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Season 8

Episode 28

(Kill Me First If You Want To Kill Him)

Lin Che turned around to look at Gu Jingze and he was still unconscious. His face seemed so surreal.

He was a strong man and even at that moment, he never once appeared weak and pathetic to her. No matter what happened, he was always the strong and powerful person in her eyes. This was especially so currently; he was still highly esteemed and those men would never be able to profane him.

She smiled and looked at Li Mingyu again. Because I like him, I love him. Thats why I want to stay here, Li Mingyu.

Li Mingyu narrowed his eyes. Love? Which part of him deserves your love? Lin Che, have you thought about this? A heartless person like him could do that to a person whom he had spent over ten years together. One day, when he gets sick of you, what will you become?

Lin Che shook his head. No, he will never do that to me.

Hmph, why are you so sure?

I just know it. Even if he never told me that, I know it. He cares for me, so I must trust him. I also know that I can trust him.

Haha, simply knowing will suffice? How do you know that he is worth your trust? That could be just your illusion.

Li Mingyu, you dont understand. There are many things that you cant explain clearly with words and not everything requires a reason. For example, I love him. I just do and theres no reason for it and I cant explain it. In the beginning, I told myself repeatedly that I cant fall in love with him because hes dangerous and scary. If I fall in love with him, it will be disastrous, I thought. But even so, this couldnt stop me from falling in love with him. Some things that are meant to happen will happen eventually. You asked why there are so many people who are willing to lose their minds for him. They may not be able to tell you the reason exactly but the fact that the feeling is there, this alone is reasonable

Li Mingyu was taken aback when he saw how protective she was over him and the way she looked at him. The tender loving look could be seen oozing out from her gaze.

Usually, she might not have the courage to say this or even let him hear this but at that moment, she was filled with courage. All these words that she had hidden in her heart flowed out naturally.

It was probably because he had fainted and would not be able to hear this but he was also right there with her. She could feel his presence and thus, she wanted to say it and finally, she had mustered the courage to say it.

Li Mingyu looked at her and his smile became very eerie. I dont believe that you love him just for his money. And because hes a Gu, this gave him a natural advantage and thus, he was able to get you and Mo Huiling. Thats also the reason why so many people like him.

While he spoke, he raised his arm.

The gun in his hand was pointing directly at Gu Jingzes heart.

He stared coldly at Gu Jingze and said, Im going to kill him now and remove this scourge from the world. Then, all of you will wake up to your senses. Whether you love him or now, once hes dead, there will be no point of saying that anymore!

Lin Che was stunned.

Looking at the gun, she immediately stood in front of Gu Jingze to shield him. She extended her arms so that Gu Jingzes vital organs were shielded by her body. Lin Che told Li Mingyu, If you want to kill him, kill me first!

Li Mingyu narrowed his icy cold eyes at her. Get out of the way, Lin Che.

No, I will not. I will definitely not! Li Mingyu, kill me then. I wont possibly stand here and watch you kill him.

Li Mingyus gaze changed. He stared at her face, Dont think that I have always treated you well and you can do anything you want. Scram off!

No, kill me then! Lin Che exploded. She was bent on standing there with firm steps as if her legs were rooted to the ground.

Li Mingyu moved his finger and the trigger twitched slightly.

Lin Che tensed up and that moment, her mind went blank. She shut her eyes and waited for the gun to fire.

Bang! The gun sounded.

However, Lin Che did not feel any pain at all.

She froze before lifting her head to look at the intricate expression on Li Mingyus face.

He was still holding the gun and the gun was fired but she was unharmed.

She turned her head and stared at Li Mingyu in shock. You

While at M Country.

Gu Jingming got Yu Minmin all settled down. Looking at Yu Minmin lying there, her breathing pace was steady and color returned to her cheeks. He lowered his head to put the blanket over her before turning his head around.

Yin Suya was watching Gu Jingmings actions the entire time. Gu Jingming was the president yet he took care of Yu Minmin personally and that meticulous side of him wrenched her heart.

The people who were present also commented on how gentle Gu Jingming was and how well he treated Mrs. President.

Those envious exclamations spoke of what was in her heart but the difference from their pure envy was that she harbored a strong sense of jealousy in her heart.

The doctor saw Gu Jingming getting up and bowed his head politely, Madam is fine now. Theres no infection in her lungs and we have already bandaged her arm. Its a superficial injury and it did not hurt her muscles or bones.

Gu Jingming nodded. Good, keep an eye for me.

At that moment, Linda walked into the room with quick steps. She looked at Gu Jingming and whispered to him, Mr. President, its an emergency.

Gu Jingming simply acknowledged her. He turned back to look at Yu Minmin and heard her utter a sound. He went over to her quickly and lowered his head next to her. He asked softly, Whats wrong, Minmin?

Yu Minmin uttered another sound.

The people who were standing at the side said, She just took the medicine. She wont come around anytime now, Sir.

Gu Jingming took a deep breath and nodded his head again. He took a meaningful glance at Yu Minmin before leaving the room.

Yin Suya had just witnessed Gu Jingming get worried over Yu Minmin. Seeing that side of him before her eyes made her even angrier.

She couldnt help but think that Yu Minmin should have been shot by the gun or washed away by the river.

Gu Jingming walked out of the room, Linda was by his side whispering to him, Mr. President, Second Young Master went to A Country alone and most probably has landed into Li Mingyus hands now. According to the news, both the Second Young Master and his wife are there.

Gu Jingming frowned deeply. Is it certain that they are both with Li Mingyu?


Gu Jingming massaged his brows. Inform the government of A Country that we want Jingze back safely. Otherwise, we are not going to let A Country off. Send people to look for Jingze and begin the rescue operations. Also, make the necessary arrangements. We are going back now.

Yes, Sir.

Linda went to make arrangements hurriedly.

That day, Gu Jingmings side proposed to return home due to some emergencies and thus the entire schedule was brought forward earlier.

Gu Jingming returned to Yu Minmins room and saw that Yin Suya was still around. When he saw her, he told Yin Suya, Fang Zhongmou, and Xuyi, If you all wish to continue to have fun here, you can stay, but Im taking Yu Minmin home first.

Yin Suya asked hurriedly, Did something happen?

I Gu Jingming wanted to reply but he heard Yu Minmin moving and it seemed like she was about to wake up.

He lowered his head to touch her forehead and she opened her eyes. He asked in a low voice, How are you feeling?

What What happened to me? Yu Minmin asked.

You just took some medicine and fell asleep. He replied.



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