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Season 8

Episode 26

(Bring Me To Gu Jingze)

Lin Che said, How can that be? What tricks can I possibly play when I am under your watch? Besides, are you saying that you are afraid that I may do something?

Li Mingyu raised his brow and looked at her. Dont think that you can play tricks on me just because I treat you well.

Ha, now that you say that, I would really like to try it. Are you afraid that I would play tricks on you? She raised her brow at him in return.

Looking at her sparkling eyes, he laughed out loud. Alright, I will eat hotpot with you.

Li Mingyu had randomly ordered his men to prepare hotpot and although they felt strange, they knew that Li Mingyu was a carefree person all along so they did not give much thought to it. Soon, the hotpot was ready.

When Lin Che saw the hotpot, she immediately regained her appetite. She told them to cook the food and when she saw the bubbling hot food, she said immediately, Try this. Its really good.

Li Mingyu shook his head. This is what children like to eat. Im already sick of the taste.

Lin Che looked at him and asked, Oh, so you have eaten hotpot before?

Why not? I have already told you. Dont think that Im like your husband, born with a golden spoon in my mouth. I started everything on my own, so I have also experienced hardships before. I used to eat hotpot very frequently unlike your husband who behaves like the high-class nobles.

Lin Che glared at him and thought that he was being petty since he kept on criticizing Gu Jingze.

But Li Mingyu still came over and ate together with Lin Che.

Lin Che asked, So what did you work as previously?

Almost all sorts of jobs, selling shoes, different odd jobs and even as a mine worker.

Lin Che said, You dont look very old. What are you boasting about?

Li Mingyu said, I started working when I was fifteen. I have been working hard for almost twenty years.

Lin Che said, Oh I see. It must be tough on you as well.

Of course. You were still a baby then.

Tsk, I was already helping my nanny with chores when I was ten. At twelve, I distributed newspapers to earn a living. At fifteen, I took up jobs to pay for my own school fees.

Hehe, but to you, these were just ways for you to experience life. I heard that your dad is the mayor of B Town.

But Im the illegitimate child. Im often bullied at home by my two older sisters. They confiscated my school fees and when they knew that I was earning money, they accused me of stealing their allowance. In the end, they took away my money and I was locked up and punished by my father in the small black hut. However, my nanny could not bear to watch me suffer, so she let me go and even lent me money to go to school. If not, I wouldnt be where I am today.

Li Mingyu looked at her. These are nothing. I have lived in tree holes and pigsties before.

But at least you were alone and carefree. I was always bullied by my two older sisters. They would always try to hinder whatever I do. They kept on targeting me and would destroy whatever fun I get.

Li Mingyu looked at her nonchalantly and seemed to have thought of something.

They were comparing who had it worse. They each said their own hardships that they went through in the past and as time passed, Li Mingyu had drunk a lot of alcohol.

Lin Che did not drink at all. She used the towel to soak up all the alcohol. Even though her cup was empty, not even a drop of alcohol went into her mouth.

On the other hand, Li Mingyu laid still over there and while he spoke, his head was getting lower and lower.

He muttered to himself, I have no idea why all of you keep on praising Gu Jingze. Honestly speaking, its all because of his good looks, his influential and wealthy background, and the history of his family clan. So what if they had a long history? I dont have anything like them but the moment I stomp my feet now, it impacts A Country too.

Yes yes yes, you are very powerful. She walked over to him. Now where is Gu Jingze? Can you bring me to see him?

Li Mingyu said, Hes right here Why do you want to see him? I have already ordered my men to take good care of him. Although he may not be as comfortable as you, I have not mistreated him in any way.

I dont believe you. Bring me there.

Lin Che could only help him up so that she could get past the people outside. She lifted him and put his weight all on herself. She struggled to hold him up as they headed outside.

The people outside saw both of them walking out in such a drunken state and became very doubtful. They walked over and asked, Sir Sir?

Lin Che smiled. Hes drunk, so he told me hes going to bring me to see Gu Jingze.

This, Im afraid I cant.

He had promised me so why not? If not, wake him up and ask him yourself. Anyway, he will be coming along with us and I cant save Gu Jingze on my own, right? What are you all afraid of? Look at how drunk he is! If Im really trying to do something, I would have taken him as a hostage and force you to bring me to Gu Jingze.

The men were still contemplating but Lin Che shouted suddenly, What do you mean? Are all of you suspecting me right now? If you continue to delay my time, believe it or not, when Li Mingyu wakes up, I will get him to deal with you one by one. Do not think that I dont have the power to do so. Didnt the previous incidents teach you a lesson?

Li Mingyus personality was too carefree so his men were afraid of him as well. If he got upset, he would get rid of his men. That happened before.

Previously, because of Lin Ches words, he chased away all the women in his manor.

Hence, they knew that Lin Che meant a lot to him.

They hesitated for a moment but knew that it would not be worthwhile to offend Lin Che. They could go over with her and watch them closely. As long as they prevented Lin Che from doing anything to Gu Jingze, Li Mingyu would not blame them when he woke up.

Thus, a few men brought Lin Che and went ahead.

Some men were holding on Li Mingyu and it helped to lift the weight off Lin Che.

Miss Lin, this way please.

The person who led the way took them through a few corridors before arriving at a thick metal gate.

Before they even opened the door, Lin Ches feelings were tangled together.

The door creaked opened slowly.

The man inside appeared before her eyes gradually.

Lin Che saw Gu Jingze hanging over there. He looked disheveled and blood was all over him. The blood on his body seemed to be in backflow.

She dashed frantically at once.

Gu Jingze. She called out his name, not knowing how she ran over to his side and clutched onto his body.

There were bloodstains all over his body. His torn and tattered clothing exposed the injuries on this body. Every stroke on his body was as if it was struck on Lin Ches body and the pain was excruciating.

Gu Jingze, how are you feeling? Wake up You She looked at Gu Jingze whose head hung low and he seemed lifeless.

She extended her trembling hands to his mouth and when she felt his weak breathing, she felt relieved. He was not dead. Thankfully, he was not dead.

She looked at his hands that were bound together and hurriedly tried to untie them.

No, Miss Lin! You cant do it!



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