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Season 8

Episode 34

(Gu Jingze Suggested Going Overseas To Prepare For Pregnancy)

Gu Jingze and Lin Che returned to C Nation very shortly after.

Linda was in charge of looking after Lin Che during the journey.

Lin Che looked at Linda and asked, Was A Nation agreeable to all of you coming here like this? You brought so many troops.

All of these troops are part of the Presidents private army. Theyre special troops to protect the Presidents safety. Bringing troops to another country is usually a sensitive matter, but Mr. President exerted pressure on A Nation for your safety. A Nation agreed to our rescue mission.

In that case, Li Mingyu and his henchmen

Linda said, Li Mingyu has already been stripped of his A Nation citizenship. Right now, A Nation is in the midst of publishing an Interpol notice for Li Mingyus arrest. As for Black Hawk, he is a stateless person, to begin with, so it will be very difficult to capture him. But A Nation has also promised to cooperate with us in arresting Black Hawk.

It seemed that A Nation had ultimately given in to the Gu family and was now standing on their side.

Lin Che said, Its unfortunate that Dongzis family lost a family member because of us. Without him, we would be dead in a ditch right now, but we implicated him instead.

Linda said, Dont worry. Ill take him back to C Nation. Earlier, I saw that he had very good physical traits. Hes also of an appropriate age. I asked him if he was willing to join the private army. If he is, Ill let him join the new batch of soldiers and begin basic training.

The private army?

Yes. Although he will still have to work hard in order to formally join the private army, he also wants to join. Thus, I may give him a place in the private army.

That would be great. Lin Che felt slightly more at ease. She hoped that his future would be a little brighter so that his father in heaven would feel more assured.

Lin Che went in to take a look at Gu Jingze. He was leaning against one side of the helicopter while tilting his head to look at some documents.

She suddenly recalled what had happened at Li Mingyus when she had seen him and heard him mumble that sentence.

She had clearly heard him say, Lin Che, I love you.

Her entire face heated up when she thought about those three words. She looked at Gu Jingze tenderly with a hint of adoration mixed in her gaze.

She really loved him very much. Although she had not wanted to admit it all this while, she could no longer hide it under the circumstances.

Gu Jingze looked up. He happened to see Lin Che and gestured for her to come to sit with him.

She walked over to him and leaned against him. He wound his arm around her shoulders, patted her arm, and said, I heard that you were very uncomfortable during the plane ride to America. How do you feel this time?

Im much more accustomed to it now, Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze looked down at her stomach. It occurred to him that inside her womb was a tiny human that they had created together. He smiled faintly and reached a hand out to caress her stomach.

Once we get back, Ill settle matters at home and accompany you abroad to prepare for your pregnancy.

Why are we going abroad? Lin Che asked while looking at him.

Gu Jingze said, There are too many things happening in the country. Furthermore, your job means that many people know you and it makes it hard for you to leave the house. Why dont we go abroad? It will be much easier on you.

Lin Che thought that it made sense too. She really wanted to lead a life with just Gu Jingze for the time being as well.

To be honest, since they had known each other, they had never really enjoyed their quality time together. It was indeed something to be lamented.

She nestled into his embrace. When she saw that there were still wounds on his neck, she immediately said, There are so many injuries on your body. I wonder if they will leave scars.

Arent scars a mans medals? Why? Do you not like it? He looked down and asked.

Lin Che said, Of course, I dont like it. It wont be nice to touch.

Come and touch it. See if its nice to touch. He smiled and pulled her hand underneath his clothes.

Lin Che reached her hand out to slap the back of his hand. So many people were watching. Why was he telling her to touch him?

However, Lin Che looked at him and thought to herself that she would definitely not like him any less for it. No matter how many scars he had on his body, he was still that perfect Gu Jingze. He would only be better, sexier, and more attractive. He would not be any worse.

Gu Jingze put his arms around her. However, he suddenly frowned and fidgeted. He looked a little uncomfortable.

Whats wrong, Gu Jingze?

Gu Jingze shook his head and his bottom lip trembled slightly. Its nothing

However, he suddenly toppled towards the side just after saying this.

Lin Che was momentarily shocked.

Doctor, Doctor. Quick, come take a look!

The doctors rushed over following Lin Ches anxious shouting.

The doctors surrounded Gu Jingze and examined him.

Lin Che watched anxiously from behind them.

The only thing Linda could do was comfort her. Young Madam, nothing major will happen. The doctors already checked up on him before this. His injuries arent very deep. He may just be too fatigued, causing some inflammation.

Lin Che hoped that was the case too. But how could she feel relieved when she saw the doctors surround Gu Jingze right now?

When the helicopter arrived in B City, they immediately headed to the private hospital they had booked.

Knowing that Gu Jingze was the patient, the hospital had already cleared an entire level for Gu Jingze.

The doctors sent Gu Jingze into the emergency room. Outsiders were not allowed to go in; only family members like Lin Che were allowed inside.

Lin Che sat outside waiting anxiously. She did not know how much time had passed before she saw the doors to the emergency room open.

A doctor walked out and said while looking at Lin Che and Linda, Mr. Gu is fine. He has some internal bleeding that we didnt discover due to the lack of equipment before this. Thus, theres some inflammation. Hes fine now but hes very tired. He will probably sleep for quite some time after taking the medicine.

Lin Ches body swayed. Right now, she felt terribly tired as well.

Linda quickly told them to prepare a room first so that Lin Che could rest up.

Lin Che was surrounded by many doctors as well when she went into the room. They tested her blood and examined her body, afraid that there was something wrong with her.

Fortunately, it was really the extreme fatigue that made her feel unwell.

The doctor advised her, The condition of your fetus is slightly unstable. Weve just given you a jab to stabilize it. There shouldnt be any problems, but its better that you dont walk about again.

Lin Che said gratefully, Thank you.

The doctor hastily replied, No problem, no problem. This is something I should do.

After finding out that Lin Che was actually pregnant, the doctors naturally rushed over to help.

The child was Gu Jingzes and she was Gu Jingzes wife.

Therefore, the child in her belly was none other than the legitimate heir of the Gu family.

Even if it was a girl and not a boy, she would still be a rich young heiress.

Therefore, even though the child was still in her womb, it was already immeasurably precious.

If anything happened to them here, how would the doctors explain it to the Gu family? How would they explain it to Gu Jingze?

So of course, they did all that they could out of fear that something would go wrong with Lin Ches womb.

They took turns to watch over her the entire night. Regardless of what Lin Che said, if she looked even slightly unwell, the doctor would rush over to check up on her to prevent an actual accident from happening.

Although they felt very proud that Gu Jingze had selected their hospital after returning to the country, they felt that they would have a very difficult time in these next few days.

There seemed to be a tense atmosphere throughout the entire hospital until the next day.

In the morning, the entrance to the hospital was cordoned off. The person who was coming was the Old Master of the Gu family, Gu Xiande.

Gu Xiande arrived at the hospital together with Mu Wanqing.



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