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Season 8

Episode 30

(Escaping From Danger)


At the far away A Country.

When Lin Che opened her eyes again, she saw Li Mingyu looking at her. He lowered the gun slowly but kept his eyes fixed on her. He smiled and shook his head. Are you really not going to dodge? Are you a fool?

Lin Che looked at his gun fearfully. It took her awhile before she realized what had happened. She looked at him in astonishment and asked, You didnt insert the bullets?

Li Mingyu snorted and took out the cartridge. It was empty.

He sighed and stared at Lin Che.

He realized that he could not bear to kill her.

She was different from the other girls. When in desperate situations, she stayed very calm. This probably had to do with the hardships she went through when she was a child so she had strong adapting skills.

Besides, she was very easy going and adorable.

Interacting with her made him feel that she was a friendly person and he wanted to get closer to her.

He shook her head and looked at her. He said helplessly, Lin Che, being with him is a torture to yourself.

But at that moment

The door burst open.

A black figure appeared at the door.

Li Mingyus men were also shocked when they saw Black Eagle leading his men who were all dressed in black into the room.

Black Eagle stood at the front. He was carrying a gun and when he saw the sight before his eyes, he sneered at Li Mingyu. You still have the mood to have fun here? We only have two options now. Make Gu Jingze the hostage in exchange for your freedom or coerce A and not let A have the opportunity to betray you.

Li Mingyu frowned and looked at Gu Jingze.

Black Eagle narrowed his eyes. Or you can kill Gu Jingze. Then, this will enrage C but theres nothing A can do because whatever it does, it will not pacify C. Perhaps, in this way, they will not betray you.

Li Mingyu froze.

Black Eagle was indeed very ruthless in his methods.

Then, Black Eagles gun was already pointing at Gu Jingzes direction.

Lin Che panicked.

She screamed, No!

Then, she hugged Gu Jingzes waist at once.

The gun sounded again and this time, it seemed a little different from the sound of Li Mingyus empty gunshot.

The strange thing was that she still did not feel pain in her body.

She raised her head and was shocked to see Li Mingyu collapse onto the ground.

He held onto his bleeding shoulder and gritted his teeth. He took a glance at Black Eagle before turning back to look at Lin Che, he said, Take him away and leave, quick!

Lin Che was taken aback. She looked at Li Mingyu and just realized that he had taken the bullet for her.

But why?

She could not understand but it was not the right time to think about that.

Lin Che grabbed onto Gu Jingze and took the dagger that Li Mingyu passed to her. She cut off the rope binding Gu Jingzes hands together. Only God knew where her strength came from but she pulled the heavy Gu Jingze along and headed outside.

Black Eagle looked at Li Mingyu in astonishment. What are you doing?

Li Mingyu winced. Thats my matter. I will deal with it. You dont have to worry.

Black Eagle sneered and shook his head. You chose this.

Li Mingyu smiled bitterly. I will not let Gu Jingze off, but this is not the time. Black Eagle, I dont care if you have any personal vendetta with Gu Jingze, but dont use me so you can kill him.

Black Eagles eyes halted.

Yes, I do have some personal vendetta with Gu Jingze. I want to kill him and thats my mission but now, I cant use my name to kill him.

Li Mingyu laughed bitterly. I was still thinking, why was the great Black Eagle, leader of the assassination clan, willing to help me catch Gu Jingze for merely three billion? It turns out that you have been planning to kill him and you wanted to do so not by your name but with mine!

Black Eagle laughed. Now that you have found out about it, I shall not hide it from you any longer. I have some debts to settle with Gu family. My apologies that I used you but I will still kill Gu Jingze.

Li Mingyu snorted.

Although Black Eagle may not be the right person to mess with, Li Mingyu was not a pushover as well.

If you want to kill him, you still have to see if I allow it. You are on my turf now, so it wont be easy for you to kill him so lightly. We shall see whether you are capable of it! As he spoke, Li Mingyu raised his hand to signal his men. They rushed into the room and were heads on with Black Eagle.


Lin Che was holding onto Gu Jingze and she could not understand why Li Mingyu was suddenly helping them. But regardless of what the reason was, now that he gave them a chance to escape, she would make good use of it.

She dragged Gu Jingze along and had been walking for a distance. Seeing Li Mingyus man driving towards her, Lin Che could not care about anything else. She went up to them and shouted, Get out! Give us the car!

The person took a glance at Lin Che and knowing she was a distinguished guest of Li Mingyu, he made way for her quickly.

Lin Che walked up to him and gave him a kick. Then, she helped Gu Jingze into the car.

She could still remember how to drive but ever since the previous accident, Gu Jingze had forbidden from touching the steering wheel again. She was puzzled for a moment but could not bother to think about anything else. She stepped on the accelerator, started the car, and headed for the main road recklessly.

Seeing that the main gate was getting further away from them, Lin Che seemed to feel more secure.

But when she turned to look at Gu Jingze who was still lying unconscious next to her, she could not help but feel worried again.

Time to time, she would pat his cheeks and call out his name, Gu Jingze, wake up please

There was no response from Gu Jingze so she continued driving on.

After an unknowingly long time, she only knew that they went further away from where they were at. About an hour had passed but Gu Jingze had not regained consciousness.

Seeing that there was not much petrol left in the oil tank, they would not be able to drive any further. Lin Che held Gu Jingze out of the car and walked to the side slowly.

She was thoroughly exhausted but just at that moment, a villager passed by. He was carrying firewood on his back and seemed to be rushing somewhere.

It was as if Lin Che saw her savior. She waved to them frantically and called out in her hoarse voice, Hey, can anyone help us?!

The person turned around. He looked puzzled and then he shifted his eyes to look at Gu Jingze. Taken aback, he walked up to them hurriedly.

Lin Che was overjoyed. She exclaimed, Hello, hello, we were kidnapped and had just escaped from them. Please help us! When we return home, we will repay your kindness!

The person assessed both of them. Seeing that they were dressed plainly, his eyes glistened and he said, Alright, come with me. My home is just ahead.

When Lin Che heard his words, she heaved a sigh of relief and felt that she had seen some hope. She held onto Gu Jingze and thanked the person profusely when he came over to help her carry Gu Jingze. The two of them carried Gu Jingze who was covered with injuries and headed for the village



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