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Season 8

Episode 33

(They Were Finally Rescued)

The shouts of the Wang family shook Lin Che to the core. However, she did not have time to think about anything else and quickly caught up with Gu Jingze.

Gunshots rang behind them. Lin Che involuntarily bit her bottom lip. What did they do to Dongzis family

Lets go. Theres no time.

These people are too wild

People under Black Hawk have always been inhumane. A few villagers wont be able to stop them.

The sound of a vacuum traveled from behind them. Gu Jingze pulled Lin Che in one swift motion so that they were both leaning against a low wall.

They sensed someone walk past them while cursing, What the hell? Gu Jingze is so good at hiding. How is he so fast?

However, he saw Gu Jingze hiding here the moment he turned around.

His face immediately turned white from fright. When he first saw Gu Jingze, he lost his senses for a moment.

Seizing this opportunity, Gu Jingze pulled his arm directly and threw him onto the ground with one move. Then, he hooked the gun with his foot and kicked it into his hand. Thereafter, he aimed at the man on the ground and shot him with a bang.

He completed these movements in one breath. Lin Che stared at him with her mouth agape. She felt as if she was watching a movie.

The next moment, Gu Jingze pulled Lin Che and ran madly in the other direction.

Black Hawks eyes were filled with indifference. Its all because you guys let down your guard. Did you think that Gu Jingze was the same as all the other people you met before? Hmph. You underestimated him too much. The bloodline of the Gu family is not as simple as you think.

As he spoke, he looked in front with narrowed eyes. Go after them.

At the side, Dongzis father lay dead in a pool of blood. The rest of the family kneeled on the floor while being held down.

Black Hawk lifted the little girls chin and looked at her tear-streaked face. Tell me. Did Gu Jingze ever reveal where they were headed to?

The little girl cried and shook her head with her eyes closed. No, we really dont know them

Black Hawk raised his gun and aimed it at the little girls head.

Dongzi hugged Black Hawks arm. They said it. They said they were going to the city. Really. They wanted to go to H City to look for someone. Really.

Dongzi was not telling the truth, but he thought it was likely that they were going to a major place like H City since they did not appear to be ordinary people.

As expected, Black Hawk narrowed his eyes and pondered for a bit. Theyre going to H City. The Gu family has a stronghold there. Hm, alright. Send some people to H City right now. The rest of you, stay here and continue the search.

After they left one by one, the old lady threw herself on her sons body. He said that we shouldnt bring them in. Sure enough, we shouldnt have wuwuwu. Who exactly are they? Why are they rampantly killing people

Dongzi had a completely bewildered expression as well as he mumbled, But these are the actual bad people. They didnt seem like bad people to me. They were probably being chased by those bad people Father Father, wake up

Gu Jingze led Lin Che all the way to the edge of the village. They hid in a grassy field.

Gu Jingzes injuries seemed to have worsened considerably because of the fight. Lin Che tugged at him and asked worriedly, Youre alright, right are you really alright

Gu Jingze pursed his lips. Even though his face was pale, he still nodded calmly with his teeth clenched. Im fine.

Just then, they saw lights from afar again.

Lin Che immediately put her guard up. She held Gu Jingzes arm and listened carefully to the sounds outside.

The lights were coming closer and closer and eventually came near them.

Gu Jingze also lifted the gun in his hands as well. At that moment

The sounds came closer and Gu Jingze lifted the gun in his hands abruptly. However, the moment he aimed outwards, he heard someone ask, Second Young Master? Is that you?

Lin Che was jolted to her senses. When she looked up and saw Linda coming towards them, she simply felt as if the tightly-wound string in her heart had finally gone lax.

Similarly, Gu Jingze lowered the gun in his hands instantly.

He looked at Linda. Its me. Linda, did Older Brother tell you to come?

It really is Second Young Master Linda shouted in surprise and hastily called some people over. Over here. Second Young Master is here. Young Madam is here too.

Along with the rest, Linda led Lin Che and Gu Jingze into the safety of the car. She served the two of them some nutritional biscuits to restore their energy. Then, she called for the doctor urgently to check up on Gu Jingzes body.

Lin Che recalled Dongzis family. She looked at Linda and said, Earlier, Black Hawk brought his henchmen to one of the villagers houses. I dont know what has happened to their family.

Linda looked at Lin Che. She paused before saying, Black Hawk killed three of the villagers. I wonder if the people youre talking about were among them.

Lin Ches heart sank.

Linda and the rest were all dressed in very proper attire and looked especially formal. Lin Che looked at Linda and said, I thought you were Gu Jingmings secretary.

From the side, Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. Linda is the Presidents personal secretary but she was also specially chosen from a pool of talents. You must be well-rounded in order to be selected to assist the President. Did you think it was that easy? In reality, Linda has an impressive doctorate in the industry.

Lin Che looked at Linda in admiration, thinking about how she really did not know anything. She was seriously much more stupid than these people.

Gu Jingze was surrounded by talents like these. It was no wonder that he called her stupid all the time. She really was very stupid.

She thought that if she had a chance in the future, the first thing she would do when she got back would be to make herself stronger so that she would never have to be under someone elses control again.

In no time, Linda took the two of them back to the village first. As she had brought everyone here directly for a rescue mission, they surrounded the entire village in a short time. Her subordinates walked around everywhere, inevitably causing everyone to speculate what exactly had happened in this village.

The corpse of Dongzis father had already been taken away. Dongzis whole family was in very low spirits. In particular, Sister Wang sat there while crying continuously.

Lin Che walked towards her, feeling immense sadness. Im sorry. Its all our fault that your father died.

The old lady looked up. All you are prominent figures. We cant afford to offend you. You could have chosen any other family. Why did you have to choose our family? Dear me, my pitiful son

Linda looked on from the side and said to the old lady, This is a tragedy caused by evil forces. Were victims too but we really feel for you. You lost your son at such an old age. Why dont we take responsibility for the three of you in the future? If the two children are willing, well take them to C Nation too. Well give them a better education and a better future. What do you think?

Hearing this, the old lady looked up. Do you mean that youll take them to the city? Will you bring them up in the future?

Thats right.

The old ladys eyes moved. She did feel that this compensation was adequate. It was a fact that her son was no longer around. Judging from how powerful they seemed, the compensation they gave would definitely be sizeable. Therefore, she wiped her tears away and said, Alright, alright. You must do as you promise.

Linda finally managed to console the family through repeated promises.

The group of people left this place together. The helicopter was already ready. The quiet morning in the village was disrupted by the troops. Everyone watched in rapt attention as the row of people escorted Lin Che and Gu Jingze into the helicopter and away from this place.


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  1. Wow am happy they were rescued. As for black eagle. His cup will soon be full



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