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Season 8

Episode 29

(Why Was He Hugging Her?)

Yu Minmin replied with an oh, but she was a little surprised.

Gu Jingming held her up with one hand and told her, Alright, we are heading back to C Country. Let me get you up so we can go and get ready.

Yu Minmin was shocked. So fast? Alright, let me get up.

Dont move. Gu Jingming held onto her at once. He turned around and ordered, Bring that over.

The doctor brought the wheelchair over hurriedly. Gu Jingming pulled Yu Minmin, scooped her up, and placed her in the wheelchair.

Yu Minmin said, I really dont need

It was her arm that was injured. Why would she need a wheelchair?

Gu Jingming said, I have arranged for the doctors and nurses to come along with us, just let them know if you have any problems.

Huh? Yu Minmin replied hurriedly, I dont need the doctors to come along with me. This is just a minor injury.

Gu Jingming looked at her darkly and she could only shut her mouth quickly.

She saw the doctor and nurses rush forward. Along with the convoy, there were more than ten people around her. Her entourage appeared very grand all of a sudden.

Gu Jingming went to settle the plane arrangements. Linda smiled to Yu Minmin and said, Mr. President is worried about your injury and have specially arranged for this. Madam, you just have to take good care of yourself. Mr. President had specially transferred them over from his very own entourage of medical personnel for Madam. This shows Sirs concern towards you. Please accept it.

Transferred over from his entourage of medical personnel?

Of course, Linda replied.

Yu Minmin said, Then, these must be very professional and skillful doctors.

Linda laughed, Yes, to be able to enter the entourage, they are all of the doctorate qualifications from the Academy of Sciences and hired to be part of the Glass Palaces medical team.

Yu Minmin felt very worried. She said anxiously, This is really a minor injury. Theres no need to throw such a big fuss over it

This is Mr. Presidents decision and we cant go against it. Dont worry and just instruct them as you want. Remember to tell me if you dont feel well.

Yu Minmin turned around to look at the doctors and nurses standing behind her. She felt embarrassed and didnt want to trouble them over her minor injury.

She had never thought that she would be surrounded by this medical personnel and this made her guilty.

Each of them was of the national doctorate qualifications. How could she command them?

Outside, M Country had arranged for people to sent Gu Jingming off at the airport. Gu Jingming bade farewell to them and planned to bring the performing troupe back home together. The changes in the schedules had also made the performing troupe members very confused.

After they settled in their seats, Yu Minmin was seen boarding the plane under the company of the convoy.

Yin Suya turned to look out of the plane. She looked at Yu Minmin for a long time before turning her head to the other side and sulked.

After Yu Minmin boarded the plane, Gu Jingming followed behind her.

Yu Minmin looked at Gu Jingming and was about to say something when Linda came knocking at the door and walked in, Sir, theres a phone call from home.

In Gu Jingmings private jet, he could make calls anytime he wanted, unlike normal passengers who had to turn off their mobile phones on the plane.

After hearing what she said, Gu Jingming told her to put him on the line directly.

Yu Minmin said hurriedly, I will go out and wait.

When it came to these situations, she thought that she should not be listening to their conversations.

However, Gu Jingming looked at her wheelchair and said, Its alright. Its too troublesome for you to leave.

He pinned her down and waved his hand to signal to Linda.

Linda looked at Yu Minmin and smiled. Then, she took the call immediately.

The call was from home and the person on the line was the minister.

He said over the phone, Sir, we are ready.

Yu Minmin lifted her head at once.

Gu Jingming said, If they find it difficult to handle, continue to pressure them until they agree to it!

Yes, Sir.

Afterward, they mentioned many technical terms that Yu Minmin did not understand. She heard them mention Li Mingyu and Black Eagle. She kept on thinking about the two names and could not absorb anything else.

After hanging up the call, Yu Minmin asked, Is there news about Gu Jingze?


Is it bad? How about Lin Che?

Im not sure about that but if it only involves Li Mingyu, things will be easier. However, I just heard that Black Eagle was also involved.

Black Eagle? Whos that?

Thats an organization and Black Eagle is their leader. Black Eagle is unfathomable. He leaves no traces of his whereabouts and is very ruthless and vicious. He uses very cruel methods and would not even let women or children off. Whoever he wants to kill, he will not relent until he finishes his target. His assassination organization was very famous previously and many of his targets were very outstanding and famous people, so hes very difficult to deal with.

Yu Minmin was shocked.

Gu Jingze held on her hand. Alright, look at me. Then, he took her hand, Dont worry. I wont anything happen to Jingze.

Yu Minmin lifted her head. She gazed into his eyes with a dazed look. At that moment, she saw worry in his eyes but eventually, she fixed her eyes on the bright clear part of his pupils. That patch of darkness seemed to have magical powers as they calmed her down.

Indeed, he would not let anything happen to Gu Jingze.

But what about Lin Che?

Yu Minmin was still feeling worried. She told him quickly, By the way, Lin Che is pregnant. You cant let her get in any danger too.

Pregnant? Gu Jingming did not expect that and thus, was surprised when he heard it.

Yu Minmin nodded fervently.

Gu Jingming remained silent for a while before saying, She will be fine.

Yu Minmin heaved a sigh of relief. Gu Jingming was still holding onto her hand and looking at her. He gently pressed her head against his chest.

Taking in the scent of his body, her heart seemed to have calmed down.

There was a fragrant scent of grass in his embrace and it smelled great.

He patted her back. Alright, dont worry. Just focus on recuperating, do you hear me?

Hm Im not worried. She leaned on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. She felt her heart thumping faster.

Why did he hug her suddenly

Yu Minmin could feel her heart beating rapidly because of him. It was no longer worry but because they were leaning too close to each other. It was so close that she could see the pores on his face clearly and that made her breathless.


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