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Season 8

Episode 25

(He Was Hung By The Rope And Beaten Up)

Gu Jingze continued to stare at him in silence.

So dont worry. I treat Lin Che really well. Unlike you who are so heartless towards women, Gu Jingze. Suddenly, he threw another punch at Gu Jingzes stomach.

This time, even though Gu Jingze did not utter a sound, his face became pale.

Li Mingyu had indeed exerted a great amount of strength in his punch.

That punch was for Huiling. Do you know what she became because of you? If you had loved her, you would not bear to see her in such a state today. However, you hurt her and landed her in a terrible state.

Li Mingyus words became very harsh as he spoke.

Gu Jingze looked ahead with a poker face. I have already told her that I do not have feelings for her anymore. Her feelings are one-sided. The cause of her situation today was her own choice. I never wanted to see her become like that.

Li Mingyu thought that it was ridiculous. The feelings that both of you had started many years back. How could they disappear so easily? Gu Jingze, you are too heartless.

Gu Jingze looked at Li Mingyu. At first, I thought I had feelings for her, but later on, I realized that it was not that kind of romantic feeling that I thought it was. I advise you to think through carefully as well. Are you sure that you truly like her? Is it worth it to commit crimes for her sake?

Gu Jingze had considered it carefully. Towards Mo Huiling, he never had those strong emotions.

He had also thought of spending his life together with her, but the feeling was just different.

Li Mingyu laughed and looked at Gu Jingze. So are you saying that you have that sort of feelings for Lin Che? Hmph, thats not real love, its your hypocrisy. You like her looks and body. Its your ego that you like, not Lin Che!

Gu Jingze shook his head and said softly, When I thought of being together with Mo Huiling, I wasnt anticipating what the future would hold, but

He lifted his head slowly and his expression became less tense, Being together with Lin Che, I always thought of spending our entire lifetime together and phrases like that, and Im really looking forward to it.

Li Mingyu froze.

Gu Jingze asked, What about you? Do you have such a feeling towards Mo Huiling?

Li Mingyu looked at Gu Jingze and indeed, he had not expected Gu Jingze to be so serious about it.

Li Mingyu also felt very comfortable when he was around Lin Che. It was unlikely that someone would dislike Lin Che. She had the ability to make people feel at ease and show their true selves. Even though it had not been long since they knew each other, there was a sense of familiarity just by looking at her.

Nevertheless, he could not understand what made the great Gu Jingze so mesmerized with Lin Che.

Just because he was very comfortable being together with her?

At that moment, someone came from outside to look for Li Mingyu.

Li Mingyu released Gu Jingze. We still have time. Lets take things slowly.

He walked out of the room and his men told him, Miss Lin said she wants to eat hotpot.

Li Mingyu took in a deep breath and turned around to look at Gu Jingze. He told his men, Watch him properly. If he dares to do anything funny, then dont go easy on him.

Afterward, he left the place.

His men looked at the man inside the room.

Once upon a time, they had met Gu Jingze but it was from a far distance.

After all, he was such a great and powerful figure. Usually, they could only hear about him from others or see him from afar but never in close contact.

Initially, they thought that he was very impressive, one with great strength and unfathomable.

Especially when he barged into the Lee familys manor this time all on his own and killed many of their brothers single-handedly His extraordinary skills left them in awe.

Such a powerful figure like him was now bound up before them.

One of them walked into the room and looked at Gu Jingze. Initially, the person was afraid to look at him but on second thought, he realized that although Gu Jingze was very powerful, he was bound up now so there was nothing to be afraid of.

Therefore, he sneered and walked over. He looked at Gu Jingze and said, Look, whos this? Aiyo, Isnt it Gu Jingze? Why is he tied up here?

The others watched him provoke Gu Jingze and became daring. They walked over to where Gu Jingze was.

After all, Gu Jingze was considered a rare character so everyone was laughing and mocking at him, Gu Jingze may be alive, but how powerful can he be? He was captured by us anyway. Right?

Just as he finished speaking, Gu Jingzes dark eyes slowly shifted to look at him and his gaze reminded him of hell.

That person could not help but swallow his saliva. After he snapped out of it, he thought to himself, Gu Jingze was still bound up. Why should he be afraid?

Hence, he went up to him and threw a punch at Gu Jingze, What are you looking at? President Lee already gave his orders. If you dare to retaliate, we will not let you off.

But after throwing out that punch, it was his fist that hurt.

He cursed, Damn it, is he even human? His body is so tough.

Another person saw his reaction and scolded him, Useless thing. Then, he gathered his strength and swung his fist at Gu Jingze.

It was no surprise. He also felt that this man was truly stubborn. Whether it was his physical body or his gaze, that arrogant aura made him lose all his self-confidence. Even though he was now bound up and they were the ones beating him up, his gaze made them feel that he was above them like a king while they were merely ants.

He could not help but feel embarrassed and this made him even angrier. He continued to hit Gu Jingze and shouted, Damn it, watch me.

The others joined in to beat Gu Jingze up. Call us dad and we will stop.

Hes really stubborn. Are you not going to call us dad?

You still have the guts to stare at me like that? Shut your eyes.

The angrier they got, the more they wanted to curse him.

But as they were cursing, they could not help but feel more lowly of themselves.

Gu Jingze did not even move an inch. He pursed his lips tightly. The darkness in his eyes and his facial expression were filled with despite and it made them infuriated.

After a while, they became tired from all the punching and Gu Jingze had injuries all over his body but on his face, there was no sign of any discomfort at all.

On the other hand, the hands of those people had turned red. They looked at Gu Jingze and cursed him, You have guts huh! Hmph, but Im still above you.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and turned his face to the other side. Although he was feeling very weak, there was no sign of weakness in his eyes. The natural king-like aura continued to make him appear classy and elegant.

Those men could not tolerate it any longer. They walked over to the side to face Gu Jingze and started beating him up again.

And on the other side.

Lin Che watched Li Mingyu enter the room.

She looked at him and said, The food they served here was so bad.

Li Mingyu asked, How can it be?

This is nothing like in C Country. You have too much sweet stuff here. Im sick of eating this every day.

Li Mingyu looked at the food that was placed at the side. He was speechless that she had not eaten them at all.

He said, Seriously, you are so troublesome. How on earth could Gu Jingze tolerate you?

Lin Che said, Hey, you invited me here as your distinguished guests. Is this how you treat your distinguished guest? I want to eat hotpot.

Li Mingyu looked at her helplessly. Fine, fine, I will get someone to prepare it.

Hey, hotpot is meant to be eaten together as a group. Are you going to let me eat it alone?

You Li Mingyu asked, What are you trying to do this time around?


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