordinary households, they lived together no matter how old they were.

However, she had not thought that far into the future. As she watched Mu Wanqing cheerfully make arrangements to purchase a property for the child, Lin Che exclaimed internally that the child was only two months old

There was no need to think that far ahead, right?

It was a long time before Mu Wanqing left. Lin Che told Gu Jingze, Mother said that she wants to buy a villa nearby for the child

Gu Jingze merely let out a sound of affirmation.

Lin Che said, Hey, hey, hey. The child isnt even born but she has already started making such arrangements. Isnt it a little too early for this?

Gu Jingze said, She has a lot of money stashed away. Just let her do whatever she wants.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze in disbelief and said to him, Youre completely inhumane

Gu Jingze continued staying at home to rest. He had yet to settle matters at the company.

The injuries on his body had recovered significantly. As he looked at Lin Che and stroked her hand gently right now, he thought that in the past, he would already have pressed her down and tossed her about. He felt immensely uncomfortable.

But now

He sighed and caressed her stomach. He said, Your mother is so happy. Shes not thinking for her son at all

Lin Che had not yet registered what he meant by this. However, when she saw Gu Jingze sneaking glances at her breasts, she immediately understood what he meant.

Hey. How could you? Seriously, youre injured all over but youre still thinking about this.

Gu Jingze said, Thats why I need you to comfort me even more. Otherwise, why dont you He held her hand and wanted to reach downward.

Lin Che hastily retracted her hand with all her might. Let go of me. Get lost. Dont even think about it. Seriously. Someone is going to come in later.

Sure enough, the maid knocked on the door just then. Gu Jingze looked at Lin Ches blushing face and had no choice but to release her.

He also knew that she had been very tired over the past few days. He should not torment her.

But after this she could forget about escaping.

When Shen Youran returned to C Nation, she immediately went to visit Lin Che once she had touched down.

Shen Youran also brought Lin Che a small gift, a piece of clothing she had chosen in America. Chen Yucheng trailed in behind her. He looked just as he always did. He looked at Lin Che and said, I told her from the start that she didnt need to buy anything. You probably have heaps of clothing enough to create mountains but she didnt believe me.

Shen Youran scoffed and said, Of course, I must buy something. Im the godmother.

Lin Che said, Thats right. I can refuse everyone elses gifts, but yours will definitely be the first one my baby will wear.

Shen Youran lifted her head proudly at Chen Yucheng who said to her, Youre going to be the godmother? The godmother of the heir to the Gu family? It looks like I wont be able to bully you in the future. Now, you have someone to back you.

Shen Youran froze. Then, it suddenly occurred to her. She covered her mouth and said excitedly, Its true. This child is the heir to the Gu family. I forgot all about that. Lin Che, in that case can I still be his godmother since hes the heir? Will Gu Jingze agree to it?

Lin Che schooled her face into a serious expression. Does he dare to disagree?! Ill make sure he agrees!

Shen Youran immediately embraced Lin Che excitedly. If so, that will mean that I am related to a wealthy family somehow or another. Dear me, I will attract so much attention in the future if I tell people that the Gu familys child is my godson.

Shen Youran suddenly thought of something and said, Right now, you still dont know if its a boy or a girl, right?

Chen Yucheng said disbelievingly, How can she know at this stage? Do you have any general medical knowledge?

Shen Youran turned to glare at him. Im just that stupid. Why? Cant I be?

Chen Yucheng shook his head and said, Sure, sure. Forget it. One smart person in our family is enough. If we have a child in the future, I hope that the child inherits my intelligence.

Get lost. Who wants to have a child with you? Shen Yourans face turned completely red and she elbowed Chen Yucheng.

Lin Che said, Hey, hey. I know that you two are about to get married but you dont have to make it so obvious, right? Youre making me feel sick.

However, despite her words, Lin Che still felt very happy for them.

Shen Youran became even more bashful and forcefully hooked Lin Ches neck to stop her from speaking again.

However, Chen Yucheng said very frankly, Finally, we dont have to see how disgustingly sweet Gu Jingze usually is towards you.

Shen Youran said, Thats truly disgusting. But you, hmph. Look at how well Gu Jingze treats Lin Che. Then, look at yourself. All you know how to do is to argue with me.

Chen Yucheng looked at Lin Che in disbelief. In the future, stay far away from us when youre being affectionate. Otherwise, how will I be able to tolerate constantly being compared with Gu Jingze?

Chen Yucheng went in to take a look at Gu Jingze before going back to Shen Yourans home with her.

The Shen family had not expected Shen Youran to get married so soon. Ever since Shen Youran had left after arguing with the family, she did not go home often. If they did not call for her, she would definitely not go home at all.

This time, Shen Youran had told her parents beforehand that she was going home now to tell them something, Then, she brought Chen Yucheng home with her.

When they stepped into the house, Shen Yourans parents saw that Chen Yucheng was actually here with Shen Youran. They guessed that something was about to happen and looked at Shen Youran in surprise. Then, they said, The two of you are

Shen Youran pulled Chen Yucheng towards her in one swift motion. Chen Yucheng said without hesitation, Auntie, Uncle. Im here to propose marriage. Shen Youran and I are planning to marry.

Sure enough, Shen Yourans parents froze. They looked at the two of them and did not react for a long time. Finally, they said, In that case, fine. We give you our blessings to marry as well. But Doctor Chen, the gap between the two families is very big after all. Has your family agreed?

Chen Yucheng said, My family members have given in to my wishes and have agreed to our marriage. But theyre far away in America and its not convenient for them to come to visit. Thats why Im here to propose marriage first this time.

Shen Yourans parents also knew that it was inappropriate to make a prominent family like theirs come all the way from America to propose marriage. Shen Yourans mother looked at Chen Yucheng. I wont say anything more. Marry if you want to. But you cant sign any prenuptial agreement before the marriage. Otherwise, our family wont have any leverage if you bully our Youran in the future.

They had just mentioned marriage but she was already bringing up the issue of assets. Hearing this, Shen Youran frowned and said, Mother, what are you doing?

Chen Yucheng stopped Shen Youran and said to her mother, Its because you feel uneasy about me. Besides, love is a matter between two people, but marriage does indeed have larger implications. I can guarantee that I have seriously considered this marriage before deciding. I wont sign a prenuptial agreement.

Shen Youran froze and looked at Chen Yucheng.

Her mouth twitched but she could not say anything about how touched she felt.

Although love could not be measured by money, his sincerity was enough to show that everything he had done for her was genuine.

Money could not be used to measure it, but it could distinguish the genuine from the fake.


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