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Season 8

Episode 35

(You Are Jingzes Only Weakness)

Of course, Gu Xiande had many subordinates. After alighting, he used his cane as support and said to Mu Wanqing, Go and check on Jingze. Ill take a look at Lin Che first.

Mu Wanqing had been immensely worried for some time. She quickly nodded her head. Then, Ill visit Lin Che in a while too. Ill go and see how Jingze is doing now.

Mu Wanqing left first. On the other hand, Gu Xiande headed straight for Lin Ches ward.

Lin Che was currently resting. The doctor did not expect Gu Xiande to come personally. He thought to himself that this was definitely a prominent family that emphasized their bloodline. When he arrived, he came to visit Lin Che first.

However, he did not know that Gu Xiande was here to visit Lin Che for a different reason.

After he entered the room, Lin Che looked up only to see Gu Xiande. She quickly sat up.

Gu Xiande said, Thats enough. Dont get up. I know that your body isnt in a good state. Just sit down.

Relieved, Lin Che sat down and looked at Gu Xiande. Grandfather

Gu Xiande said, I know that youre pregnant with Jingzes child. It is definitely the flesh and blood of the Gu family.

Lin Che said, Grandfather, I know that you think that what happened in A Nation this time was again my fault. Youre thinking that Gu Jingze got hurt only because of me.

Gu Xiande looked at Lin Che. I know its not your fault. You may not know this, but Jingze would rather destroy his relationship with me for your sake.

Lin Che froze.

She had not expected this but she felt more touched than anything.

Grandfather, this doesnt mean that theres something wrong with me. It should mean that theres something wrong with you instead, right?

I know that Im the one with a problem. Im old and I cant accept things straying from what I think is right. But right now, I still hope that you will leave Jingze of your own accord. You yourself have seen how dangerous his situation has become now that youve become his weakness. The two of you were lucky to have returned alive this time but the situation is even more dangerous now. Once people get wind of this incident, the whole world will know that you are his weakness. As long as they kidnap you, he will fight tooth and nail for you anytime. Right now, Black Hawk is still out there waiting to fight the Gu family to death. There are countless people out there waiting for Jingze to die. Do you really want to continue living like this, placing Jingze in danger with you?

Lin Che did not understand why he was so insistent that Gu Jingze could not have any weaknesses.

She said, Gu Jingze had weaknesses in the past too.

Gu Xiande shook his head. No, youre his only weakness. If you dont leave, I will never stop worrying even when Im dead.

Are you still unable to accept me even though Im carrying a child of the Gu family? Grandfather, do you not want this great-grandchild? Lin Che asked.

Gu Xiande shook his head vehemently. I do. But once the child is born, you must hand it over to me.

Lin Che could not believe her ears. She felt even more strongly that she had misjudged Gu Xiande. All this time, she had felt that he was an adorable old man. Everyone feared him but Lin Che did not think that he was as terrifying as they described.

However, such cruel words were actually coming out of his mouth now.

Lin Che asked, Do you want the child to be born without a mother?

Gu Xiande remained calm as he said, If the child is born in the Gu family, it will have everything it wants. It will not lack your insignificant maternal love. You think too highly of maternal love. The moment they were born, Jingze and his siblings were brought up by their nanny. Arent they completely fine right now? Forget it. After all, your family background is different from Jingzes, so you wont understand what it means to be born to the Gu family.

Lin Che smiled grimly. So ultimately, you just think that Im not good enough for Gu Jingze because of my background.

Thats not what I mean. Even if you were born in a wealthy and powerful family, I still wouldnt approve because its too dangerous for you to stay by Jingzes side. Thus, I wont approve no matter who you are and how good you are.

Lin Che looked at Gu Xiande dejectedly.

Outside, someone said that Gu Jingze had woken up. Only then did Gu Xiande look at Lin Che. Its best for you to think about it and leave of your own accord. Otherwise, it wouldnt look good for all of us if we had to use the power of the Gu family to force you to leave. It wouldnt be good for Jingzes future either if the matter blew up.

These were Gu Xiandes last words before he turned around and left.

Lin Ches spirits were momentarily dampened because of Gu Xiande.

Nevertheless, upon hearing that Gu Jingze was awake, she adjusted her mood very quickly to go and visit him.

Mu Wanqing was about to die from worry. She looked at Gu Jingze and gave him multiple reminders. She told him not to be so brash in the future. If anything was the matter, everyone could discuss it together.

Gu Xiande stayed in the back and did not say a word. Gu Jingze remained silent. He knew that his words would not be pleasing and decided not to say anything.

Mu Wanqing said to Gu Jingze, I heard that Lin Che is pregnant. Fortunately, nothing happened to the child this time. Otherwise, what would you do? Alright. You have a chat with your grandfather here. Ill go and visit Lin Che.

Mu Wanqing had wanted to see Lin Che for a long time now. She rushed to Lin Ches room once she was done speaking.

Upon seeing Lin Che, she said cheerfully, I heard the news, Little Che.

Seeing that Lin Che was about to get up, Mu Wanqing hastily said, Dont move, dont move. Why are you moving? These few days have been really difficult for you. It wasnt easy for you to come back, so dont move around.

She took Lin Ches hands into hers and said, This child is the first child of our family. Ive already gotten some people to get the room ready. I know that you and Jingze like to spend time alone, but its better to spend your confinement in our old residence. We have many elders with a lot of knowledge. I myself have taken care of several children. It would be easier for me to look after you when the time comes as well. Once your confinement period is over, you can go back if you wish to.

Lin Che leaned against Mu Wanqing. She was glad that Mu Wanqing was still the Mu Wanqing she knew.

Mu Wanqing really treated her too well. She did not seem like her mother-in-law but like her biological mother instead.

Mother, Ill leave the decision to you. But dont make the affair so big. I would feel embarrassed.

Of course, we must make it a grand affair. Its impossible not to make it a grand affair even if you dont want to. You will give birth to the first child of the Gu family. Come to think of it, Jingyans child will be about the same age as yours. I wonder whose child will be born first. When the time comes, it will definitely be very interesting for the two children to grow up together.

Mu Wanqing was so happy that she kept going on about bringing Lin Che to buy some essentials for the child.

At that moment, Lin Che remembered something and said to Mu Wanqing, Gu Jingze said that he wants me to go abroad to prepare for pregnancy.

Mu Wanqing said, Dear me. Hes really

But when she thought about it, Gu Xiande had been having numerous conflicts with Gu Jingze recently. Prior to this, the pair had butted heads several times. Each time, they were ready to jump at each others throat. The grandfather and his grandson had the same personality. Each was more stubborn than the other. There was nothing she could do about it. Therefore, she thought that they should go abroad to prepare for her pregnancy since they wanted to.

Thats good too. Well follow Jingzes wishes. But I must go and watch over you if youre giving birth abroad. I definitely feel uneasy about Jingze looking after you on his own over there. When the time comes, I will definitely go with you. I hope you dont find me annoying.



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